How To Unmatch and delete downloaded transactions in QuickBooks

Facing trouble to unmatch and delete downloaded transactions in QuickBooks Software. Don’t worry here we bring to you this manual guide to resolve this issue without any trouble. You can apply these given steps to unmatching or deletion downloaded banking transactions. You can also call our Intuit certified Proadvisor to get instant QuickBooks Support for any topic to save your time and effort.

Steps to unmatch and delete downloaded transactions.

Unmatch transactions from the Banking page

For One transaction:

  • Click on the Banking from the left menu.
  • Make sure the correct bank or credit card account is selected.
  • Go to the In QuickBooks tab.
  • Now search and choose the downloaded transactions you want to unmatch. You can find these transactions easily by choosing a column header to sort up or down by amount, date, description, and so on.
  • Then In the Action column, choose Undo.

For multiple transactions at once:

  • Select each transaction.
  • After that, click on the Undo button, you can see it at the top of the Date column.

From the account register

  • Select Chart of Accounts from the Gear icon
  • Find the account and in the Action column, select View Register/ Account History.
  • Choose the transaction from the register then click on the Edit option.
  • Now choose Online banking matches from the top of the transaction.
  • After that choose Unmatch from the next screen.

After unmatching the transactions, you can find these transactions in the review tab. Now you can categorize and add or match them again.

To Delete matched transactions

From the register:

  • From the top, choose the Gear icon and then Chart of Accounts.
  • After that search, the convenient account then Click on the View register/Account history.
  • Now choose the unwanted transaction and then select the Delete button from the transaction line.
  • To delete both transactions, unmatched and downloaded transactions from the bank, you can choose to Delete Both options. After that, the transaction will be is no longer show in the downloaded transaction area to be rematched.

From the transaction window:

After applying this process for deleting the matched transaction, the transaction will no longer show in the downloaded transaction area. Both transactions and the downloaded transaction will be deleted.

  • Select the Chart of Account from the Gear icon
  • Look for the convenient account then choose View register/Account history.
  • Click on the unwanted transaction and then choose the Edit button on the transaction line.
  • Now, On the transaction window, Choose More > Delete and then choose  Yes to confirm.

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