QuickBooks Student Discount 2024: QuickBooks Free For Students

QuickBooks is a very user-friendly accounting software for both students and professionals. But being a student, it’s a pity difficult to purchase accounting software. QuickBooks student discount with demo trial version is a great gift for that student, who is doing accounting and Bookkeeping activities. For students, QuickBooks includes an Intuit education program that is free for front-end educators and their students in the provision of QuickBooks and ProConnect tax software. Go through the article and get all your details. For more Info contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

Generally, before purchasing any QuickBooks or any other products every student has a question in his/her mind about which version he/she should opt for. And also from where or which store he/she got a good QuickBooks student discount.

So it’s a better option for those who want a QuickBooks student discount to directly contact your computer store or your university bookstore.

And if in case you are not getting a good discount from a computer store or your university bookstore then contact other software providers that give QuickBooks student discounts.

Keep in mind, that these software providers offer different prices for the same version of QuickBooks, it changes periodically and depends on the current offer.

So first check all the prices very carefully and try to compare different QuickBooks versions and prices and then select wisely your desired product that you want to purchase.

One more thing that you have to keep in mind while purchasing the product, is that the software should be genuine, not pirated, or defected product. So be careful.

Empower students with QuickBooks Student version

Here in this article, we are discussing the Intuit discount program for both students and teachers.

QuickBooks Online Edition for Students & Educators – Discount & Special Offers

QuickBooks Online always offers a free trial to its customers for business purposes, which is called a QuickBooks Online demo. Apart from this QuickBooks offers services for students. Read the following to know the details;

For QuickBooks Online, if you are a student and also eligible for free download in the USA, then you can easily access 1-year QuickBooks Online Plus for free. And teachers, need to download QuickBooks, then you can download a free, non-expiring license for QuickBooks Online accountants.

For both students and teachers, you have both options to purchase this software, you can purchase it offline like, from any store, or either you can purchase it online. it’s all up to you.

QuickBooks Desktop Discount For Students Trial Edition Download

Intuit provides a free edition of QuickBooks Desktop for all students and teachers who are eligible for a discount. To get this discount students have to register for a 5-month trial of free QB Accountant Desktop from the Intuit education program.

Intuit offers a QuickBooks Accountant Desktop free non-expiring license for teachers and schools. But this non-expiring license software is only installed in the school labs or class computers, you can not install this software on your personal computer.

Platforms to purchase QuickBooks Accounting Software

Here are several platforms that provide QuickBooks Student Discounts and can help students to purchase, and download QuickBooks accounting software on appropriate charges:

Microsoft Products: Students can purchase QuickBooks accounting software from Microsoft’s official portal with verified certificates and prices.

Apple Store(Education): Apple is also doing efficient work in this series. Students can get QuickBooks accounting software on Apple’s official portals as well.

Intuit QuickBooks’ official website or portals: Students can easily get QuickBooks accounting software directly from QuickBooks’ official website.

Eligibility to Get QuickBooks Free for Students

It’s very important to get to know if you are eligible for a discount or not. So discuss some key points of eligibility for the QuickBooks free-for-students special offer. You are only available for a discount if you are a part of these academic details.

  • Student/Teacher of recognized primary or secondary school/ Public or private university or college
  • The school district or board of education
  • Recognized public or private school providing full-time instruction for students in grades K-12
  • Public or private college or university including community college, junior college, or vocational school

Variations in prices on QuickBooks Student Discount

There may be some major causes of variation in prices which are as follows:

Fewer features: You may get the same application at different prices even on the same platform. That happens because of the difference in the number of features. While purchasing, make sure that the application for which you are going to invest your money has all of the features you need.

Old version: Application prices are probably different, because of version upgrading. It’s obvious that the latest version will be more costly than the older one.

Pirated software: It’s a very genuine issue, we face nowadays. It depends on the reliability scales of the portals you are using for purchasing. To escape this kind of problem, check the customer reviews and download the certificates of that particular portal.

The individualism of platforms: If there are many platforms for downloading or purchasing the same software, they may have individual policies and prices as well. While purchasing or investing money, the above statements are major precautions to be followed.

