How To Download, Install & Verify QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

Looking for how to download, install, & verify QB payroll tax tables? Then the article is here to cater you all the information related to these topics, read the whole article to understand the steps to download, to know about disk delivery service to verify the payroll tables, and many more. This article will help you to how to install, download, and verify the software with easy steps. We will also provide the information about Quickbooks payroll update 2020 Canada. Go through the article and follow the details to perform all these actions. For more info contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables is a chart we will give you the complete knowledge of this chart. Sometimes, downloading, installing, and verifying QB Payroll Tax Table can be a very difficult task.

QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

First, we define what exactly QB payroll tax tables are? A payroll tax table is a chart that characteristic different columns, helping to figure out the suitable taxes to be withheld from the employee’s paycheck.

The withholding taxes are affected by several factors such as the income sum, whether the worker is unmarried or married, and the schedule by which the worker is paid whether bi-weekly or monthly.

Important Points to remember:

Requirements are given below for QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables Downloads, Install and Verify:

Steps to Download QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables Updates

Perform these steps to complete the process. If you are willing to hire our QuickBooks support team, give us a call at +1-844-405-0904.

  • First of all, click Employees and then get Payroll Updates.
  • After that, click to choose Download entire payroll update.
How to Download QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table
  • Choose Update.
  • When the download is finished, a pop-up message will appear “A New tax table and updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your Desktop. Click OK to read about the modification.” Click OK.

Disk Delivery Service: To install a payroll tax update from a CD:

  • First of all, you have to insert the Payroll Update CD.
  • After that, open the get payroll updates.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier: Select Employees and then get payroll updates.
  • In the Install Payroll Update window, if you are prompted to locate the update.dat or data file, respond to the prompts.
  • Click Browse.
  • In the install from the window, select the CD drive from the Look in the drop-down arrow.
  • Choose date either or update3.dat from the Payroll Update Disk and then click Open.
  • Now, you need to select between update.dat or update3.dat from payroll Update Disk.
  • Tap Open.
  • Then move on to the Payroll Update window, and tap on OK.

Note: If you receive the pop-up message stating that “File Not Found” check your CD drive:

  • First of all, close QuickBooks Desktop and then click the Windows Start button and then choose Computer or My Computer.
  • After that, right-click the CD drive and then choose,  If you cannot see the files, test the CD on a second desktop. If you can see the files on the second desktop, you have a hardware problem with the CD drive on the first desktop.

If you can’t see the files on both desktops, then orders a new payroll update disk by visiting our Support site, then choose Payroll and click View Contact info.

How to verify the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

  • In the Install Confirmation window, verify that you are installing the correct location and that the tax table versions in the Current and New fields are correct.
  • Click When the update is finished or a message appears like “ A new tax table has been installed on your desktop.
  • Click OK to read about the modification.”
  • If the tax table version has not modified, a pop up appears as “You have successfully installed payroll update.”

How to download the latest QuickBooks payroll tax tables update ( payroll update 2020 Canada)

Payroll tax table update provides by QuickBooks Desktop with the most current and accurate rates and calculations for,

  • Supported provincial and federal tax tables
  • Payroll Tax forms
  • e-file options

The latest Payroll Update is 22011, released April 23, 2020.

What’s new in Payroll Update 22011 (April 23, 2020)

let’s discuss about the new update and new functionalities in payroll update 22011

Tax Table Update: This tax table covers a new tax tracking type to track employer liabilities for paid credit leaves, as specified in the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

Forms Update: In this payroll update, there is no form updates.

e-File and Pay Update: In this payroll update, there is no e-File and Pay changes.

Note: Earlier, if you do not enable Auto-Update then close and re-open QuickBooks after downloading tax table updates to accomplish the installation process.

Find out recent payroll updates according to your version

For a full overview of the current payroll update, choose your product year from the list below:

Latest version and how do I check if I have it?

To check which version you have,

  • In QB, First, go to the Employees menu, then select My Payroll Services, then Tax Table Information.
  • First 3 number reflects your tax table version in “You are using Tax table version” and should read 108.

Important Note: Need to manually enter their provincial TD1 amounts in QBD, If you have employees in Nova Scotia.

Steps to get latest payroll tax table update

You need an active payroll subscription to update your tax table, you need an active payroll subscription. We suggest you update your tax table every time when you pay your employees. Follow the below steps to stay update with QuickBooks payroll tax table 

Download the latest tax table in QuickBooks Desktop

Tip: Turn on automatic updates in QuickBooks to update the payroll tax table automatically.

  • First, go to the Employees menu
  • Choose Get Payroll Updates.
  • Choose the Download Entire Update checkbox.
  • Click on Download Latest Update. A window displays automatically when the download is complete.

Install the latest tax table from a CD

If you use Disk Delivery Service, follow these steps. If you already set your service keys, go to step 2.

Step 1: Enter your service and disk delivery keys

If you do not have your service key, use the Automatic Service and Disk Delivery Key Tools. Sign in with your Intuit account login.

  • First, open the Employees menu.
  • Choose Payroll.
  • Insert Payroll Service Key.
  • Choose to Add on the QuickBooks Service Sign-Up screen.
  • Insert your Service Key, choose Next.
  • Insert your Desk Delivery Key, choose Next.

Step 2: Install the update from the CD

  • Enter the Payroll Update CD into your CD drive then after go to the Employees menu
  • Choose Get Payroll Updates.
  • Choose Install Update from Disk.
  • Click on Install.

