Firewall configuration for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Firewall configuration for QuickBooks Point of Sale

A firewall is a physical device or security software which is designed to prevent unauthorized access or connectivity network based upon a certain standard. Whether the firewall is on server or workstation it can block communication between QuickBooks POS company data and workstation.

Most of the time Point of Sale automatically configure the QuickBooks firewall for you whenever the connectivity is blocked. However, sometimes we need to configure manually which we will discuss further. If you configure your firewall application manually, you should review the appropriate sections of the manual that has supplied with the firewall program.

Learn Firewall configuration for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Some processes will be interrupted by the blocking of QuickBooks Point of Sale:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer: Processing of Intuit Merchant Services credit card.
  2. Database Server Manager: It is the ability to connect and record transactions/changes to the company file(Server installation only).
  3. Intuit Entitlement Service: Product license and user validation.

How to configure manually Windows firewall for QuickBooks Point of Sale?

You need to ensure some points described below:

  1. You should have rights to Windows Administrator rights to perform.
  2. Ensure that you have added the Firewall Ports and Executable files that QuickBooks Point of Sale requires if you are using a third-party security program.
  3. Contact the developer of your third-party security program

Now, do follow the steps to configure manually:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Choose the Windows Firewall.
  3. Choose the Advanced Settings and click on Inbound.
  4. Click on New Rule.
  5. Choose the Port and click Next.
  6. Type the port numbers and click Next (you can check the section of Point of Sale Firewall Ports).
  7. Click on the Allow Connection and click  Next.
  8. Enter firewall rule name.
  9. Click on Finish.

You will get a question during manual configuration of QuickBooks firewall i.e. “What do you want to do?” with several options such as deny, block, grant, permit, or something similar options. You should choose to allow, grant or permit the action. Permitting one action for a file do not automatically enable all actions in Point of Sale program. Several different files perform actions that firewall may see as an attempt to connect to the Internet connection.There must be the separate grant of permission for each action.

Hope this article will be worthy and helpful to learn firewall configuration. If you want to know more help and best support from professional experts, dial QuickBooks Support Phone number 1-855-441-4417 anytime.

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