QuickBooks Unable To Restore Backup File

Want to fix QuickBooks unable to restore backup files? Then in this article, we are to discuss all related facts and solutions to resolve this issue. When you try to restore your backup file some errors showing on your screen like as “Restore failed can’t remove log file” or “This is the invalid format of post-QuickBooks 2007 Backup file”. There are various solutions in this article for this error so you can try all solutions to fix your issue. If you have any queries related to it contact Our QuickBooks Support team+1-855-525-4247

Some of the users get this problem: Error: Failed or Error: Restore Failed. In this blog, we will discuss what to do to resolve this error Unable To Restore QuickBooks Backup File.

QuickBooks Unable To Restore Backup File
Reasons for QuickBooks 'Restore Failed'

QuickBooks Unable To Restore Backup File: Symptoms

  • Maybe special character includes In your company file.
  • The backup restores an existing file.
  • USB flash drive helps to restore a backup.
  • The backup was made with the latest QuickBooks version or another version of QuickBooks.
  • You are trying to restore the wrong backup file.
  • Maybe the company file is damaged.

Error: Failed or Error: Restore Failed: Steps to fix

Solution 1: Delete special symbol or character from your company file

  • First of all, search the company file that name you want to change.
  • After that, right-click the file name and select rename.
  • Enter the new filename and press enter.

Solution 2: Don’t overwrite an existing file when you restore your company backup

  •  Save your file in standard location when QuickBooks asks where you want to save your file.
  • If the file name is the same as another file in this folder you will see a message on your screen like as “The file name exists. Would you like to overwrite this file?”.
  • Click No.
  • Now change the file name.

Solution 3: Use the same or latest version of QuickBooks when you are restoring your backup file.

Use the QuickBooks File Manager to know the version of the backup. You can restore the backup files to the latest version of Quickbooks, but cannot to an older version.

Solution 4: Before restoring a backup file, copy it to a new folder

Note: Make sure the file you are trying to restore is a real backup file.

  • Check the file size after creating a backup, it should not less than 6Mb
  • To know the file size just right click on the file and select properties.
  • If the file is less than 6MB then this file is not a true backup file, create a new backup file from the working file.

Solution 5: Repair your company file is damaged

There are so many reasons which affect company file. To repair it, you need to use standard data damage troubleshooting. Use QuickBooks file doctor or read this guide to identify, prevent and fix QuickBooks corrupted company file.

After attempting all above solutions if the error still exists, then you need to contact our QuickBooks Support team. In that case call +1-855-525-4247.

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