Payroll Setup Interview in QuickBooks Desktop: Easy Steps

Learn about the payroll setup interview in QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Desktop comes with the option of setting the right payroll settings. Here we will give you an overview to process the payroll setup interview in QuickBooks Desktop. The article comprises a set of steps to provide you desired solution, right in front of you. Hope you can set up with the aid of this article but in case you have any query related to this contact us:+1-844-405-0904

Points to Remember

  • You are required to have a relevant and active payroll subscription at the time of setting up an interview
  • If you are new to setup your QuickBooks Payroll account, then we advise contacting our expertise to fix both minor and major issues
  • If you are using Assisted Payroll service then avoid the payroll set up an interview

If you want any technical help, then our customer help service is available at QuickBooks Support. Connect instantly by calling on our 24/7 technical error support help desk number +1-844-405-0904.

Payroll Setup Interview in QuickBooks Desktop

Easily access the Payroll Setup Interview by reaching the Employees>> Payroll Setup and now you will be moved to the Payroll setup wizard.

Step 1: Introduction

In the first step, QuickBooks Desktop verifies and interrogates whether you have any paycheck issued or not.

Step 2: Company Set up

In the second step, you are going to set up the company payroll information. In this, you can also add employee benefits and compensation such as Paid time off.
Required Details:

  • Compensation details such as hourly, salary, tips, bonuses)
  • Employee benefits details such as health insurance, retirement, paid time off
  • Other payroll deductions and additions such as wage garnishments, mileage

Step 3: Employee Setup

In the third step, you will be ready to set up your employees. It is required to put appropriate information including their W-4 information, payroll items, and all the benefits that can apply. Ensure that you have included all the employees you paid in this current calendar year. No matter whether those employees still work for you or not.

Required Details:

  • Each employee must carry a W4
  • Compensation details such as hourly rate, yearly salary, commission
  • Direct deposit details for each employee (if applicable).
  • Benefits details such as 401(K), wage garnishment, paid time off

Step 4: Taxes

In the fourth step, you will be ready to set up your state taxes as well as federal taxes.

Required Details:

  • State Withholding and Unemployment Tax identification/account numbers. Many of the states will use an individual number for both state withholding and unemployment taxes others have separate account numbers for each type of tax).
  • State Unemployment Tax rate detailed information

Step 5: Year-to-date Payrolls

In the fifth step, you are going to enter all of your year-to-date payroll history and tax payments starting in January. This step can be skipped if there is no payroll history for the year. 

Required Details:

  • Year-to-date payroll details(For quarters that are no longer in use, you have required a quarterly report that represents each employee’s quarterly earnings. Whereas for quarters that are still open, you have required payroll information for each payroll run for each employee)
  • Prior tax and liabilities payments details

Step 6: Data Review

In the sixth step, you have two sub-steps listed below:

  • Review your payroll data: In this sub-step, you will see your wage and tax data review. Here, it took a comparison between your year-to-date entries with your payroll items and tax items. In case of getting errors, it generates a report to help you so that you can make right all your year-to-date entries. 
  • Reconcile your payroll tax forms to your payroll data: In this sub-step, you are required to enter your 941 form and state agency filed forms. After that, it will help you to reconcile and make correct all your data. If any error persists then you have to correct your entries. 

Required Details:

  • You need a Federal 941 form for each quarter you have filed for the year
  • You also need State agency quarterly forms filed for each quarter you have filed for the year

Step 7: Finishing up

Now you will be able to do the payroll setup interview in QuickBooks Desktop. If you have any doubt remaining in this topic, then contact us.

The Endmost Note

We hope this article will be proven best in order to set up a payroll interview in QuickBooks Desktop. Several times, it might be tricky and complicated to follow the steps appropriately, and it resulted in you facing other complex issues. At that moment, the alternative option we have for you is to get connected with our Wizxpert ProAdvisors qualified and certified by Intuit. Get in touch with them by dropping a call on our technical error support helpline number +1-844-405-0904 and be ready to get technical support as well as effective solutions for your issues in QuickBooks.

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