What is QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping: Benefits, Offered Services, & How it works

Here, we will tell you about the complete concept of QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping, its benefits, offered services, and how it works. Multiple organizations either small-sized or medium-sized, trust QuickBooks software to perform their accounting financial tasks. It is the smartest way to fill the gap between small businesses and virtual bookkeeping certified by Intuit QuickBooks. Read the complete content of the page to get all related info about QuickBooks Bookkeeping. If you want to get the higher details then contact our experts through the helpline number: +1-844-405-0904 

In a study, we came to know that nowadays, the QuickBooks Proadvisor program is not too trustable by the users because now they feel better with accountants. This is the reason behind introducing QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping for business owners. 

You can use the QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping service to make sure that you are up-to-date, accurate, and ready for tax time.

Short Note on QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping 

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping provides a web-based online platform for bookkeepers. In this, the self-employed bookkeepers perform all the tasks online. It also provides live, one-on-one support from a QuickBooks certified bookkeeper who has good knowledge of your business. This platform is designed and developed by Intuit so that owners can hire trustable bookkeepers anytime to handle their business by managing and maintaining the books. 

You can get your bookkeeper reviews and also be capable of closing your books every month so that you can increase the focus on your business. You can easily hand over your business to bookkeepers because they are highly qualified, well educated, and have good knowledge of bookkeeping. So there is a very minor chance that you will get anything wrong in your organization’s bookkeeping. 

We advised you to feel free while hiring an accountant or Bookkeeper for your business. Although you don’t need to worry about bookkeepers, they know very well how to do the work in the right proportion. Stress out your mind and freely do other business accounting tasks.

What are the Benefits of QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

Every business enterprise requires a complete format of their accounting tasks to check out the profits and losses of the business. A complete format is only generated with the help of bookkeeping and to manage and maintain these accounting tasks, a business needs an accountant. Now start discussing the benefits of QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping without wasting your valuable time which are:

Benefits of QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

Saves Your Time

Your time will definitely be saved if you are using QuickBooks Online Bookkeepers for recording the daily reports of your business task by the QuickBooks certified bookkeepers.

Year-Round Confidence

QuickBooks Online Bookkeepers will work effectively, accurately, and efficiently. So that you don’t need to check your books again (it leads to saving time). It ensures that your books show you the right entries and closes accurately either monthly or yearly, you will always get proper records in your book.

Peace of Mind

Once you have subscribed for QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping service membership, it ensures that your books show you the right entries and close accurately every month. So that you are always ready to pay your tax return on time.  

Virtual Support Facility

Get connected with your bookkeepers through video calls and make your session more interactive. Intuit offers you multiple interacting tools, a few of them are QuickBooks Live Chat Support and QuickBooks Virtual Collaboration. Both are very helpful if you require urgent help or you have an emergency. Stay connected with us and enjoy our valuable Live bookkeeping services.

Services You’ll Get by QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping has:

  • Setup: Your bookkeeper will offer you a facility to set up your charts of accounts, connection to the banks, and overview and basics of QuickBooks software. If you are already having little data in QuickBooks then they make a plan to clean it.
  • Ongoing Bookkeeping: Every month bookkeeper needs to categorize your transactions as well as reconcile the transactions. 
  • Month-end close: At the end of each month, bookkeeping needs to close your books then check out that everything is accurate in the books, and will get complete assurance by preparing the trial balance.

Services You’ll Not Get by QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping doesn’t have:

Note: QuickBooks Online will offer you full payroll service with an additional charge or cost.

What to Expect From QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

One of the best services you will get is QuickBooks Online Accountant. No matter, whether you are an owner of any business enterprise or you are only a QuickBooks user, if you both adopt the same, then you both will get the same facilities to handle your business effectively and efficiently.  Now focus on the key goals of QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping offered to their users. These are:

How Does QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping Work?

As we mentioned above, it is a web service introduced by Intuit. If you are willing to know the procedure of how Live Bookkeeping works, you can learn it here.

Match with your team

At the start, QuickBooks will analyze your business so that you will get the right Bookkeeping service from Intuit. For the analyzing phase, Intuit scheduled an appointment with their bookkeepers via live chat service. In this service, the bookkeeper will tell you about the plan and its further process and also guides you to choose the custom bookkeeping plan.

Collaborate virtually

QuickBooks Live Bookkeepers will assist and guide you, need to go through the team progress in real-time, schedule the decision with the primary bookkeeper, and rapidly send the message, and our experts’ team is ready to revisit you. 

How can you start using QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping?

This service is now available for a limited set of small business owners. But in the coming days, this service is made available for multiple business owners. 

Subscribe to QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

You can subscribe to QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping service whether you use QuickBooks or not. Let’s discuss the steps for both:

If You Don’t Use QuickBooks

If you don’t use QuickBooks yet, first you need to set up a consultation from the QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping site. Visit the site and click Get a free consultation or call on the number mentioned there. 

