How to Turn On Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise

“Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise is an add-on option for track inventory. By this, you can track inventory at multiple sites and is available with QuickBooks enterprises only.”

Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise

Intuit integrated the advanced inventory system directly with your QuickBooks Account which saves the time of users. This in-built tool can easily compete with other inventory management software for small businesses. An overview of the most efficient way to manage your business right in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Enterprises is the most renowned accounting software applications. It is packed up with some great features and functionality. Advanced Inventory is such a feature being introduced in this accounting solution.

Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise

In this article, we have tried to focus on how to turn on advanced inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise? But still, if you need further help at that time our QuickBooks Enterprises Support team is always ready to assist you. You can talk to our Intuit Certified ProAdvisor by dialing our support contact number +1-855-441-4417 toll-free.

NEW features of QuickBooks Enterprise for Advanced Inventory:

You can purchase or subscribe to Advanced Inventory which enables you to use If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise,

Managing inventories of any size a simple task, if you use the Advanced Inventory functionality. If you manage inventory using bar codes you’ll notice the complete integration with QuickBooks right away. Once you scan the inventory and serial number, data will automatically feed incorrect fields and if your inventory items don’t have barcodes, QuickBooks can create them for you.

Mobile Inventory Barcode scanning:

Mobile inventory barcode scanning speeds up the picking process and reduces data entry errors. You can work anywhere that has an internet connection. When you send sales orders to workers on the floor and scan inventory within a warehouse, transfer data wirelessly.

Multiple location inventory

You can easily track the inventory in multiple locations where you can see how many items are on hand, on sales order, on the purchase order, and your reorder point and QuickBooks will automatically calculate which items you need to restock so its help to manage your work efficiently.

Customizable Inventory Reports

Newly customizable inventory reports provide flexibility for your business, you add following with reports
Inventory Valuation Summary,

  • Inventory Stock by Item
  • Assembly Shortage by Item
  • And plus additional fields

It allows you to better track your inventory, so you collect the knowledge of your reports easily.

Bin Location Tracking

Track inventory by bin location inside the one or more warehouse and, when filling out forms, automatically see quantities and serial or lot numbers for each bin by this you easily track. Sort pick lists and item receipts for efficient picking and stocking by location.

Real-time Inventory Picking

When picker receives picklist from On the mobile inventory scanner or Android receive the picklist and picking process is started. You can easily get all information related to inventory in QuickBooks through real-time such as While the items are being picked, a status of the pick process, Picked, Pick in Progress and Partially Picked.

Barcode Scanning

Once you scan the barcode you can get the all information within a second without touching the keyboard and the type of typing QB automatically puts the information into the right field. And also QB creates the barcode for you if you do not have the barcode and print barcode labels from inside QuickBooks.

Use FIFO Costing

To switch between the two methods at any time by using FIFO costing or average costing and get the flexibility to track inventory.

Serial or lot numbers

Enter serial numbers and lots When you purchase or sell the items, which help to more reliable tracking. You can track any defective lots between the lots easily through assemblies.

Transfer Inventory from One Location to Another

For your better business, you can transfer stock from another location to meet demand without delay, If one location is running low on inventory.

Tips For Using Advanced inventory

  • You can easily sync your account to enable your advanced inventory option.
  • By using serial or lot numbers you track inventory.
  • More space required, make sure you have at least 2.5 GB of hard drive space available.

Some of the advanced functionality to meet your QuickBooks flexibility

  • The user can easily track the items to the specific bins in warehouses.
  • The Scan Barcodes of advanced inventory to enter the data quickly.
  • There is an option to manage the items either by lot numbers or by serial number.
  • You can assign the inventory value to the different location or multiple locations of your warehouses.
  • There is a feature to transfer the items between inventory sites.

How to turn on advanced inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise?

The Advanced Inventory Feature is an Amazing tool in QuickBooks. You can purchase or subscribe to it for your QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software. Advanced Inventory Allow you to use it.

  • FIFO costing
  • Multiple location inventory
  • Barcode scanning
  • Bin or lot tracking
  • Serial or lot numbers

To Turn on Advanced Inventory:

  • Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.
  • Now from the left pane, Select Items & Inventory then click on to Company Preferences tab.
  • Now mark or select the Inventory and Purchase Orders are an Active box.
  • Then click on the Advanced Inventory Settings button. Now you have to sync license data online so that your QuickBooks Verify it If the button is grayed out even though you already purchased the feature.
  • From the QuickBooks desktop, Click on the Help button then click on Manage my License and then click on the Sync License Data Online.
  • Now you can see that Advanced Inventory Settings is no longer grayed out.
  • After that Close your QuickBooks program and then re-open it.

If you are unable to sync:

If you are facing syncing fails on some computers, it is a system-specific issue. Try these steps to get rid of this problem. Note: make sure that the below-discussed steps are for the Windows operating system. If any failures happen while repairing or uninstalling the .NET Framework they might be complicated. We recommend consulting the manufacturer/ IT professional of your computer if you are not comfortable doing these steps on your own.

Step 1: Download and install the QuickBooks Tools Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub tool assists you to resolve QuickBooks common errors.

  • Quit QuickBooks and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub tool from the internet and save the .exe file someplace where you can find it easily, i.e. your downloads and desktop location.
  • Open QuickBooksToolHub.exe (the file you downloaded)
  • Go with all the on-screen options to install and accept all the terms and conditions.
  • When your installation completed, open the Tool hub application by double-clicking on it.

Note: If you are unable to find the icon then go to the Windows search bar and do a direct search for QuickBooks Tool Hub and choose the program.

Windows search bar

Step 2: From the Tools Hub, run the Quick Fix my Program

A quick fix will stop any QuickBooks background process if any. This will run a quick repair of your program.

Note: If you faced any problem during repairing or uninstalling .Net Framework or you are not comfortable applying troubleshooting steps then I strongly recommend getting help from your IT person to solve these issues. Because these steps can become more complex.

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Works right inside QuickBooks Enterprise

In the Advanced inventory, our exclusive Add-On works right in the QuickBooks with the same user interface. Separate data integration or separate software is not required. Below are the features that you can save your time.

  • Track the Serial Numbers or Lot Numbers.
  • It also Helps Tracking the Inventory in Multiple Locations.
  • Also, it Tracks Your all the Inventory Data in One Place.
  • There is Flexibility to Set Up the Various Types of Locations or warehouses.
  • Track the Bin Location.
  • Barcode Scanning.

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