3 Easy Steps To Install QuickBooks Desktop Student Trial

Want to install QuickBooks Desktop student trial in easy steps? Here is the article to tell how easily QuickBooks desktop trial to be installed, in this article the focus has been turned to the three basic steps to install Desktop Student trial. We have provided three steps to install the Quickbook student Trial. reading the whole article will provide the complete knowledge to Install QuickBooks Student trial, Connect with us +1-844-405-0904

Are you, student and want to download QuickBooks Desktop, but before that need to take a trial. Don’t worry you can easily use the QuickBooks Desktop student trial. You can activate & register for the 5 monthly student trials of QuickBooks Desktop. You are able to unlock the QuickBooks student trial. There are some easy and simple steps you need to follow for taking this free license of 5 months. 

Students are always want to learn new things some of the things are like how to manage a business? How to use Bookkeeping or Accounting, and many more things. if you are also eager to learn new things. Then you can use this trial version of QuickBooks desktop.

Do you want to use this 5 months trial version of the QuickBooks desktop? Just follow these simple steps carefully and you are able to use this trial version. But before we start, Let’s talk about the QuickBooks desktop.

What Is QuickBooks Desktop?

An online accounting software package is created and marketed by Intuit is called QuickBooks desktop. It is created for managing your business by managing your clients, dealers, bank accounts. 

Managing business and all the other things is very important and stressful it also very time taking activity everyone has to save his/her time so he can work effectively. So by seeing this problem This software has been created so everyone can save time and work effectively. Students can take the full benefits of it with this trial version Go through it and enjoy the work.

Now let’s talk about how we get this student’s trial version of QuickBooks. First, we have to register and activate the trial version. There are many student discounts which can be easily availed.

Steps For QuickBooks Desktop Student Trial Version 

1st Step – You Need To Register To The Intuit Education Program.

  1. First, there is a website Intuit Education Program go there and register on it.
  2. Then you will see QuickBooks online from its select students.
  3. Then you will get a registration form fill it properly then select verify & continue

Then after step 1, there is a possibility you will see an intuit welcome it means you have already verified your eligibility. So you can simply go to step 3 and activate your trial but if you didn’t saw any message then you can continue.

2nd step – Eligibility Verification

For verifying intuit is always works with Sheer ID. An important point that you need to give the official document from the school with the information-

  • First, your full name but remember it should be the same as that you entered in the registration form.
  • The name of your school.
  • A date required which is within the last 3 months.

But after all, if your account is not processed so it is compulsory that you have to give some more documents. There are some documents that are acceptable like a Transcript, receipt of tuition, and class schedule, and any official document.

After this do-

  1. You have your official documents now make an electronic copy of them. The formats which are acceptable are .png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or .pdf.

You can also click a good-quality photo of it on your phone if you have your paper copy. Now click on the choose file for finding and selecting the document. After al

l select submit for review.

  1.  Install and scan any of the verification forms in the computer which is required. There is an important point you should remember that if your document is able to scan and doesn’t shows your name properly and showing a name that is different from your name so it is very difficult to finalize your verification.

Remember some points-

  • Never give any necessary information in the documents which you are scanning. Some like banking details.
  • But when you are going to publish a document Check that all the information that is sensitive should be blacked or blurred.

And when they upload gets finished you will see a confirmation but in case there is nothing then reload your page or scroll up and down. And also you will get an email after 20 minutes.

If you didn’t see any email or the message. You can submit a request for assistance from the Sheer ID.

3rd Step: Download & Activate QuickBooks Desktop Trial Version

Now you have to download the trial version of QuickBooks. If you don’t know how to download QuickBooks Trial Version Don’t worry. You need to follow some easy & simple steps. Follow these steps properly if you want to download the trial version. 

But before starting you should check that you properly follow all the above steps and you have all the requirements.

  1. From the intuit, you will receive an email from the mail id verify@sheerid.com. (But if didn’t get any email you can contact them).
  2. Click on download.
  3. Close all the tabs you have opened, and then choose setup_QuickBooks…exe.
  4. Then you will see a message click on a yes So QuickBooks is allowed for making changes in your computer.
  5. Then there is a downloading process after this process chooses next from the install shield wizard window. 
  6. Choose next, Then properly check the license agreement. First Properly read the complete agreement and check all the details. Then allow 
  7. Then after checking the complete agreement you can click on allow. And then next. (Click on checkbox).
  8. Now you have to give some details. Details which is provided in the email that you received before. Details like license and product numbers give this according to email and then select next.
  9. Choose the express (which is recommended) and then click on next.
  10. Choose Install, then there will a downloading process starts and after this downloading process go to QuickBooks.
  11. Then you will see a message choose OK.

Step To Activating Your Student Trial Account

Now we have to activate our trial account. Follow some simple steps for activation and properly follow all the steps without missing any.

This is for the first time you are opening the file of the company in QuickBooks. So it will ask you to activate the software. But complete this task early because you have only 30 days to complete this task.

  1. First, there are two options “remind me later” and “activate” you have to click on activate. 
quickbooks desktop student trial
  1. Then you have to sign up for the intuit account (create your account) but if you have already an account so you can directly log in. If you do not have an account so click on create an account.
  2. Then there will be a form appear which will ask you about your company. You have to give all the information about your company and the fields which is having an asterisk sign ( * ) this is compulsory to fill this field you can no leave that field. 
QuickBooks Desktop student trial

It will ask for company information like country, company name, address, city, state, phone no. and more. This type of information is not much sensitive so you can freely fill this form.

After filling in all the information then click on the Next button.

  1. After all these processes you will redirect to the confirmation window. This is an important page. You have to keep this page with you print it out and save it in pdf format on your computer. So it will in your records.

So these are some steps by which you can Register and install a QuickBooks Desktop student trial. Follow these all steps properly and if your account is registered then you can follow all steps again. But if your account didn’t get activation after following all steps. In this case, you can contact QuickBooks Technical Support. They Will help you to find out what is the problem.

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