How to Add New Customers in QuickBooks Online?

Add New Customers in QuickBooks Online

Adding new customers in QuickBooks Online is an important part if you need to send invoices to your customers.

In today article, we are going to discuss how to add new customers in QuickBooks Online. We’ll explain how to manually add buyers and how to upload buyer data from an Excel or CSV file. If you need further assistance or help, call our QuickBooks toll-free phone number +1-855-441-4417.

Importance to Add new customers in QuickBooks Online

If you give the invoice to customers, then you definitely want to set up profiles for your buyer in QuickBooks. Setting up your buyers will allow you to do the following:

  • QuickBooks rapidly create invoices for your customers since all of your customer details like billing address, shipping address, and due date will automatically populate from the customer profile.
  • You can easily track sales by customer, which could be a better way to get to know what your customer like.

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Manually add customers in QuickBooks Online

  •  First of all, To add your customer in your company file, navigate to the customer’s centre by clicking on customers on the left menu bar.
  • After that, Click the blue New customer button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • After that, enter the customer information.
    • First and Last Name: In this field, you have to enter the first and last name of the customer.
    • Company: This field is only for your commercial or business clients and this info will appear on all sales forms.
    • Display name as:- This is auto-populated based on the info entered in the customer name field. This will show up on your customer list in QuickBooks.
    • Print on Check as:- This field helps you, if want to write your customer a check for any reason, then this field allows you to change the payee name if it is dissimilar from the customer’s name.
    • Address: In this field, you have to enter the billing address of your customer.
    • Shipping address: In this field, if you want to ship products to your customers then you fill this field. If you don’t ship then type the same address as billing address.
    • Email: In this field, you have to enter customers email id, if you want to send invoices to the customer.
    • Phone/Mobile/Fax: In this field, you have to enter the telephone numbers provided by your customers.

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  • After that, enter Payment and billing information.
    • Preferred payment method: In this field, you can select here what method your customer prefers to play with.
    • Preferred delivery method: In this field, you can select here what method your customer prefer to receive invoices/bill.
    • Payment Terms: In this field, you can select here payment terms according to any customer.
    • Opening balance: In this field, you can be used to enter an outstanding balance for a customer.
  • After that, you have to add some other customer info
    • Notes: In this field, You can enter any additional information here. This detail is for internal purposes only and will not be visible to your customers.
    • Tax info: In this field, You can enter your customers resale permit info here if they are not subject to sales tax.
    • Attachments: In this field, you can attach any documents that you would like to keep on file for this customer.
  • You can review the customer adding and after that, the customer information will appear in the customer center.

Watch this video to learn more about How to add customers data to QuickBooks.

I hope you found this article useful. If you have any query related to this or any other topic, you can call QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number +1-855-441-4417.

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