What is QuickBooks Online Sync Error and How To Fix?

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QuickBooks online sync error messages and fixation is one of the necessary techniques to resolve the error which occurs in performing the various task in online QuickBooks. In this, we will see how we can Sync Error Messages and Fixation?

QuickBooks online sync error occurs when a vendor credit in Bill.com is trying to sync to QuickBooks Online but the reference number is great than maximum characters.

Some Points of Common QuickBooks Online Sync Errors Messages

We can organize the errors by the item and then apply them:

Sync Settings

In the jobber, if you want to sync with QuickBooks.

  • Click QuickBooks icon Sync and Settings.

In order for an item to be sync, the above item needs to be checked off. Let’s suppose, you want to sync, Services and products in order for invoices must be checked off. There is the only exception is Timesheets.


Suppose, Two clients in Jobber “Alle Pascal”, in both clients only one can be in sync with QuickBooks.

  • In the above paradigm, we can consequence that you have a tantamount client of this client in the jobber. That’s why the system can’t send over the information to QuickBooks. For reducing this problem you will require deleting the client with no Sync Icon on it. If you haven’t sync icon then you can choose to delete.
  • One of the important facts is that only active clients in QuickBooks sync to the jobber.
  • If you want to make a change to a client that is in sync then you require making a change in QuickBooks. It is more effective Information of the QuickBooks client over jobber.
  • Suppose you want to make a new client in the jobber and also not want to include the e-mail address on it, it will sync to QuickBooks with the reliable delivery method set to ‘Print”.
  • The next one you have the same clients on both sides first jobbers and the other one QuickBooks before you sync them together, it must be affected by the high risk that this will surely cause the duplicate client profiles in both jobbers and QuickBooks.For avoiding this issue you should free the one account of the jobber or QuickBooks of the client.

Billing Address

In QuickBooks, the Billing Address is leading to QuickBooks. Sometimes, you want to edit a billing address for a client choice who is in sync, you can easily edit it in QuickBooks.

Company or person

  • The one of the important points related to QuickBooks is Company or Person. When we want to import a client from QuickBooks to the jobber, then the client is created as either a person or company in a jobber.
  • sometimes, there is no company name on the QuickBooks profile, then it is helpful for setting the person in jobber.
  • If some time only a company name occurs with no first or last name, then the client sets easily.
  • The next point related to this, suppose the display name in QuickBooks is the same as the first and last name, then the jobber will make the client as a person in the jobber. Many times the first and last name is different from the display name then the jobber will make the client as a company.


  • Invoices are that in which we can sync from jobber to QuickBooks. In this jobber will import the memo, issued date, due date, and line items. In QuickBooks invoices made for don’t sync to the jobber.
  • If you want to use Sync settings so that once an invoice is marked sent it will be flagged to sync to QuickBooks.

There are some following steps for using the sync settings.

  • Click QB icon press Sync and Settings and verify Sync selected invoices Push Invoices to QuickBooks when marked sent.
  • If your choice is only invoicing you can select to sync to QuickBooks, after this, you can be marked Sync Selected Invoices.


One of the important tasks is maintaining the records about the payments in QuickBooks. And the necessary part is in QuickBooks, payments can’t be sync to the jobber

So if you are syncing invoices, record all payments for these invoices in jobber and then syncing the payments to QuickBooks.

After the complete procedure of payment is synced then changes made to the payment or deposit in either jobber or Quickbooks will never be sync. These changes will need to be made in both jobber and QuickBooks.

Product & Services

These are available to sync from jobber to QuickBooks and from Quickbooks to jobber vice versa. If you want to sync, jobbers will fetch all effective items from QuickBooks and then names of these items are compared to the names of items in jobber.

In some cases match not found, then create a new record within jobber. If any product and services in jobber which are not in QuickBooks are then pushed into QuickBooks.

Note: if you would like to make some changes in products after sync, you need to make those changes in QuickBooks as it is effective or necessary for services and products.

Properties vs Client

In this, the jobbers sync over customers and sub-customers from QuickBooks. Jobbers have clients and properties. A customer in QuickBooks syncs over as a client, while sub-customer sync over as a property to the jobber.

Suppose, properties made by the jobber, then don’t sync to QuickBooks.

Sometimes sub-customer doesn’t have a mailing address, it won’t import to your jabber account.


Timesheets mean timesheets have all entries in jobber and it is also able to sync to time tracking in QuickBooks. In this only authorized timesheets will go over to QuickBooks.You can allow your Team’s hours by clicking on management and then Approve Timesheets section.

The important fact is that the usernames must be exactly the same in both jobber and QuickBooks in order for timesheets to sync. When timesheets sync to Quickbooks, QuickBooks will implication the total hours the users worked for the day. It will not import the times or notes on the timesheets entries.

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Online Sync Error

Go through with the following solution according to your issue.

Case 1: If Heartland Retail is unable to sync with QuickBooks Online due to an authentication error

Solution: For this error, QBO’s connection must be reestablished.

  • Go to the “Settings” option in the topmost navigation menu.
  • Later, select the “Integrations” option in the left navigation menu.
  • Choose the “Quickbooks Online” option on the Integrations page.
  • Now go to the “Disconnect” button in the configuration section under the status tab

Then you have to reconnect your QuickBooks online account following the identical steps as earlier, excluding step 4: Choose the ‘Connect to QuickBooks Online’ option in the Configuration region below the Status tab and go with all the prompts in the popup window Finish the connection. For this step, you will need your QBO credentials. Once you reconnect, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” section in the topmost navigation menu.
  • Choose the “Financial” section in the left navigation menu.
  • Later, click on the “Financial Event” tab and press on the “Retry Failed” button.

This should now enable these ‘action required’ events to sync.

Case 2: _____ is missing a payment (or deposit payment, or inventory) account

This error indicates that you have missing events in QuickBooks Online accounts. Heartland Retail doesn’t discern where to place debit or credit in your QuickBooks Online account. For illustration, you may have made a new payment standard or a new inventory reconciliation reason code, but when you did so, no QBO common ledger account was added or ‘mapped’. Heartland Retail is required to state which general ledger account you wish to debit or credit.

Once you have added the missing account mapping, follow the steps below and get rid of this error

  • Go to the “Settings” section in the topmost navigation list.
  • Choose the “Financial” section in the left navigation list.
  • Later, click on the “Financial Event” tab and press the “Retry Failed” button.

Action Required When You First Sync

When you first start your sync you often receive a required error. These have occurred because you have used payment types or inventory arrangements (for example) in the past that are now ‘inactive’ at Heartland Retail. Be sure to have all the inactive ‘payment types and reason codes reason set’ for transactions, which now include ‘inactive’ payment types or reason codes. For instance: First, go to settings and then click on payment types and after click to check the box to ‘include inactive’. Historical payments need to be deactivated if you had those types of payment types used.

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