QuickBooks not Printing: Unable to Print from QuickBooks (QuickBooks Won’t Print) Issue

Facing the issue of QuickBooks not printing unable to print from QuickBooks? Don’t worry, there are some common QuickBooks printing errors and issues, the article here deals with the solutions to counter those errors with ease. Reading the article will cater your solutions along with the causes and errors, different methods to tackle these errors are an aid to you, go through it to resolve the issue. Some users even ask the question like How to print checks in QuickBooks Online? Don’t worry about these errors, all such queries are resolved in the article; just go through it. Still having problem-related with it, call us on Toll-Free+1-855-525-4247

If you ever face any printing problem with QuickBooks, Unable to Print from QuickBooks, don’t be panic and follow the given instruction in this article.

Some of the most common QuickBooks Printing Issues and Errors

  • There is a problem connecting to your currently selected printer, Microsoft XPS Document writer on XPS port.
  • Your Desktop is not responding.
  • Could not print to a printer.
  • QB Desktop could not save your form or reports as a .pdf. 
    Unable to Print from QuickBooks
  • QB Desktop freezes when you try to reconcile accounts
  • unrecoverable error
    • 15064 06798
    • 14982 50172
    • 14983 96787
  • Cannot reconcile accounts or create, print or email PDF files (PDF tool)
  • When you try to create, print or email a pay stub and/or payroll reports either you get an error, nothing happens, or QuickBooks Desktop closes.
  • QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error -20, -30, or -41
  • Error: QuickBooks can’t complete the current action due to a missing component: Missing pdf file component
  • Print Driver Host for 32-bit Applications has Stopped Working
  • QuickBooks Desktop freezes when you try to reconcile accounts
  • Print Driver Host for 32-bit Applications has Stopped Working
  • The user is not able to print directly to QuickBooks pdf converter

Causes of the error:

  1. The printer is turned off.
  2. The printer paper tray is empty.
  3. Your printer is offline or Printer not activated.
  4. Or Printer is not installed correctly.
  5. Default printer was changed.
  6. Not logged in as the system administrator.
  7. QuickBooks reinstallation was not done correctly.

Fix these printing problems if your QuickBooks is unable to print invoices or checks?


What makes the software so popular is its ability to print an invoice or the checks directly from the software itself. You don’t even need to download it to your desktop. But users may face some technical issues while printing any file or document. As you know, all printers are different, so, you must have knowledge of your particular printer’s setup. otherwise, we recommended you contact your IT person or the printer manufacturer’s tech support directly.

We are providing here clean and effective guide about how to fix these printing problems. Follow the steps mention below. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve out all your errors. If the problems still exist, you can contact our QuickBooks customer support phone number to get instant help.

First of all, restart the system. switch your printer on. Afterward, load the printer paper and open the control panel from the menu of the windows bar and change the printer setting to use printer online. Now run the tests and check whether the problem is solved or not. Still facing the same problem, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

How to fix the problems:

Step 1: Inspect the Printer outside QuickBooks

  • Launch Microsoft Word or Notepad.
  • Enter or paste any text in notepad and go to the File Menu and click on it.
  • From the drop-down menu. Choose print on the default printer or Choose a separate one.
  •  If it confirms the print text then it means there is no problem with the printer driver.

Step 2: Setting the Printer Issues

  • First, shut down your printer and computer.
  • Be sure that you placed paper properly in the tray and recheck there is no paper Jam.
  • Also not forget to verify that your interface cables are securely connected (For checking, unplug and plug cables again from the computer and also the printer side)
  • Switch on your computer and the printer.
  • Go to the Windows Control Panel and choose Printer
  • To initiate your printer online you need to right-click and Choose Use Printer Online.
  • Discard the present print queue by double-clicking the respective printer.
  • Lastly, Try to print a Windows Test Page, if you get the test print right, the printer and computer are ok 

If the Test Page doesn’t print  

  • First, try to connect your computer to a different computer
  • Next, download and install the updated printer driver from the official websites of your printer make & model website.
  • Now, connect your printer to another computer and verify if it is fine.
  • Lastly, If your printer just doesn’t print, contact your printer manufacturer support if you encounter errors on the printer’s Control Panel.

If the printer works accurately outside of QuickBooks then perform step-3 to troubleshoot QuickBooks printing issues.

Step 3: Using QuickBooks Print and Repair Tool

Use QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool for common printing issues. First, download and run the Print and PDF Repair Tool. Apart from this, you can also try manual changes with the steps mentioned below.

  • First, find QBPrint.qbp file on the computer having troubles printing with QuickBooks.
  • The file has to be manually renamed to prefer any word.
  • the file location is C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 2XXX, (In Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 )
  • Also, if you are not able to locate the file, be sure to unhide hidden files and folders.
  • Right-click QBprint.qbp to rename it.
  • Open QuickBooks and company file, a new qbprint.qbp is automatically created.
  • Open the transaction that you were having problems creating PDFs in QuickBooks or have problems printing with QuickBooks to check if it works fine.
  • If there was a problem with your company file, you can try printing from the QuickBooks sample company file to confirm it.

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