10 Hidden Features QuickBooks Get Paid Faster

Eager to know the hidden features of QB get paid faster? Here we are to discuss 10 features of QuickBooks that get paid faster that are beneficial to business. What do you know about QuickBooks Payments feature? It makes Payment processing easy, There are now only two types of rates with QB payments, the keyed rate or swipe rate. Go through the article to know all the 10 features and the benefits they offer. For More info contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

QuickBooks Payments now includes three types of item bundling in your account which include the merchant service account go payment and invoice. When you go make a deposit this item is bundled together in QuickBooks software now making deposits easier to process. QuickBooks what do for your business.

Hidden features of QB to get paid faster
Hidden features of QB to get paid faster

Ten Features of QuickBooks get paid faster that offers to make your business run smoothly

1. Simple pricing

The two pricing plans are kept your fees minimum. If you are just starting now so you can choose pay as you go plan with no monthly fees or contracts and only pay when you are accepted if you have needed more low monthly fee option allows you to save even more rates only choose what is best for you.

2. Get paid faster

People who use QuickBooks software with payment get paid on average twice as fast as those who don’t. It’s simple as you can make an email invoice with the pay now link and accept online payment via credit card, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers. You can also accept payment with a smartphone by using QuickBooks Gopayment mobile card reader.

3. Keep track of your all invoice easy

You can easily send the invoice to your customers with QuickBooks. This always allows tracking all types of invoices in one place to ensure they don’t go past due and your customers get it with pay.

This feather is free and called e-invoice customers can make an instant payment on the online payment or mobile payment. Receive you a notification when they pay it and open the invoice.

5. Invoices and payments are automatically reconciled

Quickbooks auto-updated and when you get paid. The reconciling done for you eliminates the most time-consuming task of manually matchings payments with an invoice. This feather saves you thousands of dollars a year.

6. Payments go straight to the bank

Quickbook automatically deposits your payment in 2-3 days. This avoids going to the bank to make a deposit and there are no manual transfers.

7. Accept mobile payments anywhere your business takes you

A credit card is a piece of key information on your mobile device. And also swipe the card using your free card reader. Credit card processed charges instantly and every payment, of course, syncs seamlessly in QuickBooks.

8. All major credit cards and debit cards accepted

Accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, discover, and rewards cards without complicated pricing. All are at the same rate with QuickBooks payments.

9. You are always supported

Live phone supports the payment team expert.

10. Safe, secure, and risk-free

This payment gives you a safe and also secure payment option processing with bank label security.

Many clients are interested but do not believe their bank or other merchant service company. If you believe that your current rate lower than what your QuickBooks Payments offer? Our Payments team can offer a complimentary analysis to evaluate your 3 last-time payments. It will make sense for you to make your current merchant’s service account. We want you to have the lowest rates to save your money.

Get paid faster with QuickBooks invoicing

It feels great to get paid, but small business owners sometimes cope with late payments by customers. And when the money comes, you need to deposit the payment and then wait for it to hit your bank, then you have consolidated the transaction. QuickBooks invoicing tools make it simple the whole process and also help you to get paid easily on time. Here, we will explain to you clearly.

Allow customers to pay instantly

QuickBooks Pay Now feature allows your customers to pay instantly by credit card, Apple Pay, or free bank transfer or also offers online invoices. It is a fact, that when you make paying customers easier, they are more likely to pay on time.

Track invoices and save time

To maintain your things on top, immediate prompts allow you to know when customers see and pay invoices. And once customers are paid, your money goes directly to your bank (hassle-free from paper checks or busy bank runs). Then, QuickBooks automatically meets payments with invoices, so you can consume more time to focus on your business.

Invoice customers based on project milestones

If you have a project-based Business then it is simple to invoice your clients regularly and watch your progress for each project. You can divide an estimate into several invoices based on the percentage of work done. QuickBooks calculates and tracks what has been paid.

To hold your customer in the loop, every invoice you send displays what has been paid and what is owed.

Grow customer trust

Allow your customers to make secure payments. Every online invoice has a safe and individual link, which ensures that each payment is encrypted, regardless of how you sent the invoice.

Allow your brand to stand out

Customize your invoice template so that you can grow your brand and make every transaction extra significant.

What is the cash conversion period?

The cash conversion period is the length of time it takes from selling your products or services to collecting on the sale.

You will minimize the cash conversion period if you streamline:

  • The client’s requesting system
  • Credit choices – Evaluate clients dependent on creditworthiness and the present or anticipated deals relationship.
  • Satisfaction, sending, and dealing with – The quicker you produce and convey, the sooner you’ll get paid.
  • Bill the client – Invoice rapidly. Make certain you know your client’s installment strategies. Give all the data they require, for example, the buy request number and the right Accounts Payable contact).
  • Gathering period
  • Installment and store of the reserve – Remember to store checks rapidly. Utilize electronic installment techniques.

As You Know…

You get Go-Payment, e-invoicing with your QB Payments represents no additional expense. Go installment can use the lower swipe rate, improving it a much more arrangement than Square. It is less expensive and a lot simpler to accommodate.

I hope this will help you to understand the features to QuickBooks get paid faster. If you want more discussion on this topic, please call us at our QuickBooks Support number and talk to a QuickBooks ProAdvisor today.

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