Important: QuickBooks Disk Delivery customers receive updates on CDs via mail. We suggest that you download and install payroll updates if you have internet access.

View the Current and historical TD1, CPP & EI amounts

TD1 Amounts:

Effective date7/1/20181/1/20187/1/20171/1/20177/1/20161/1/20167/01/20151/1/2015
Tax table version #108107106105104103101100
TD1 Amounts
ZZ (employees outside Canada)00000000

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Effective date7/1/20181/1/20187/1/20171/1/20177/1/20161/1/20167/01/20151/1/2015
Tax table version #108107106105104103101100
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) – outside Québec
Maximum Pensionable Earnings55,90055,90055,30055,30054,90054,90053,60053,600
Basic Exemption3,5003,5003,5003,5003,5003,5003,5003,500
Contribution Rate4.95%4.95%4.95%4.95%4.95%4.95%4.95%4.95%
Maximum Contribution (EE)2,593.802,593.802,564.102,564.102,544.302,544.302,479.952,479.95
Maximum Contribution (ER)2,593.802,593.802,564.102,564.102,544.302,544.302,479.952,479.95

EI amounts:

Employment Insurance (EI) – outside Québec
Maximum Insurable Earnings51,70051,70051,30051,30050,80050,80049,50049,500
Premium EI Rate (EE)1.66%1.66%1.63%1.63%1.88%1.88%1.88%1.88%
Premium EI Rate (ER) (1.4*EE)2.62%2.62%2.62%2.62%2.62%2.62%2.62%2.62%
Maximum Premium (EE)858.22858.22836.19836.19955.04955.04930.60930.60
Maximum Premium (ER) (1.4*EE)1,201.511,201.511,170.671,170.671,337.061,337.061,302.841,302.84

Québec Pension Plan (QPP)

Effective date7/1/20181/1/20187/1/20171/1/20177/1/20161/1/20167/01/20151/1/2015
Tax table version #108107106105104103101100
Québec Pension Plan (QPP)
Maximum Pensionable Earnings55,90055,90055,30055,30054,90054,90053,60053,600
Basic Exemption3,5003,5003,5003,5003,5003,5003,5003,500
Contribution Rate5.40%5.40%5.40%5.40%5.33%5.33%5.25%5.25%
Maximum Contribution (EE)2,829.602,829.602,797.202,797.202,737.052,737.052,630.252,630.25
Maximum Contribution (ER)2,829.602,829.602,797.202,797.202,737.052,737.052,630.252,630.25
Employment Insurance (EI) – Québec only
Maximum Insurable Earnings51,70051,70051,30051,30050,80050,80049,50049,500
Premium EI Rate (EE)1.30%1.30%1.27%1.27%1.52%1.52%1.54%1.54%
Premium EI Rate (ER) (1.4*EE)1.820%1.820%1.778%1.778%2.13%2.13%2.16%2.16%
Maximum Premium (EE)672.10672.10651.51651.51772.16772.16762.30762.30
Maximum Premium (ER) (1.4*EE)940.94940.94912.11912.111,081.021,081.021,067.221,067.22
Québec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP)
Maximum Insurable Earnings74,00074,00072,50072,50071,50071,50070,00070,000
Contribution Rate (EE)0.548%0.548%0.548%0.548%0.548%0.548%0.559%0.559%
Contribution Rate (ER) (1.4*EE)0.767%0.767%0.767%0.767%0.770%0.770%0.782%0.782%
Maximum Contribution (EE)405.52405.52397.30397.3391.82391.82391.30391.30
Maximum Contribution (ER) (1.4*EE)567.58567.58556.08556.08548.81548.81547.40547.40
Commission des norms du travail (CNT)
Maximum earnings subject to CNT74,00074,00072,50072,50071,50071,50070,00070,000

Troubleshoot payroll Update Issues

  • After installing the latest tax table update, if your TD1 amounts are not updated, perform the following checks:
    Checks the tax table effective date, Is it on or after the date. For your better understanding, we share an example, if you downloaded tax table version 108 on June 28, you will not see the updated amounts until the tax table becomes effective July 1, 2018.
  • Once you have downloaded the product update after July 1, 2018, containing the new tax tables, you’ll need to start a payroll or open and close QuickBooks Desktop for the TD1 amounts to update.
  • The new tax table will not override any previously adjusted amounts If you have ever manually updated the TD1 amounts for an employee. Now, you will need to manually update the TD1 amounts going forward.
  • Your employees set up over the basic TD1 amounts? Yes or no
    Because QuickBooks Desktop will automatically update TD1 amounts only for those employees with the basic amounts for the previous tax tables.

Common Error: The payroll tax table is now out of date.

When you open the payroll tax table on your computer, you see The payroll tax table is now out of date. Any payroll calculations generated using this tax table will be zero or your payroll calculations are showing as $0.00.

Reasons: You can face this type of error when,

  • QuickBooks Desktop is not updated to the latest payroll tax table release.
  • If you are using QuickBooks in a multi-user/network environment, and
  • Not all of the versions of QuickBooks Desktop located within your network have been updated to the latest tax table.
  • First to check your QuickBooks Desktop is using the latest product update. Check all versions located on the network, if you have a multi-user network.
  • Compare the product release number of your currently installed product by product update page when you work in QuickBooks. You can press the F2 key to see the release reference number.
  • If you do not update your product with the latest release so please update because this should resolve an error.
    By clean uninstall and reinstall of QBD, you can resolve the error and Back up your QuickBooks company file first.

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