QuickBooks Pricing and Cost: How Much Does It Cost?

QuickBooks accounting software has different pricing and plans for each version. The cost of the plan depends upon its features. Every business has its own requirements, so QuickBooks offers different plans for different business needs.

If you want to use QuickBooks as your accounting software to grow your business then, this article will guide you to know the costs of all QuickBooks plans (Online & Desktop). For more details, you can talk to our ProAdvisor for their expert advice and help at our toll-free number +1-844-405-0904.

QuickBooks Products

How Much Does QuickBooks Online Cost

QuickBooks Online offers four pricing plans which are Simple Start, Essential, Plus, and Advanced. These subscription plans start at $12.5/month and range up to $90/month. Each tier will give you access to more add-ons and features such as live bookkeeping support, payroll, etc. You can get 50% off for 3 months and a free trial for 30 days. Here we have listed down all the features and costs of QuickBooks Online and what is included with each pricing plan in the form of a table.

Name Price Features included
Simple Start$12.5/monthUnlimited invoices and estimates, contact management, expense tracking, live bank feed, reporting, mileage tracking, 650 integration
Essentials$25/monthIt includes all Simple Start features with bill management and time tracking.
Plus$40/monthAll necessities options for up to 5 users, and project tracking and project profitableness tracking.
Advanced$90/monthAll and options for up to twenty-five users, and analytics and insights, dedicated account team, online training, and more.
(last updated: 21st October 2021)

QuickBooks Self-Employed

QuickBooks Self-Employed is a lite version of the online product. It is mainly used by contractors, freelancers, and sole proprietors.

NamePriceBest for
QuickBooks Self-Employed$7.5/monthSole proprietors, contractors, freelancers
QuickBooks Self-Employed Tax Bundle$12/monthBusiness homeowners UN agency wish to make straightforward tax documents and automatic quarterly tax payments to the Internal Revenue Service, with one state and federal tax filing enclosed every year.
QuickBooks Self-Employed Live Tax Bundle$17/monthBusiness homeowners UN agency wishes all the options of the regular Tax-bundled account, and access to CPA help throughout the year still as a final review before tax filing.
(last updated: 21st October 2021)

How Much Does QuickBooks Desktop Cost

QuickBooks Desktop software can be directly installed on computers and are available as a time purchase or on an annual subscription. Let us now have a look at the different Desktop products version and their cost.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus and +Payroll

The latest release of QuickBooks Desktop Pro has now become Desktop Pro Plus and + Payroll. Let us go through the product and pricing details of Pro Plus.

NamePriceFeatures included
QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus$349.99/yr (1 user)
$549.99/yr (2 users)
$749.99/yr (3 users)
Automated data backup, security patches, customer support, money management, Desktop mobile app, payroll, E-commerce integration
Pro Plus+Payroll$749.99/yr (1 user)
$949.99/yr (2 users)
$1149.99/yr (3 users)
All the features included in Pro Plus and enhanced features such as free direct deposits, printed checks, payroll taxes, live support
(last updated: 21st October 2021)

QuickBooks Premier Plus and +Payroll

QuickBooks Premier Plus can carters to up to 5 users and is one of the most robust Intuit accounting products. The pricing details of the new QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus and +Payroll are discussed below along with their features.

NamePriceFeatures included
QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus$549.99/yr (1 user)
$849.99/yr (2 users)
$1149.99/yr (3 users)
$1449.99/yr (4 users)
$1749.99/yr (5 users)
Automated data backup, security patches, customer support, money management, Desktop mobile app, customized inventory reports, sales orders, track cost, set product and service prices, payroll, E-commerce integration
Premier Plus+Payroll$949.99/yr (1 user)
$1249.99/yr (2users)
$1549.99/yr (3users)
$1849.99/yr (4 users)
$2149.99/yr (5 users)
All the features included in Pro Plus and enhanced features such as free direct deposits, printed checks, payroll taxes, live support
(last updated: 21st October 2021)

Quickbooks Desktop Enterprises

The cost of the QuickBooks Enterprise is based on the plan and number of licensed users and includes a host on additional charges.

NamePriceFeatures included
Gold $1489.50/yr for a single user, paid annuallyOnline backup, customer support, automatic products upgrades, advance reporting, payroll, and additional fees for e-commerce integration and cloud access 
Platinum $1831.50/yr for a single user, paid annuallyAll the features included in gold with advanced inventory, advanced pricing, and bill workflow
Diamond $3618.00/yr for a single user, paid annuallyAll the features included in platinum with assisted payroll and salesforce CRM connector(additional charges)
(last updated: 21st October 2021)

You can choose between Core, Classic, or Deluxe hosting packages to access Enterprise from anywhere on any device. The pricing plan of hosting packages is given below.

Hosting packagesPrices for 1 user
Gold with Core cloud access$178.16/month
Platinum with Core cloud access$206.06/month
Diamond with Core cloud access$355.10/month
Gold with Classic cloud access$188.20/month
Platinum  with Classic cloud access$217/month
Diamond  with Classic cloud access$365.50/month
Gold with Deluxe cloud access$198.16/month
Platinum with Deluxe cloud access$226.06/month
Diamond  with Deluxe cloud access$375.10/month
(last updated: 21st October 2021)

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Plus

This QuickBooks version is specially designed for Apple users which automates everyday accounting tasks. It is based on an annual subscription and the cost varies according to the number of users.

Name Price Features 
QuickBooks Mac Plus$349.99/yr (1 user)
$549.99/yr (2 users)
$749.99/yr (3 users)
Security patches, Unlimited customer support, data recovery, Customizable invoices, sales receipts, estimates, statements, and purchase orders,  payroll, payments, point of sale
(last updated: 21st October 2021)

QuickBooks Payroll & Bookkeeping Pricing

QuickBooks offers to add ons features with extra monthly charges which are very useful for businesses with more employees. You can purchase QuickBooks Payroll features if you are already using QuickBooks Desktop or Online.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooks Online Payroll comes with three plans which are Core, Premium, and Elite. 

Name Price Features 
Core$ 22.50 /monthAuto payroll, 1099 e-file, product support, direct deposit
Premium$ 37.50 /monthAll core features plus expert review, same day direct deposit, and time tracking
Elite$ 62.50 /monthIncludes all premium features in addition to expert setup, time tracking, 24/7 product support, tax penalty protection, personal HR advisor
(last updated: 21st October 2021)

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Payroll

You can get a faster and easier Payroll option with the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise solution. It comes in two plans Enhanced Payroll and Assisted Payroll.

Name  Price  Features 
Enhanced Payroll$40/monthEasy paychecks, pay and print w2 and 1099 workers, federal, state tax form, payroll tax e-file, paystubs
Assisted Payroll $65.40/monthAll the features included in enhanced payroll + payroll setup, tax deduction, file state and federal taxes, no tax penalties
(last updated: 21st October 2021)

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

The QuickBooks live Bookkeeping service connects businesses with a live, certified expert to keep their books in order. Every month, the expert will classify transactions, reconcile accounts, create reports such as an income statement and balance sheet, and close the books. The starting price of full-service Bookkeeping is $200 per month. You will get 1 free cleanup after a month. 

It’s all about the QuickBooks pricing and cost. Hopefully, now you have the idea that how much does QuickBooks cost for its different plans. If you need more information regarding this topic then you can find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor by dropping a call to this toll-free number +1-844-405-0904

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