How To Fix Error “Oops Something Went Wrong” In QuickBooks Online

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Support for this issue is available by either self-service or paid support options. Experts are available to resolve your QuickBooks issue to ensure minimal downtime and keep your business going. First, try to solve the problem by looking for the resolution explained below. If this is a complex issue or you are unable to resolve the issue, you can contact us by clicking here or using other support options.

What causes the “Something Went Wrong” QuickBooks error?

There are several possible reasons for the occurrence of a “something went wrong” error in QuickBooks. Let’s look at some of the causes of this error in QuickBooks:

  • Antivirus

Antivirus settings may block the connection of intuit website which can cause this issue when login into QuickBooks.

  • Computer Problems

Sometimes, this error can be caused by some problem with your computer and not by QuickBooks itself.

  • Browser Issues

Some temporary cookies, browsing history, internet files, passwords, etc; which are saved in your system may interface with QuickBooks sometimes which can cause login issues.

  • Incorrect Credentials

Sometimes due to entering incorrect credentials, this issue may arise. Also, some users complained that they faces this issue even though they entered the correct credentials.

  • Multiple Device Login

If you’re logged in to your QuickBooks account in your system and parallelly if you trying to log in it to another device’s chrome, it may create issues like “something went wrong”.

How can I fix the error “Oops, something went wrong” in QuickBooks Online?

  1. Add to your list of trusted sites
  2. Use private browsing window
  3. Clear your browser cache
  4. Swap browsers
  5. Disable your antivirus temporarily
  6. Utilize a different computer or device

Add to your list of trusted sites

Creating A trusted site occasionally helps with this issue.  You need to change your current browser security setup like this:

 Internet Explorer

  1.  Open Internet Explorer.
  2.  Click the Tools or gear icon on the menu.
  3. choose and click on Internet Options.
  4. Then click on Trusted sites on the Security tab.
  5. Now click on the site as shown.
  6.  Type https: //* under Options Add this website to the zone. Click on Add.
  7. Click Close and Apply.
  8. Click OK to exit the Internet option.

Google Chrome

  1. In Chrome, click the More icon (the three horizontal lines) at the far right.
  2. Select Settings and scroll down until you find Advanced.  Click it.
  3. Click on open proxy settings
  4. Repeat steps 4 through 7 from the previous section.


  1. In Firefox, click 3 lines (upper right) to open the menu.
  2. Click on the option.
  3. Choose the Privacy and Security option.
  4. Scroll until you see the Permissions tab and select when websites try to install an add-on (next to the warning you have).
  5. Type https://* then click on Allow.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Use a private browsing window

Open a private browser window and use it to log in to your QuickBooks Online.  This helps to remove irregular browser settings as they may be the reason behind this unexpected behavior.

 Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Click on the Settings and More icon (three dots on the side) and choose New InPrivate Window.

Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

The following keyboard shortcuts should take you to an InPrivate / Incognito window (start the respective browser first).

  • Google Chrome: Press the key Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Firefox / Microsoft Internet Explorer: Press Ctrl + Shift + P

Clear your browser cache

 If the above does not work, then open your browser program again and clear the cache.  This removes all temporary Internet files stored on your computer and leads to a potentially annoying error.


  1. Start edge.
  2. And then go to Settings.
  3. Tap on what to choose to clear (just under Clear browsing data).
  4. Select each checkbox next to the data you want to clear, and then click Clear.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click the More button (three dots in the top right on the screen).
  3. Click on More tools then clear browsing data (Ctrl+Shift+Del).
  4. Choose an applicable time frame or all times.
  5. Select the data you want to erase.
  6. Now click on Clear data.


  1. Click on the menu and choose Options.
  2. Click on Privacy & Security.
  3. Under the Cookies and Site Data area, click Clear Data.

Swap Browser

If you have not achieved any success yet, try using a different browser to access QuickBooks’ online website.

This helps you avoid any browser-specific problems that prevent you from accessing the website. For example, replace Chrome with Edge / Firefox and vice versa.

Temporarily disable your antivirus

The easiest way to combat the restrictions imposed by your antivirus software on QuickBooks processes is to temporarily shut down your installed anti-virus.  If necessary, check the process of disabling or minimizing your anti-virus from the help website of your security software.

If that does not help, consider switching to separate antivirus software. There are many great antivirus applications on the market, but if you want a reliable antivirus, download Bitdefender Antivirus.

Use a different computer or device

To deal with the problem that this is with your device / PC issues, can you try to execute your required QuickBooks task from another machine?

There you go, these are some solutions that can help you with some misplaced QuickBooks errors, so be sure to try them all.

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