Keeps Your QuickBooks Online Data Secure

Is your QuickBooks Online data safe? or is my company’s information is secure in QuickBooks Online? Do you have some doubts in your mind? It’s alright to worry about anything important to you but don’t worry about keeping your QuickBooks Online data safe because QB online is very serious about your data protection. Go through the article to know the tasks QBO performs to safeguard your data, technologies used. For any assistance or help contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

QuickBooks company file contains the most sensitive information on your phone. It including customers’ credit card numbers and Employee Social Security numbers. If any hacker or unauthorized user gains access to that data, it’s a very critical situation for your company.

This type of security breach represents the worst-case scenario. Whether someone steals this sensitive data or an unauthorized person used for another reason, losing could have serious consequences for your business.

Quickbooks Online uses five key technology so that the customers’ data is completely secure. Here we discuss these five key technologies.

Five Key Technology for Keeping your QuickBooks Online Data Safe

Data Backup:

This key technology is very easy and simple. If your original data is destroyed whether by accident or because of any other malware or wrongful act, you can still take the backup copy of your data and start over. QuickBooks online has several backup procedures and security measures to keep data safe and secure.

You always store your data on mirrored disks, each time you add or edit your data. It is written to hard drives so that if one fails you will never notice as a user.

We periodically copy all data to a third hard drive in order to protect against any problems that affect the first two drives. We perform backups to tape each night. These tapes are periodically moved off-site to a secure location. The security of data is the number one goal.

Firewall Protection:

A firewall acts as a barrier when hackers and identity thieves can steal your important information and take control of your computer. Your private information is available only to authorized users from authorized computers. To further protect your data QuickBooks online uses SSL technology. This is the same technology that is used for credit card transactions over the internet.


Viruses inserting its own code, this code destroys the useful information from our computer, it creates a critical situation for a computer. It is a malicious software program, which is very harmful to a computer
In Intuit Data Centre, QuickBooks online keeps your data on a server. Intuits Data Centre guarded the data against viruses physically and electronically.

ID & Password Protection

Basically, passwords are used for protection purposes, they protect our individual programs or files and are also used to log in to a computer. If your password is unique or different so nobody can trace your password easily.

Audit Trails

Audit Trail: Make sure you have a way to keep track of who is doing on your systems, in case of problems. Our customers can utilize the always-on activity log to see action takes place within their company for security purposes.

Some other important ways to Keeps your QuickBooks Data secure:

Internal Safeguards:

Any business owner never wants his employees could commit fraud, but it happens. Some internal threat is the real concern. Your company files contain many useful and valuable information like, credit card and account data that could be hacked and used illegally. You can restrict user access to specific areas and actions within QuickBooks.

To get started,

  • Firstly Open the company menu and then select Set Up Users and Passwords.
  • Set Up Users, The user list window opens. It should have one entry there, like an admin. Click Add User and enter a designated employee’s name and password in the next window that opens; now click next.
  • On the next page of this wizard, click the button in front of selected QuickBooks. Sales and Accounts Receivable, inventory, and Payroll and Employees, these areas display on the following screen. When you have clicked through every screen and reviewed the summary, click finish. Now that’s user will able to sign in and access the area you specified.

If your company has an IT expert team, they will probably handle most of the data security issues.

Keep Your Operating Systems And Application Updated

Many software companies updated his software because of additional new features and fixing a bug, sometimes the company refreshes your software to ensure gatherer security based on the latest threats. And also updated our antivirus and anti-malware application along with QuickBooks itself.

Secure Your Network

Follow these steps to bits of help minimize the risk:

  • Discourages employees from excessive web browsing: This is a very hard rule for employees. Because some employees research the internet and some do other work-related tasks. Introduce a firm policy for employees what works can and can’t do on company-issued equipment, so it is easy to handle the situation of web browsing.
  • Ask employees to avoid using public networks on work equipment: Strictly enforce these rules for employees and, make compliance an element of routine performance evaluation.
  • Minimize app installation on business smartphones: In this way, if you install an app from the internet so some type of viruses or malware can enter a system, so employees should be required to get approval before installation.
  • Use Monitoring Software: Install the IT application that alerts you to problems, if you can’t afford to pay for managed IT.

Use Common sense to protect your QuickBooks Online Data

If you can fight data loss and theft, first u being cautious, and manage your data files. Check every activity reached to data files such as if you work on your office computer and use a portable device also, so u don’t leave them in the office.

Be aware of who may be around you, looking over your shoulder. You easily to contact our expert team through our QuickBooks support number at toll-Free +1-844-405-0904 for any question-related QuickBooks how to secure our sensitive data in your QuickBooks company file.

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