Export Lists from the Old Company File into a New Data File in QuickBooks

Here you will know about the concept of export lists from the old company file into a new data file in QuickBooks. You will know a manual guide on exporting lists from a QuickBooks company to another. The steps that we provided to you can assume that you already created a new file. To get to know other specific details you have to check out the procedure of creating the QuickBooks Desktop company file: Overview for other workflows, you can either use it for creating a new QuickBooks Desktop company file.

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Points to Remember

  • You can import damaged lists to your new company files and damage your files. 
  • If the lists are imported to an existing file or you can either add information to the new company file, ensure that you have created a backup of your company file before applying the steps which we provided to you through this article. To know the steps just go through the link.
  • The steps listed below will be very helpful in importing lists. If you are willing to use transactions then use “Batch entry” or “third-party software”.

Steps to Export Lists from the Old Company File into a New Data File in QuickBooks

Here you will know the steps used to export lists from the old company file into a new data file in QuickBooks. To get the successive results, we are advised to apply the steps in the same order provided through this article. These are:

Step 1: Export List

  • First of all, From the QuickBooks File menu, You have to choose Utilities > Export > Lists to IIF Files
  • Then check out the list which you are willing to export, once chosen simply hit the “OK” option
  • In the end, Browse and navigate for the location where you want to save your file
  • Then hit the “Save” option to successfully saving the file


  • To export the list from QuickBooks will create an .IIF File opened on Notepad or Excel.
  • To export the major lists including your Items, Customers, and Vendors, use only one at a time, for preventing issues caused due to exporting very long lists.

Step 2: (It is an Optional) Clean up your lists

Query: What do I remove from my lists?

  • From those Customers to whom you no longer sell.
  • From those Vendors whom you no longer purchase.
  • For those Employees whom you no longer employ.
  • For those items that you no longer sell.
  • Any other entries need not be required in the new company file.
  1. Opening of IIF file you have to export from your company file in Excel 
  • Firstly you have to open “Microsoft Excel”
  • From the “File” menu, you can choose(if you’re working with Excel 2007, pick the Office Button Open).
  • Select the location where you want to save the file(.IIF file).
  • Inside the “Type Field”, you need to select “All Files”
  • Now pick the IIF File then click the “Open” option.
  • Click the “Next” option again, and then choose “Finish” in the Text Import Wizard. You’ll be able to open it in MS Excel.
  1. Now you can make edits as per your need in MS Excel
  2. In this, you have to save all the necessary changes you made to the IIF
  • From the “File” menu, you have to choose “Save” (if you’re using Excel 2007, choose the Office button > Save).
  • Hit the “Yes” option on the prompt that will appear.
  • Exit Excel
  • You will be prompted for saving your IIF file again. 
  • Then click “Don’t Save”

Note: If you are willing to get a thorough introduction about IIF Files in IIF, then read out the overview which you will know by checkout the edit, import, and export IIF Files in QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 3: Import the list

Points to Remember:

  1. We are highly advised to create a backup of all your company files once you are ready to perform any operation on it and before importing any list and every after successfully importing one of two major lists.
  2. Ensure that the Import process will run smoothly, you have to import the list by using the steps listed below.
  • You have to open your Company File and then ensure that you are logged in as the “Administrator” and you are working in a “single user mode”.
  • After that, from the “File Menu”, simply choose “Utilities”
  • Then choose “Import” and click the “IIF Files”
  • Now import the “Charts of Accounts”
  • Once you have successfully imported the Charts of Accountsyou have to import the other list by following this order
  1. Import the lists that are not having the information from other lists
  • Payment Methods List
  • Payment Terms List
  • To-Do Notes
  • Customer Type List
  • Vendor Type List
  • Class List
  • Job Type List
  • Shipping Methods List
  • Customer Message List
  1. Import the following lists one by one in this order:
  • Vendor
  • Employee
  • Other Names
  • Sales Rep
  • Item
  • Price Level
  • Customer
  • Budgets

Step 4: Set up the Opening Balance

To get the valuable information related to the QuickBooks Desktop then check out the Record Opening Balance in QuickBooks and be ready to get detailed information from us.

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