How To Choose The Right Payroll Product For Your Client

Looking for the right payroll product for your client? Nothing to worry about it, we are to help you with an article. First of all, remember this one thing that if you want to deliver the right service or product to your client then you must be aware of all the features and benefits of the payroll product. So, read this article to enhance your knowledge and go on learning. If you need any help or suggestion then contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-Free:+1-844-405-0904

Starting with the question “ what you can do better”. My opinion is “ The things that you can easily and fully be understood. And also identify problems, which helps everyone to find a better solution”.

The same thing can be applied in the decision of a better product. i.e. how much and which part the client can understand easily and can get the command as soon as you aspect over the product.

This will help the client to save time as well as make a minor error or maybe error-free. It can be possible by integrates with QuickBooks.

Benefits of a Payroll System

  • Save time. Automated services do a lot of work for you. They keep you up to date with regular processing and practical reports. Additionally, employee self-service facilities enable employees a lot of onboarding and maintenance that an employer or payroll manager might otherwise have to do.
  • Save money. Most payroll software systems cost less than hiring a full-time accountant.
  • Reduce errors. Payroll software service degrades the possibility for people to create manual errors. Payroll can be complicated. Be assured that the automated service process gives the right information and minimizes the risk for things like tax opacity.
  • Access it anywhere. Cloud-based payroll indicates that you can access payroll information anytime, anywhere not just at your desk. You just required a good internet connection.

Read the instructions given below to choose the right payroll product for your client:

What products they are using?

In order to select the right payroll subscription, you will want to know what software product your client uses: Is it QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online: It is a begin, essentials & additional integrated options payroll for QBO that can’t support job costing or class following because those features are only currently available in the payroll for Desktop.

QuickBooks Desktop: QuickBooks Pro, premier and enterprise editions

It allows you to track job costing through payroll.

“Do it your self “  This is the best choice for organizations that you want to process their own payroll, and do their own e-file and e-pay federal, and state taxes, Quarterly, and annual payroll tax returns, including year-end processing of w-2s.

Pro tips: QuickBooks enterprise gold comes with enhanced payroll membership; there is no need to buy it separately.

Things to consider when choosing the right payroll product

Client interaction:

If we want to suggest the right payroll product, we really need to know that, what a client using, Is it QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop? by determining these factors we can make a better decision.


Some features like job costing and tracking are only available on Desktop rather than QuickBooks online.

Client confidence:

Confidence can be developed by doing the thing with self. This confidence helps the client to operate their own Payroll including other factors like e-pay federal, state taxes, e-file, annual tax return and many more. In order to do these things, a client should carefully set up all the operations to get the accurate result.

QuickBooks additional service:

QuickBooks Full Service Payroll is that service that is a better choice for those who want to process their own payroll, But they can’t due to filing returns and other factors. QBFSP helps these clients to perform their own payroll.


When you use Intuit a free setup is associated with Payroll setup which will save you more amount i.e. fees. This service is available onwards 1 January and a client can switch any time. For the Payroll processing purpose, only free setup is considered. The Payroll is not participated in the transaction from year to the date of use.

QuickBooks Desktop Versions

  • QuickBooks Pro (Tips: we need not buy QBEGold and QBEP separately because of QBEG inbuilt with QBEP)
  • QB Premier And
  • QuickBooks Enterprise edition

Thorough Payroll QuickBooks Desktop provides a track job costing facility.

Additional Payroll:

The additional payroll i.e. QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll is a useful option for those who want to operate their own payroll and do all the related factors as mentioned above including W-2s with year-end Processing.

Further service:

A QuickBooks Assisted Payroll is mostly considered for those who want to process their own payroll related to those factors as mentioned above. This provides a full service to the client who already has their return filing and taxes. Intuit provides all relaxation over the above-mentioned factors except the processing of W-2s because it is self-print which is free.

The QBAP is capable of job costing as well as class tracking and with this feature, the scheduled check can impound the tax before 24 hours for payroll using Intuit. This feature is only provided by the QuickBooks Assisted Payroll.
To use assisted payroll you need to be on a supported version of QBDT. and this doesn’t cover Indiana and Wyoming states.

Independent Payroll:

The Intuit Full Service is a standalone product where no need for QuickBooks. This full service provides all the options for the business. In it, a client can process their own payroll including all factors as mentioned above. This service is not restricted to a single computer. You can access each data from anywhere from any device like mobile phones or tablets.

The class tracking and job costing are only available in QBAPD and not support an IFSP.

Liability to pay payroll taxes and file a tax return:

As we know that a client can be too busy that he/she can forget to pay and can make mistakes. To not happen these things with a client we suggest the intuit full-service payroll where IFSP is responsible for timely payment for the factors.

The payroll tax and file the payroll tax return the client to itself. While doing this be careful about a decision of options. Because without full confidence and proper guidance as well as experience it can produce many costly issues.

Payroll facility:

The full-service payroll allows the client to work better for their business without any burden about the tax return filing and payroll tax payments. Intuit provides the advanced feature where a client can forget about every problem. And do their job in an effective and efficient way which helps the client to save their time as well as no burden about data entry and other related factors.

So, just forget your headache and work with full intention, achieve your goals by considering the services from the beginning. And also try to upgrade as per your need by audit conduct by the Intuit for 1 week where you will ensure that you are eligible for full-service payroll. Here it doesn’t guarantee each client is eligible to upgrade.

I think, with the help of these key terms you can choose the right payroll product for your client.

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