Top Inventory Management Tools For Small Business

Top Inventory Management Tools For Small Business

Basically, inventory management keeps track of a company’s stocked goods. It is the management of inventory and stock. But the best part about this is, it eliminates much of the guesswork and also giving companies greater control of their business.

Best Tools that will help you to manage your inventory

Following are 25 Inventory software designed for small business:

1. Inventory Now

It is also known as Inventory Tracker, Inventory Now simplifies inventory tracking. You can see an overview of your inventory. Also, you can see a particular inventory item number in a particular segment at any time. So, it is best for small and medium-sized business. Starting price Cost: $4.99.

2. Unleashed

Unleashed makes inventory management easier and more efficient. And it also allows small businesses to manage inventory easily and virtually from anywhere. Because it has the feature to take control of inventory health and also scale your business with confidence. The Cloud-based dashboard gives an instant account of stock and profit also gives affordable pricing plans starting at around $60 a month.

3. Ordoro

Ordoro is a software app which provides businesses with a cost-effective solution to goods inventory for shipping operations. It is Also known as the smartest shipping app in the world and has a pricing plan starting from $25 a month.

4. InFlow:

InFlow Provides businesses from different industries with a comprehensive online inventory management system. In this, it is easy to receive orders, reorder stock and much more with this easy-to-use inventory management system. It offers a free package that is designed for such users who have just started a small business.

5. AdvancePro:

By using QuickBooks, you can easily integrate QuickBooks records into the AdvancePro system. It gives a series of high-performing inventory and warehouse management tools that can be tailored to a small business’s needs. It’s inventory management tool’s pricing is competitive and dependent on the package.

6. Goldenseal Accounting:

It is designed for small businesses. It also offers a full suite of accounting and inventory management services. This system is basically suitable for construction firms and other businesses. Its basic version starts at $495.

7. NCR Counterpoint:

It offers an intuitive solution to inventory management for a small business.  That is operating in retail, wholesale or mail-order. This is also a cloud-hosted point of sale software. It provides automated purchase orders and a host of payment processing features. And their products are competitively priced and realistic for small businesses.

8. Zoho Inventory:

This application provides multi-channel selling and powerful inventory control. It allows small businesses to manage orders and inventory with greater proficiency. Apart from that, it is affordable for all sizes of businesses. Its ranges start from $29 per month for a basic package to $249 per month for a professional package.

9. JumpStock:

It offers an all-inclusive inventory management system, provides the facility to takes care of a business’s full inventory requirements. But it is a little Costly and available in $99 a month.

10. Lettuce:

With the help of Lettuce inventory app, small businesses can keep on top of inventory management. The app has the facility to integrate the systems includes shipping, payment processing and tracking, CRM, etc. It’s starting price is $59 a month.

11. Wasp Inventory Control:

It provides a user-friendly real-time approach to inventory management. It includes everything that a small business wants for its inventory management, including a mobile device, printer, and supplies. In this, the stock management options and pricing ranges depending on whether a business opts to complete barcode systems to just inventory software.

12. Retail Inventory:

This app operates as a comprehensive inventory management system, including scanning barcodes. It’s pricing starts from $20 per month for the Basic package and $75 a month for the Premium package.

13. Info plus:

For small to medium-size businesses. Info plus provides an efficient inventory management system. It is a web-based system which is particularly suitable for businesses that operate in retail, electronics, and also beverages. Its pricing plans, starting from $379. And it is suitable for every stage of businesses.

14. SOS Inventory:

It integrates with QuickBooks, offers additional features, including sales orders. In this, businesses can manage their inventory in multiple locations and track cost history. Its plans range from $25-$200 per month.

15. Red Rock Warehouse Manager:

It provides an efficient way to control inventory requirements, for small businesses operating retail distribution, manufacturing and e-commerce fulfillment. This system is integrated with QuickBooks’ records. It is also competitively priced for small businesses.

16. TradeGecko:

This software allows small businesses to manage stock and sales. Also, automate shipping and create insightful inventory reports. Their plans start from $79 a month, makes it an affordable option for small businesses.

17. TRXio:

It is a cloud-based inventory management system. This software assists businesses of all sizes and industries in managing their inventory demands. It also provides a free 14-day trial before purchasing the software.

18. Stockpile

A free online inventory system, delivered by Canvas applications. Dedicated to helping small businesses. It saves time and money on inventory tasks. This system provides tons of useful features, including adding inventory, taking returns and recording sales and damaged goods.

19. Fishbowl:

It gives an affordable and robust inventory management system that is flexible for small businesses. The software easily integrates with QuickBooks, also syncing inventory and accounting data. It also provides a 14-day free trial.

20. LoSoftware:

It is a free software solution for small businesses. Operates in retail, e-commerce and service-based industries. This software is very simple and easy-to-use, giving small businesses greater control of their stock.

21. Cin7:

This is a fully integrated point-of-sale and inventory management system. It has real-time tracking of sales and inventory. It is slightly costlier than other systems, starting at $249 a month.

22. OrderBot:

For a small e-commerce business, it can automate the time-consuming fulfilling orders and shipping process. This system can create customizable packing slips. Businesses have to use a quote based request on their specific requirements, due to its customizable features.

23. Stitch Labs:

Forward-thinking retail businesses can easily take control of their inventory, from one convenient place by using Stitch Labs. It allows businesses to manage inventory and order processing. And also sync availability across all sales channels and warehouses. It is not the cheapest inventory management system and its starting price is $499 a month.

24. Clearly Inventory:

It has a very simple interface which is ideal for firms that don’t want to invest too much time in knowing new software. This software allows small businesses to only pay for what they need as they expand.

25. SalesBinder:

All the basic tools are provided by this software. It is essential for a small business to manage their inventory as well as their customers, invoices, purchase orders and suppliers. It is also known as all-in-one inventory management software that takes only 15 seconds to get started. A free platform is also available on SalesBinder. Its price is $19 per month Bronze package.


These are the important inventory management tools for small business, that is worth downloading. All the apps perform different functions and offer different features. Moreover, most of the apps are cheap and also provides the free trial facility. So, what are you waiting for? start downloading tools today to enhance your multi-channel inventory management strategy and remove your headache.

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