Best Free Nonprofit Accounting Software

Free nonprofit accounting software was developed for organizations and small businesses to help them manage their finances in a transparent and cost-effective manner for both donors and themselves.

Nonprofit organizations and small businesses don’t have a lot of money to spend, so they try to save every penny they can. They are unable to hire a professional accountant for their company, so they depend on in-house accounting methods.

If you have an organization and don’t know how to document funds and expenses in detail, your organization requires an accounting system that can guide your organization in the right direction. Accounting software facilitates the digitization of accounting and bookkeeping tasks by assisting users in streamlining accounting tasks, tracking grants and endowments, managing reimbursable grants, generating financial statements, and more.

We have a lot of expensive accounting software on the market, but due to your limited funds, you do not want to invest in this accounting solution software. However, there are dozens of free nonprofit accounting software available on the market that enable you to handle your organization’s budget for free.

In this article, we will highlight the best free accounting software for nonprofits, with the help of which you can digitally manage your company’s funds and expenses.

Best Free Nonprofit Accounting Software


FreshBooks, a cloud-based accounting and financial management tool is a comprehensive platform for Nonprofits. The program is popular because it makes the time tracking and billing procedures for businesses more efficient. Using Freshbooks, you can issue invoices in just a few minutes.

It aids in speeding the donation procedure, which can benefit your organization’s work. It is a very practical and safe platform that lets users send money using various online payment methods.

FreshBooks is constantly being improved, which will only help your business. Along with the addition of multi-currency support, its search engine has also been updated. The platform supports mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices and includes G Suite, Shopify, Stripe, and PayPal among other third-party programs.


Gusto is an online application for HR accounting services that focuses on improving payroll and tax filing operations for non-profit businesses. Organizations can send bulk payments to their staff using the application’s user-friendly tools and simple design. Additionally, it has strong security features that assist in securing the company’s financial data. Another function of this platform which helps organizations monitor employee payroll and company expenditure in real time. You can monitor your company’s financial situation by utilizing this app’s accounting dashboard.


AvidXchange, a cloud-based software, is a perfect solution for the growing nonprofit that wants to streamline its accounts payable process. It comes with modern automation features like OCR technology that help to minimize manual data entry and human error. At the same time, the AP team can track the status of invoices due to its customized and automated features. Avidxchange’s automated invoice processing feature ends the Paper chasing problem that frequently arises in accounting and accounts payable.
Thanks to its integration features, AvidXchange consists of 180 integrations with leading ERP and accounting systems; you may continue to use your current accounting system of record while developing brand-new custom approval workflows. When choosing which apps to integrate into their AP processes, businesses and organizations have a lot of choices thanks to the software’s four modules. For instance, The utility bill payment module can help you lighten the load of collecting, receiving, and paying utility invoices.


Rossum is a nonprofit accounting software that has been designed to assist teams to gather their documents in a secure, centralized inbox for faster processing. With the use of self-learning AI technology, it can quickly capture transaction information, and it also features a highly adjustable user interface that makes it easy for consumers to use it for accounts payable procedures. Organizations can optimize their procedures by using their notification systems and unique approval standards.
Moreover, Rossum has a reporting and analytics system. With the help of this, you can monitor who has access to your accounting files and simply retrieve audit trails.

Zoho Books:

Zoho Books is a smart nonprofit software that supports nonprofits. The system is user-friendly because it helps organizations make wise business decisions and gives them complete control over their finances. Its primary functions are to simplify online payments and enable invoice creation to speed up the payment process. It can be used without prior accounting experience.
Zoho Books has a number of advantages for nonprofits. It maintains track of all of your donors and how much money they have contributed to your project. With this software, you can manage taxes that are related to donations. All of the sponsors are automatically saved as contacts by the system, which may then be added to your account.


A nonprofit accounting program called Yooz helps organizations by giving an accounting solution for managing the grants and donations that arise from campaign activities. It is made to handle all the paper trail or digital forms generated by the organizations in excess of what they need to. It supports every sort of scanned picture and file format, including PDFs and JPGs, from any operating system.
Yooz is Known for its unmatched simplicity, mobility, and traceability. This tool eliminates the need for manual data updates by enabling users to effortlessly and instantly sync their data with the master data. Integrating a fake detection system that can recognize falsified documents and stop suspicious transactions, provides more security for your organization.

Money Minder:

Money Minder is an important piece of nonprofit accounting software that manages finances, maintains bank accounts, and keeps track of volunteer activities while offering online accounting solutions.
It offers non-profit organizations unique budget templates. Companies can classify their budgets as programs, administration, and fundraising with the use of this software. Organizations can monitor their expenditure, which helps them create goals for the future.

The volunteer management tools from Money Minder help non-profits keep track of volunteer hours in connection to events and produce reports. The non-profit accounting software keeps track of dues and records membership fees at various levels as well as handles member data. Additionally, the accounting solution helps you manage donors and distribute receipts. It supports customers through phone, email, and chat.

Lazy8 Ledger

A double-entry accounting program called Lazy8 Ledger is a free accounting program. It has been built for users who are accustomed to bookkeeping procedures. Additionally, your business can use this tool to automatically track sales and payments. Platforms running Windows, Linux, and Mac can all support this program.

FrontAccounting ERP:

Considering that it is free to use, FrontAccounting ERP can be a fantastic choice for non-profit organizations. To keep track of general ledgers, bank accounts, and other reports, you can utilize this program. Many individuals can access this tool, and it works with Linux, Windows, and Mac.

There are many non-profit and budgeting software programs listed here that may assist your organization with everything from writing checks to creating financial reports. Try out as many programs as you can before deciding which one best suits the financial management needs of your company.

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