How To Transfer, Reinstall & Move QuickBooks to a New Computer

If you are using QuickBooks on an old bulky computer system for a long time and want to transfer the license to a new computer or a laptop so that you can easily carry it around for business purposes. So to do this, it is very important to know the right procedure of how to move QuickBooks to a new computer. So, in this article, we are going to tell you the process of easy transfer & reinstall in computer, read the complete article for better learning. For More Info. contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-818-295-3510

Transferring QuickBooks to a new computer can be done easily if you follow all the steps correctly as mentioned in this article. After moving the company files you can either install the latest version or the current version into the new computer.

NOTE: If you are using QuickBooks Online accounting software then you don’t need to move your company files to the new computer because it is cloud-based software. To use QBO you can simply log in to any computer.

Requirements to transfer QuickBooks to a new computer

There are a few things that you will need while you transfer QuickBooks another computer.

  • Another system on which you are thinking to install QB Desktop must have a proper internet connection.
  • You need to delete QB from the computer having the software before “transferring QuickBooks to new computer”.
  • You’ll be going to need your QuickBooks products and license information.
  • You’ll need a USB flash drive with enough space to store all your backup of company files or you can also use cloud storage.
  • You’ll need to create a backup of your Company files.
how do i move quickbooks to a new computer
Move QuickBooks to another Computer
  • A high-speed internet connection for both the old and new computers.
  • If you’re using the Migrator tool to move QuickBooks to a new computer, then you need to remember that the tool will only copy up to the last 3 company files to the new computer.

Move QuickBooks to a New Computer Using Migrator Tool

The migrator tool is only compatible with the QuickBooks Desktop 2018 or newer versions.

For using the migrator tool for moving and reinstalling QuickBooks to another computer, you’ll need to be the company admin.

How to Setup and Use QuickBooks Migrator Tool

On the Old Computer

  • First, you need to download and save the QuickBooks Migrator Tools in the USB flash drive. You can easily download it from the official Intuit Website.
  • Then, Plug-in the USB drive to the old computer.
  • After this, Open QuickBooks go to Files<Utilities<Move QuickBooks to another computer and then select the I’m Ready option.
  • Then, QuickBooks will ask you to create a complex password to secure the company files in the USB flash drive. This is a one time password and you’ll need this password when you plug-in USB to the new computer. It’s recommended to write the password down.
transfer quickbooks to new computer
One Time Password in QuickBooks Migrator Tool
  • After following the further on-screen instructions, QuickBooks will start copying the files.
  • This process might take some time depending upon the size of company files. Typically the size of the files lies somewhere between 150 to 250 MB.

On the New Computer

  • When you insert the USB drive, the migrator tool will not run automatically due to the Windows Security Protocols and that’s why we need to manually run it.
  • To start the Migrator Tool, open the flash drive and search Move_QuickBooks.bat file and then run it.
quickbooks migrator tool
Move QuickBooks to a New Computer
  • Then, Enter the one time password you previously created and wait for the tool to finish the procedure.

QuickBooks Migrator Tool file will be automatically deleted once the process is completed but other data in USB will remain untouched.

NOTE: We recommend you to rename the company files in the old computer so it won’t create any confusion in the future.

When you use the Migrator Tool to move QuickBooks to a new computer, it doesn’t transfer all the data to the new computer. So there is some data that you may need to move manually.

  • Multi-User Setup information won’t be transferred to the new computer.
  • QuickBooks Payroll and Payment Service Data: To move this information, you’ll need to log in to the new computer manually.
  • Intuit Data Protect (IDP): You need to uninstall it on the old computer and then sign-in again in the new system.
  • Company files Other than 3 most recently opened won’t get copied.
  • If you’ve created a manual backup then it won’t be copied either.

Manually Transfer QuickBooks to a New Computer

By manually moving QuickBooks to a new computer you can transfer most the QuickBooks data at once. Follow the below procedure step by step so that you don’t do any mistakes or lost your financial data in this process.

Create Backup of Company Files and QuickBooks License

  • First, create a Backup of company files and QuickBooks Product License to the external storage device.
  • Install the latest or current QuickBooks version to the new computer.
  • Then, download and restore the backup files to the new computer.
  • After transferring all the data you need to from the old computer, now you can uninstall the QuickBooks.

Restore Backup of Company Files on a New Computer

  • Firstly, install QuickBooks on the new computer.
  • Insert the storage device.
  • Open QuickBooks, then go the File menu and select the ‘Open and Restore Company’ option.
  • After that, click onto the ‘Restore a Backup Copy’ and then ‘Next’.
  • To restore the backup from the external device click on the ‘Local Backup’ option and navigate the backup file you created in the old computer.
  • After locating the backup file, double-click on it and then select the ‘Save’ option.
  • Select a location in your new computer to save the backup file and then finally, click on ‘Save’.

What’s Next After Moving QuickBooks to Another Computer

After you have done moving the QuickBooks Company files to a different computer. There are a few other QuickBooks services that you need to Sign in manually to the new computer.

  • You need to separately login QuickBooks to every service like QuickBooks Payroll or Intuit Data Protect(IDP) if you want to use them on the new computer.
  •  If you have more than one company files then you might need to transfer them using an external storage device.
  • Rename your company files on the Older computer to avoid confusion in the future.
  • You should also create a backup of company files that you recently moved to the new computer.

And finally, after performing all the steps correctly now you are ready to use QuickBooks to a new computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very simple, first note down the Product and License Number. Then create a backup of QuickBooks data and restore it on the new computer. After that enter the Product and License number when you install QuickBooks to the new computer.

To use QuickBooks Desktop on 2 or more different computers, then you need to install a single user license which will allow you to install and use QuickBooks Desktop on two computers.


Above mentioned are the two best methods if you want to move QuickBooks to a new computer. You can use any method you find suitable but remember to do it carefully because even a slight mistake can lead to the loss of financial data which could lead to no good.

Therefore, Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor is here to provide assistance to you if you ever hit the roadblock in the process. Just give us a call on our customer service toll-free number +1-818-295-3510 whenever you stuck with QuickBooks. 

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