How To Prepare For A Computer Crash Before It’s Too Late

You can prepare for the eventual crashes, but there’s simply no such thing as crash-proof. Maybe we make this thing possible. When we work on QuickBooks, everyone fears a computer crash or hard drive failure without warning. That sinking feeling all your data is gone. Your document, email, user profiles, entries, contact, password file, or bookmark can never be recovered. With Safeguards, you can take to prepare the worst-case scenario for protecting the data. Here in this article, we are discussing how to prepare for a Computer Crash. when you know the reasons causing the error, it will be easier for you to deal with the same. For More info contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free:+1-844-405-0904

Main Causes of Computer Crash

The major cause that leads to the crashing of a QuickBooks:

  • Hardware conflicts
  • Unreliable hard drive
  • Slow and poor performance
  • Corrupt program files
  • Time to time boot errors
  • Interrupted video streaming
  • Loud system fan noise
  • Unreliable Internet connection even over Ethernet

Steps For Preparing for Computer Crash

Create Backups for your data files

Creates copies of your files and store them in one or more locations for safety purposes, this is the first thing to do to prepare backups. The virus affects computer data, so most people save data on flash drives or CDs. You should always do to safeguard your company file is to make regular backups, this is security for you because you ensure with your data files or data backups.

How Often Do Your Files Change?

Most people load new files onto their computer and make a change to old ones. Your computer backup depends upon your daily work on your computer. For example, a videographer who downloads 150 videos to his computer on a daily basis needs to scheduled daily backups.

IT Safeguards:

IT department handled these things

  • Ensure your computer network is secure, reliable and safe
  • Ensure to anti-virus programs running and updated at all times
  • If needed, make sure you have a universal power supply running, so if power is gone, a computer is not immediately shut down and have the potential to lose unsaved data

The Right Way To Make Backups And Store

When we make backup some questions always arise in mind such as, how often should you backup your data? , where is the backup?, how to make backup data?, We have all these answers to your questions. Quite simply, as often as possible you backup your data. The best opinion is you should backup data regularly. Your computer data backup depends on you because you knew very well how much data to enter your computer if you are comfortable with your works then make a backup weekly or monthly.

Some options are best suited for this, are flash drives or external hard drives, NAS, or cloud storage to store your data backup safely. External hard drives have large storage capacities, but external drives are not very portable so this type of storage needs to be handled with care.

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a computer, so it cost the same as a computer. It also needs to be configured so that it is not directly accessible from the computer as a network drive. The major drawback is the price.

Migration to Cloud and Save Your Time Easily

It is the best option and simple way you store your data in the cloud. If you make a backup with a cloud. Then you need to make sure your data in good hands and safe. The cloud backup option is physically located on your premises. So you choose this option attentively and easy to move your QuickBooks to the cloud. When you don’t have an IT guy or department. And the file is crash so you easily move a file to the cloud.

Cloud provider is easy to handle your backups, and any or all firewall, antivirus configuration, so your time is saved.
Cloud save your Data:

This is the main feature of cloud hosting providers, it monitors and protects your data all-time with security. If you move the data to the cloud, so you are free from any problems and feel relax with this.

Steps To Surviving a Computer Crash

A computer crash can appear like the demise of everything, especially if the majority of your income is dependent on your ability to get online. Here are suggestions to make the best of a bad situation:

  • Don’t panic (unless you’re not prepared): If you have completed the steps above, then a computer crash is just trouble, not a failure. As annoying as it is, you don’t need to waste that much time. If you are not ready, it will not be difficult to panic, but still you want to remain calm. If you are thinking doom and despair then the problem is difficult to solve. Staying calm will help you think clearly in the next step.
  • Try to undo the last thing you did: Depending on what computer you are doing, sometimes after doing the last thing you did, the computer will restart. Or, use your PC’s restore feature to restore the computer before the problem occurs. If you have a blue screen or you cannot go to any program that will let you make changes, do not try anything unless you are a technical expert.

We discuss here many ways to secure data and recover from a computer crash. Still, we will recommend taking the prevention in presence of an IT consultancy. And if you are facing a crashing issue in QuickBooks Desktop then you can take help from our QuickBooks experts by dropping a call through this toll-free number +1-844-405-0904.

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