Precautions to be focused on before offers and discounts

QuickBooks is not only business equipment for business strategy but also provides an educational environment for students. So in between, business and marketing strategies, online platforms also emphasize their consideration in making it easier and approachable for students as well. They do a lot of great stuff and take decisions in order to make it worth getting great for students.

In order to facilitate things for students, giving some special offers and coupon codes for students is also a good practice. So, many online third-party service providers provide attractive offers to their students. Students may also face a variation in prices and offers as offer policies are determined by individual third-party structures.

Just minding lower prices is never a good practice of purchasing QuickBooks accounting software from any platform, as there may be some drawbacks to these types of purchasing as well. There are many key factors for students in purchasing to be focused on.

Students may also have to face piracy issues on some third providers. To escape these problems students should take expert guidance before purchasing this application. As well as they should examine all the key factors of purchasing QuickBooks accounting software from any third-party application source. Variations in prices may also occur because of version upgrading as well. It means different versions or especially the latest ones may have differences in prices.

Students should also mind less about pricing reasons, whether it’s really an offer or just a degradation of pricing along with their features. It also depends on the reliability of that third-party service provider. They should also mind on support and customer service skills of the third-party service that they are using for purchasing the QuickBooks accounting software.

Emphasis on offers For QuickBooks Student Discount

The offers and coupon codes or discount codes we are talking about are not only for purchasing QuickBooks accounting software from any source. But are also available for various services provided by this application.
This application is available on many popular and prominent online purchasing platforms. As well as Amazon.com, eBay, Google Play Store, and many others.

Before purchasing, students can also search this on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo for the best prices along with the best features and reliability.

Some offers are directly available for students and educators from Intuit. Students can explore QuickBooks’ official purchasing source as well, they don’t need to face any piracy crisis or duplicity. QuickBooks and team are creating things more comfortable for learners and educators as they seriously care about their all customers as per their expectations from their organization & indeed, they do a lot of campaigns in order to make their customer service greater than before.

Probably, most of the platforms offer a free trial of QuickBooks accounting software. Students should feel free to take this opportunity for a student discount, before purchasing or investing money in the application. They can also call the toll-free helpline number of the third-party service provider they are using for purchasing or to QuickBooks help & support number itself.

QuickBooks and team truly understand that for a student it’s tough to purchase costly software for their need, especially for their education and learning. So, in order to encourage education and learning QuickBooks and other third-party service providers provide attractive Student discount offers. There are some platforms about whom we are going to discuss.

I hope this guide will help you to understand the whole process of the QuickBooks Student Discount program. If you are not satisfied yet, then feel free to contact our toll-free QuickBooks support number and talk to a certified QuickBooks expert at +1-844-405-0904.

In order to get help for your other QuickBooks problems from other business owners, please visit our QuickBooks community and post your Questions there. Thanks for your valuable visit!


Can Students get QuickBooks software for free?

The answer is simple yes if you are a student and meet certain eligibility criteria then you can get QuickBooks for free. Quickbooks always provides special offers and discounts as well as makes them available for free. Here we’ll discuss some eligibility criteria which are given below:

  • If you are a student with the documents of a recognized university, secondary and primary school, or college then you are eligible for getting free QuickBooks software.
  • If you are a student enrolled in any private and government college and university including vocational school and community college.
  • If you are a student or an educator who is residing in Canada then you can get some specific QuickBooks software free for one year under the Intuit education program which is QuickBooks Online Accountant, QuickBooks online plus, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks premier accountant.

From where you can avail of the QuickBooks student discount?

If you are a student then you can purchase and download QuickBooks from many platforms that give many offers and discounts. You have to pay very nominal charges for this, here are some list given below where you can avail for discounts.

Apple Store (Education): This platform provides all the versions of the QuickBooks software that is renowned for students where they will get QuickBooks Accounting software at low rates.

Microsoft Office Portal: Microsoft Office portal is very popular among students and they can get it at discounted prices which provides verified and certified versions of QuickBooks.

Intuit QuickBooks official Portal: If you purchase QuickBooks accounting software from the official website that is from Intuit then you can avail of great student discounts. Intuit offers discounts to students of accredited institutions after filling out a form on its website to confirm their eligibility.

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