7 Main Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online

Keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks online are combinations of keys that help QBO users perform their tasks more efficiently. These keyboard shortcuts are designed to benefit employees and ease the QBO user’s experience and speed up the navigation within the software.

How important are keyboard shortcuts for a user?

With the help of keyboard shortcuts, users perform tasks quickly and more efficiently.  By not going and looking for commands in the menu and then selecting options users quickly press some keys and perform an action, allowing users to save a great time.

Keyboard Shortcut vs mouse 

We all know the mouse is faster than the keyboard, but while selecting a command from the menu takes more time than by using a keyboard with some shortcut keys used to go to the item.

Basic keyboard Shortcut and their functions for any program

List of some basic computer keyboard shortcuts that user can easily make use of while using any computer program 

  1. To go to the File menu of the current program press  Alt +F 
  2. For the Edit option in the current program  press   Alt + E 
  3. For Universal help for any program press  F1
  4. To select all text in the document  press Ctrl + A
  5. To Cut the selected item press  Ctrl +X
  6. To remove the selected item press  Ctrl + Del
  7. To Copy the item selected press Ctrl + C
  8. To Paste the selected item press  Ctrl + V
  9. Move left /right/ up /down use  Arrow keys
  10. To Save any file  Ctrl + S

Keyboard Shortcut Guide for Quickbooks Online

Some important keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac users that are very useful and can be easily used by the QBO users while using the program to perform a certain task are:

1. While using in browsers like Chrome or Firefox (* For Mac user Use Cmd key in place of Ctrl or Alt key) 

  •  For Invoice press Ctrl+Alt+I  
  •  To go to Write Checks press Ctrl+Alt+W
  •  For the Expense command press Ctrl+Alt+X
  •  To go to Receive Payments press Ctrl+Alt+R
  •  For Estimate press Ctrl+Alt+E
  •  For List press Ctrl+Alt+L
  •  To get to the Accounts command press Ctrl+Alt+A
  •  To go to Customers item press Ctrl+Alt+C
  •  For Vendor press Ctrl+Alt+V
  •  To Search transactions press Ctrl+Alt+F
  •  For Help press Ctrl+Alt+H
  •  To Access Shortcut List press Ctrl+Alt+/
  •  For New Window press Ctrl+N
  •  To search for any text press Ctrl+F

2. Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online for Transaction Pages like Invoice, Expense, etc.

  •  To Save & Close press Ctrl+Alt+D
  •  To Save & New press Ctrl+Alt+S 
  •  To Save & Send press Ctrl+Alt+M
  •  To Exit transaction press Ctrl+Alt+X
  •  To Cancel press Ctrl+Alt+C

3. Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online while entering Date

  •  For Today press
  •  For Next Day  press
  •  For Previous Day press – 
  •  For the First Day of the Year press Y
  •  For the Last Day of the Year press R
  •  First day of Month press M
  •  Last day of Month press H
  •  For the First Day of the Week press
  •  For the Last Day of the Week press

4. Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online to Open Calendar
Make use of keyboard shortcut Alt+down arrow to open a Calendar from the icon which is on the right of the date field.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online to Zoom In or Out hold Control Key and scroll up or down using the mouse 

Use shortcut keys on keyboard Ctrl+  or Ctrl –  to zoom in or out

6. Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online To Calculate
Use Shortcut keys to do calculations. In the quantity field, type the calculation and hit tab.
For example,  2*4=8  type 2*4, and hit tab, and the result will be calculated and entered in the field.

  • To Add  use + key
  • To Subtract  use  –  key
  • To Multiply use * key
  • To Divide use/key
  • For Group use ( ) key

7. Other Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online to move around the fields in the forms of QBO

  • To go Forward use the Tab key
  • To go back use Shift+Tab
  • To tick check on a checkbox field use Space Bar
  • To Save Form make use of Alt +Shift+S keys
  • To move around in the Journal Entries  use Up and down Arrow keys
  • To move between transactions in the register use Up and down Arrow keys

Hope you find the above keyboard shortcuts helpful while using Quickbooks Online

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