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Quickbooks Desktop security and reliability has always been the big focus. Intuit provides its best to stay you removed from all variety of adversities that build money knowledge, money news, and management liable to security threats.

Intuit believes that protecting our customers’ sensitive data is one of our most important responsibilities. As a result, reinforcing existing security features designed to help protect QBD customer’s sensitive information.

QuickBooks Desktop Security Information overview:

  • All the users who have the Credit Card Protection feature on will have to set a password. This also applies to the users whose QBD file comprises of sensitive information like the details of the Credit card. Personally Identifiable Information including the Social Security Number or other identification numbers. This will enable to identify that the person who is attempting to log in to the account is legitimate.
  • All the users who have the option of Credit Card Protection on. Also, they can view the entire data of credit card will require to change the password every 90 days. Other users will not require doing this. However, we strongly recommend the users to change their passwords every three months.
  • In case the users have not set the password, the administrator account will be notified. This will enable the administrator to remind the other users for setting up the password.
  • The customers, who use QuickBooks in multi-user mode, will have to ensure that the users are running a supported version of QBD and have also installed the security updates in order to address the vulnerability to the security of the account.
  • The users who have forgotten the password as well as the hint of the password, need to provide the email address that they used for registering the account in order to get access of the password reset tool.
  • The users who run SDK applications which require to be accessed in an unattended mode, have to log and, once the QuickBooks 2016/Enterprise 16 (R7) security update has been applied.

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QuickBooks Desktop Security Update Details

It has been rolling out a QuickBooks Desktop security update and the changes have created quite an uproar in both the user and accounting professional communities. Looking at these discussions I see that there are confusion and a few misconceptions about the changes, along with a lot of anger. Let’s take a closer look at what is different and why?

QuickBooks Desktop Security Update Hullaballoo:

In a shell, the dig is changing support versions of QuickBooks desktop. Therefore that most users area unit currently needs to possess a complex word, counting on what info they need to keep in their file. This is a modification from before, wherever you simply needed to own this sort of password. If you enabled Customer Credit Card Protection, a feature needed for security when storing credit card information in your QuickBooks files.

QuickBooks users are suddenly finding that they can’t get into their QuickBooks files while not initial making a brand new, complicated word, even though they don’t have MasterCard info hold on within the file. This creates a further problem for several users.

Complex QuickBooks Passwords:

A Complex QuickBooks Password is a password that has at least 7 characters, and it includes at least one number and one uppercase letter.

A key issue that has some individuals upset is that the requirement to change the password every ninety days. It’s bad enough that you have to create a harder-to-remember complex password, but you also have to change it every 90 days?. You can’t just switch back and forth between two passwords, you have to go through about five different passwords before you can repeat once again? What a pain!

QuickBooks Desktop Security Notice:

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 for supported versions of QBD, it’s begun the method of proactively notifying customers of the steps needed to put in AN update. Which is designed to address the security vulnerability. This is a modification from before, wherever you simply need to own this sort of password.

Security Updates for all editions of QuickBooks 2018:

We also want to remind our customers of precautions that they should always take to protect their accounts and data. These include:

  • All customers should set up a password for their QuickBooks desktop file if they don’t already have one.
  • Customers should choose a strong user name and password. Use unique letters and numbers in a password, not basic words that can easily available online or in the dictionary. It will help to protect your account.
  • In addition to this customers should protect all personal information. Never give out a username or password and make sure to use different passwords for each account.

Contact QuickBooks Customer Support for More Help:

In case you are having any doubt about the Security information. Feel free to call our QuickBook Desktop support number+1855-441-4417. You can call anytime, our Proadvisor is always available to assist you.

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