5 Innovative Ways to Make Money Online in 2022

Are you looking for ways to make income online? If your goal is to find a side hustle or a main hustle at the click of your mouse, then we’ve compiled a list of creative ways to make money with the help of your computer or mobile device.

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Moving on, here’s the article:

1. Shopify

If you’re an aspiring business owner, or if you want to make money online, then visiting Shopify and using their services to open up an online shop is a great way to start. Shopify helps you get started and provides the tools to open up an online shop.

2. Voice-over Jobs

If you’ve got a good voice, or if you can learn how to do impressions quick enough, voice-over jobs might be your gold mine. Hustlers and job-seekers can make money fast with voice-over work if they try. Many of these jobs are also project-based, which means there are chances to do non-binding freelance jobs.

So, how and where could you do some profitable voice-over jobs? Here are some example ideas:

  • Audio guides: these audio guides are usually needed by museums and galleries.
  • Audiobooks: audiobooks like those at Audible and Amazon are common and many in number. There are sure to be some jobs online that need a voice-over actor/actress right away.
  • Commercials: Some companies look for voice-over actors/actresses to dub their ads where they market their product/brand.

Interested in voice acting? Open up a LinkedIn, a Fiverr, or an Upwork account. It will be easier to get freelance jobs at first compared to something more permanent since you’ll need to gain some experience but establishing an online presence is the way to go.

3. Print On Demand

Print On Demand is a great option to make money if you want to make money from creative skills and talents. So, how does this work? Firstly, you find a supplier you can collaborate with. They will ask you to customize their products, which can range from books to phone cases. After that, you can add a design to the item. The supplier prints and delivers the products to your customers. The good thing about this model of work is that you’re not forced to hold or have inventory in order to start your business, which is handy in more ways than one.

Logistics and operations responsibilities will not be part of your responsibility then. Your focus will be on creativity and marketing, and if that’s what you wanted in the first place, then all the better. Shopify provides apps like Printify and Printful to help you get started with this business model.

Print On Demand is an ideal option, especially for creatives or for those who want to work with them. And it works as a great side hustle option as well for those who have a full-time job. Since you won’t need to worry about manufacturing and distribution, you’re left with fewer responsibilities.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has remained a popular way to make money online; even if its favorability has increased and decreased over the years, it’s here to stay as a source of income. How it works is that you promote other brands to make money. Firstly, you choose a brand/company to work with, brands like Shopify. However, there are tons more to choose from.

If you have a talent for marketing and promotion, this might be a good option. Through affiliate marketing, job-seekers can earn money through commissions from their sales via promotions. Also, you have the option of working for different brands simultaneously, since working for only one brand won’t make you that much money.

Affiliate marketing can work well if you go through the effort of making a blog. A blog can host the affiliate links you’ll need to promote the brands you work for.

5. Rent Out Possessions

Another creative but relatively easy way to make money online is to rent out what you already own. For those who want a side hustle, or a way to make money that isn’t going to dip into your resources too much, then this is an ideal choice.

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