How Do I Make a PDF Form Online?

PDF fillable forms offer users a convenient way to create official and professional-looking documents for use in everyday life. PDF is the preferred document format across several organizations and industries as its layout and design remain the same on every computer or device that has a PDF reader or editor software like Adobe. But even on devices that do not have Adobe, any PDF editing or creation application maintains the structure and information of the original PDF document. While these programs may give users the ability to read and edit PDF forms, creating a new fillable document might prove daunting, but it is a simple process with the right tools. 

Creating a PDF Fillable Form 

Users can need to create a PDF fillable form for any number of reasons. As PDFs are a universally viewable file format, they are used by governments, organizations, non-profits, and individuals to act as the official document format for their variety of needs. Employers use PDFs to create online job applications. 

New employees fill out important tax information in a PDF fillable form when they start a new job. Landlords can use them to create rental agreements. Tenants fill and sign online PDF forms to begin the application process for a new apartment. The applications for PDFs are endless. So too are the number of PDF templates that exist on the internet that are easy to open, download, fill out and print out, if necessary. 

Many of the same programs that let users view and read PDFs also offer the option to create new PDF forms – both fillable and not – for a diverse set of purposes. These purposes can range, as mentioned, from graduation invitations to tax forms and contracts between employers and employees. 

Creating a new PDF fillable form is as easy as choosing from one of these templates or creating one from scratch. Many programs allow you to upload a document from your local hard drive, Google Drive or Dropbox and then convert it to PDF or vice-versa so it is easier to alter and edit if needed. 

Downloading and Saving The Form 

To download a PDF template or form from an editing and viewing site or program requires different steps based on the program you’re using. Users of Lumin PDF have the option of registering for a free trial period to get access to thousands of PDF templates.

Once they are registered, users can either download the forms to use with other readers or editors or fill them outright in the Lumin PDF window and save them to their hard drive. Other programs use web-based platforms for users to edit and create PDFs online and then download them to their hard drives once they have finished. The basic process involves either: 

  • Uploading a blank PDF form from your hard drive or other cloud-based storage platforms 
  • Creating a new PDF form from scratch using the online editor and creator 

Both options are very straightforward and designed to make the process easy for those unfamiliar with creating fillable PDF forms. For the majority of online PDF readers and editors, the process can be as simple as Dragging and Dropping a file into the online reader or uploading their preferred document template to the reader. 

Once a user has finished performing necessary edits by adding new text fields, creating drop-boxes for those fields with different responses, or adding a digital e-signature they can save the file to the cloud or download it to their hard drive or email it to the intended recipient. 

Completing Fillable Forms 

Depending on the type of online form, users can usually complete fillable PDF forms online or by downloading them from an official site and then opening them in a PDF reader such as adobe reader. With an applicable reader or PDF program, users can easily complete a PDF fillable form without having to download any software or an application. 

Users need only click on the fillable text fields to insert text or upload important files or insert links to those documents in the necessary places. Once they have filled in all the necessary fields they can save those changes and then download them to their computer or email the file back to the intended recipient. 

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