Tips To Search Transactions: QuickBooks Transactions

In this article, we are going to discuss, how to search QuickBooks transactions?  click on the transaction tab in the top black menu bar. select the category column in order to sort by category. select a transaction that is the type you would like to search for auto payments.

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Search for transactions by number, date or amount:

  • First of all, choose the magnifying glass at the top of the page.
  • After that, enter a transaction number, a date or an amount and press enter.
  • If you don’t search what you like then choose Advanced Search.
  • Try this buttons alone or in combination to choose the type of data you want to find. For example: to search all transactions dated in the past 30 days of the sum with a total value of 100:
    • Modify Reference no.To Date.
    • Modify Today to Past 30 Days.
    • Choose Search. You will search a list of transactions.
    • To narrow the list, change Date to Amount, enter 100 in the box and this time, choose Add filter.
  • You can even customize your result list. Choose the small gear above the table and then choose the columns to display.
  • You can also use the icons beside the small gear to print the result or export to an excel spreadsheet.

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Search by Transaction type:

  • By Customer name:
    • Choose Sales option from the left menu.
    • Select Customers option at the top.
    • Choose a customer to view transactions.
  • By Sales transaction:
    • Choose Sales option from the left menu.
    • Select All sales option at the top.
    • Choose an invoice or estimate to view transactions.
  • By Vendor or Supplier name:
    • Choose Expenses option from the left menu.
    • After that, Choose Vendor or supplier option at the top.
    • Choose a Vendor or Supplier to view transactions.
  • By Expense:
    • Choose Expenses option from the left menu.
    • Select Expenses option at the top.
    • Choose an expense to view transactions.

Note: Choose a column header to sort the list by type, date, amount, etc. Or choose the Filter button to narrow the list by expense type, status, etc.

View recent transactions

You have two quick ways to check recent transactions:

  •  View all recent transactions.
  • transactions of just one type, like an invoice or bill.

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To view all recent transactions:

  1. Somewhere at top of the page, you see three blue buttons. click the icon that looks like a clock for Recent Transactions.                                                                                                                                                                                                To view all recent transactions
  2. Select a transaction to open it. If you do not see the one you want to open, click More.

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To view one type recent transactions

  1. First of all, click create(+) and then select the type of transaction you want to check. eg. invoice
  2. Now In the top of the page, click the Recent Transactions icon Again.                                                                                             To view one type recent transactions
  3. Now Select a transaction you want to open. If you do not see the one you want to open, click More.

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