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping
QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

If You Already Use QuickBooks

If you already use QuickBooks Online, here’s how you can subscribe to Live Bookkeeping:

  • Sign in to QuickBooks as an admin.
  • Click Settings. Click Account and Settings.
  • Click Billing and subscription.
  • Select Learn more from the QuickBooks Live Full-Service Bookkeeping tile.
  • Find and hit Get started.
  • You can edit any missing information in your company profile if required. Click Save.
  • Update or review your billing information. 
  • Click on the Subscribe.
  • Schedule an appointment with an expert.

When you successfully schedule your appointment, you will hear from the bookkeeper who will give you more instructions.  

Most Business enterprises like to meet their bookkeeper every month. If you want to interact with your bookkeeper you can either go for an in-product chat or schedule a video call during your business hours. Monthly meetings with the bookkeeper are a precious time for updating the status of your books and financial statements.

How to Schedule an appointment?

After signing up, you need to schedule a monthly appointment to contact the bookkeeper. You can stay in touch through the documents and request center, throughout the month. You can schedule an appointment on QuickBooks Online mobile app or in your browser. Let’s discuss each. 

On the QuickBooks Online Mobile App

  • Open and sign in to the app.
  • Click Live Expert and then choose Schedule an Appointment. (if the option is not available for you, update your app). 
  • It displays the next available appointments. If you want to schedule the appointment on the available time, select Schedule appointment.
  • If you want another date or time, click Find a different time and choose a different date and time. Then click Continue.
  • Fill up your information on the given fields. Select Remind me with a text message if you want to get text reminders about your appointment.
  • Click Schedule appointment. You are done and you will see the appointment date and time confirmation. 
  • Click Add to calendar if you want to add the appointment to your calendar. At last, click OK.

On the Browser

  • Sign in to QuickBooks.
  • Click on the Live Bookkeeping.
  • Under the live bookkeeping, click Schedule appointment.
  • Fill in the required information. 
  • When your appointment is booked, you will be notified by email or SMS message.

How to message the Bookkeeping Team?

To message the Bookkeeping team you have to follow some easy and simple steps which are:

  • Sign in to QuickBooks and select Live Bookkeeping.
  • Under Live Bookkeeping, simply choose to Send a message.
Send a message
Send a message in QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping.
  • A chat window will appear on your screen and you will connect to the product expert. From there, you can get answers to your questions or help to get a message to your bookkeeper.

How much does QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping cost?

The cost of the first-month service for cleanup and onboarding is $500. From the second month, charges are available in three different tiers. Charges depend on your 3 consecutive months’ expenses. 

  • If the monthly average expense is $25,000 or less, charges would be $200.
  • If the monthly average expense is $25,001 – $150,000, charges would be $400.
  • If the monthly average expense is $150,001 or more, charges would be $600.

Points to Remember:

  • Business complexity can be assessed based on the amounts of monthly expenses that you will have every month.
  • You will get 3 months average for assessing the level of support that you require.
  • No extra charge is included in the service expectations based on the level of support.
  • Once you have signed up for QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping, you will get an initial level of support from Intuit. But if you want to adjust the level of support, you can adjust it by interacting with your bookkeeper as necessary.

If you are willing to become a QuickBooks Online accountant then check below, how you can connect via QB online bookkeeping service.

How To Become a QuickBooks Online Bookkeeper

In the future, the demand for online bookkeepers and accountants will be very high. So, now you have a better option to switch your journey to become QuickBooks online bookkeeper. Here you will get to know the complete procedure to become an online bookkeeper.

You have to fulfill some requirements to become a QBO Bookkeeper

  • The bookkeeper has active QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor certification.
  • Must have a minimum of one year of experience working with QuickBooks Online.
  • All bookkeepers have one of the following credentials:
    • Active certified public accountant.
    • Active Certified Public Bookkeeper.
    • 3+ years managing the books for a small business.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting.

If you fulfill all the requirements of Intuit then send an email to QuickBooks, they will directly contact you as soon as possible.

How to Cancel QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping Subscription

You are eligible to cancel your QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping subscription at any time. We are always advised to make cancellations at the end of your billing month. For canceling the QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping Subscription you have to follow some simple steps. These steps help in sending a message to your bookkeeper about the cancellation. Steps are:

  • Firstly, go to Settings and then click Account and Settings.
  • After that, choose Billing and Subscription.
  • In the end, choose to Cancel in the QuickBooks Live Full-Service Bookkeeping tile. A window will appear on your screen. You have to confirm that you are willing to leave off the subscription.

In Bottom Line

We hope all your doubts and queries might be clear after reading the article based on “QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping”. We have covered QB Live Bookkeeping benefits, services, working, and a complete procedure to add QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping Membership service along with the cancellation process. If the issue persists, feel free to interact with our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors and get complete support from us. Dial +1-844-405-0904 

For fixing other QuickBooks issues, now you can join our QuickBooks Community and get effective solutions from our experts.

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