How to Merge Duplicate Accounts, Customers, & Vendors in QuickBooks Online

Have you done a mistake by creating a duplicate account, customer, or vendor in QuickBooks Online, and want to rectify it? There is one and only solution to rectify the mistake and that is the merging of duplicate ones to original ones. In this article, you can get the procedure to merge accounts, vendors, and customers in QuickBooks Online. You can contact the certified experts of QuickBooks through this toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 for further QuickBooks Online support.

Why to Merge Duplicate Accounts, Customers, and Vendors in QuickBooks

The merging procedure of duplicate accounts, vendors, and customers, moves all the data into the original, or the new one. This removes all of the duplicate data from QuickBooks Online, that made by you, speed up of your bookkeeping by keeping your lists clean to perform bookkeeping easier.

How to Merge Duplicate Accounts

Merging accounts is a permanent process that you can’t undo later. 

  • Save the reconciliation reports first, of the accounts you want to merge. The transaction will remain on the merged account and will stay reconciled.
  • Go to Settings ⚙ and select the Chart of Accounts option.
  • Search for the account you want to keep. From the Action column select the dropdown ▼ and then Edit.
  • Note the name and detail type of the account.
  • Mark the Is sub-account option and note the parent account it is tied to.

Now you have all the account information, you want to keep and handle the duplicate.

  • Go  to the Chart of Accounts.
  • Find the duplicate account you don’t want to keep. Select the  dropdown ▼ in the Action column and then Edit.
  • Change the  Name and Detail Type  to match the account info of the duplicate account and the account you want to keep. Keep the following points in mind if you need to mark In sub-account. 
    • There shouldn’t be any sub-accounts if you are merging two parents accounts.
    • The two sub-account you want to merge should have the same parent account.
    • Uncheck the Is sub-account to make it a parent account if there is only one sub-account.
  • At last, select Save and then Yes to confirm.

This will merge the two accounts into one. QuickBooks will move all the past transactions from the duplicate to the account you want to keep.

How to Merge Duplicate Customers

You can merge the profiles of the duplicate customers by deleting one profile manually. This will move their existing data into the profile you want to keep. Make the sub-customers into regular customers before merging profiles.

  • Go to the Sales menu.
  • And select the Customers tab.
  • After that, choose the customer profile, or the duplicate one, that you don’t want to keep.
  • Go to the ‘Edit‘ section, and select the ‘Display Name’ Field.
  • Enter the name of the customer profile you want to keep. The names need to match exactly.
  • Save all of the changes, and click on the ‘Yes‘ option, when asked about merging the two profiles.

How to Merge Duplicate Vendors

Merging duplicate vendor profiles is a permanent action which you can’t undo later.

  • Go to the Expenses menu, and select the ‘Vendors‘ tab option.
  • There you can search for the vendor name that, you want to keep.
  • Select the name, and click on the ‘Edit’ option.
  • Enter the Company and Display name, and again go back to the Vendors tab.
  • Find and open the vendor you don’t want to keep. Then select Edit.
  • Edit the Company and Display name so they match the vendor profile you’re keeping exactly. 
  • Select Save, then Yes to confirm.

This will merge the two vendor profiles into one and move the past transaction from the duplicate to the vendor you want to keep.

The above information regarding the merging of duplicate accounts, customers, and vendors in QuickBooks Online is a good bookkeeping practice. This keeps bookkeeping simpler and easier. Follow the above procedure to merge duplicate accounts and for resolving further queries, you can call on +1-844-405-0904.

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