How to Create and Print Packing Slip in QuickBooks

If you want to create and print packing slips in Quickbooks but don’t know how to create then you land on the right page. Here we are going to discuss the details regarding the QuickBooks packing slip. It is important for registering information regarding products’ size, quantity, and other important details. Basically, a packing slip is provided by Quickbooks to each and every vendor which is prepared to maintain the inventory after packing and going to be shipped. It also confirms the shipment status of the product. Here you have the option to customize the packing slip according to your requirements. Before going into detail about how to create a packing slip you should know what is packing slip.

What is a Packing Slip?

A packing slip is a document form that contains many things while shipping the goods to customers like what is the item, what is the product type, how much in quantity, the shipment number, and the handling charges. Packing slips is important for any organization especially small and medium size businesses.

Steps to create and print packing slips in QuickBooks

Here we’ll go through all the steps in detail to create and print the packing slips in QuickBooks.

How to create packing slip in QuickBooks Online

Packing slips are also known as delivery notes, so don’t get confused if someone asks for packing slips by delivery notes. Here are some steps to create this:

  • Firstly you have to go to the left side of the menu and tap on sales. Invoicing is also an option that can be chosen.
  • Now the second step is to click on the customer.
  • After that, to display the list of transactions, choose the customers’ names.
  • After doing the steps given above you have to put a checkmark on the box that you want to take out the print of the packing slip.
  • Now from the Arrow of the batch actions drop-down, choose the print packing slip option.
  • Now you can see the print preview before printing and if everything is ok then continue with the print option and get your print.

How to create a packing slip in QuickBooks Enterprise

You have to follow the steps for creating a packing slip in QuickBooks Enterprise.

  • Firstly you have to go to the customer option which is at the top of the Menu bar
  • Next, you have to tap on Create a Sales Order.
  • Now you have to create a sales order packing slip from the drop-down which is available on the right side of the template.
  • After completing all the fields, you can click on save and close. In case you need to create a new packing slip then press save and new.

Modify packing slip in QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise

To modify the packing slip, follow step by step that is given in detail:

  • Firstly you have to click on the customers option from the top of the menu bar
  • Then next click on the Create sales order.
  • Select the Intuit sales order packing slip from the drop-down that is available on the right side of the template.
  • Now there is a blue arrow that is shown on the screen of the Sales order. Keep pressing it again until you find the sales order in question.
  • Now finally, Locate the changes you want to make, then click Save and Close.

How to Print Packing Slip in QuickBooks

If you are using an older version of the QuickBooks that is before 2013 then you have to proceed through a different way but if you are using the version after 2013 then you have to proceed in a different way.

For Version before 2013

  • Firstly you have to develop the Sales receipt but keep remembering that don’t click on the take payment button.
  • Now you have to choose the customer’s name that shows the list of their transactions.
  • Then click on the customer that you want to print the slip and create a sales receipt.
  • Complete the task with the lower left side button.
  • Then finish the shipping form by selecting the ship these forms and then press ok.
  • Now you can see the customers with item details on the same window.
  • Verify all the data. and choose print packaging slip.

For the version after 2013

  • Firstly you have to start with creating the sales receipt but if there are already the customer details then on the top you can add the name of the particular software.
  • Now tap on I want to.
  • Then select the item that is going to ship, this step will navigate to the screen where you can add the shipping information. If the information is already saved in the system then the customer’s information will be filled automatically.
  • If you don’t have any specific details of the customer then add the details and then proceed.
  • Now you can see the shipping detail and option tab on the top of the payment tab.
  • Then verify the information that is in the shipping tab.
  • Next, tap on the print packing slip from the option button.
  • Complete the task with the prompts.

Print Packing Slip in QuickBooks Online

To print a packing slip In QuickBooks Online, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly you have to navigate to sales and then choose customers.
  • Now to get a list of the customer’s transactions you have to click on their name.
  • Then the next step is to select the checkbox next to the invoice or sales receipt for which you wish to print a packing slip from the Transaction List tab.
  • Next, click on Batch action Drop-down and then select Print packing Slip.
  • After doing all the above steps, you have the print preview option, after checking the preview you can select to print.


Q. Is a Packing Slip the same as an Invoice?
A. No, Packing and Invoice are not the same, most people get confused and perceive both of them as the same term. Basically, Invoice is the term used when payment of an order is complete after purchase whereas in the packing slip there is mentioned all the physical goods that are purchased and shipped. A packing slip is important for the shipment company to track the goods they are carrying.
Q. Who is responsible for Packing Slip?
A. Packing Slip is a commercial document that is issued by the company that
sells the products. The person who submits the packing slip is typically the carrier or logistics provider in charge of delivering the orders to the final consignee.

Q. What are the benefits of Packing Slip?

A. Packing Slip has many advantages for the company, transport provider, and as well as consignee or receiver. So it benefitted everyone:

  • It is proof of delivery so that the logistic provider and consignee don’t face any fraud.
  • The packing slip helps buyers, carriers, and customs agents in determining the contents of a shipment, which optimizes order information management.
  • It also plays an important role if there is any damage found in the products to the final consignee which helps in free returns.
  • Through the help of a Packing Slip, all the mediums have the option to match and verify the quantity of products mentioned in the Packing list. The final consignee can also check easily whether the quantity of goods or products is matched or not.

Q. What information is on the packing slip?
A. Packing Slip contains much information that is beneficial for all the intermediaries from the company to the final customers or you can say the final consignee. Here are the details:
Order reference number and related invoice, Date of delivery, package contents, Volume and weight of each packet, the products’ starting point and final destination, Details of the consignee, Received date, and Sender information.
But keep remembering that details may vary according to the type of business or the products.

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