QuickBooks Payment Card Reader QB21, QB31, QB33 (Features & Compatibility)

Have you just received your new card reader and want to know more information and details about it? Here’s some helpful information about QB21 and QB31 Bluetooth card readers including their features and compatibility. Read the below information, and if you have any questions related to this, dial our toll-free number +1-818-295-3510 to solve your queries.

Card readers have the power to run your business from anywhere, making mobile payments fast and flexible. EMV card readers can dip or tab to accept payments and allow for more secure transactions. Whereas, magstripe card reader, reads the info which is stored in the magnetic stripe of a credit and debit card. Let us now see the features and compatibility of QB21 and QB31 Bluetooth card readers.

Features Included in QuickBooks Card Reader

Here are the features of all card readers (QB21, QB31, and QB33). Read the following, and know, what types of features are included in the card readers.

QB21 Card Reader

Go through the listed features of the QB21 card reader which are mentioned below.

  • It accepts EMV chip cards and Magstripe Debit and Credit cards (as credit).
  • It connects via Bluetooth in the QuickBooks GoPayment iOS and Android app.
  • You can also charge it via USB cable
  • Compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and prepared for future versions via USB cable

QB31 Card Reader

Following are the features of the QB31 card reader.

  • QB31 accept almost all payment process including the Apple Pay, EMV chip and Magstripe Debit, and Credit cards (as credit), Google Pay, Samsung Pay 
  • Docking station included for charges
  • Long durable charge; longer than one week (depending on usage)
  • Encrypted EMV chip transactions protects you from fraud 
  • Have the access to connect with QuickBooks GoPayment iOS and Android app with the Bluetooth.

QB33 Card Reader

QB33 Card Reader
QB33 Card Reader

The QB33 card reader is also known as the QuickBooks GoPayment node reader. Read the following to know its features;

  • QB33 accepts the EMV chip card, and allows accept the Magstripe credit cards, and debit cards.
  • USB cable is included for the charges
  • The card reader can easily connect with the QuickBooks Gopayment iOS, and the Android app through Bluetooth.
  • Have the features to work with QuickBooks Desktop 2018, and the future versions via the USB cable.

Compatibility of QB21, QB31, and QB33 Card Reader

Check the compatibility of all card readers;

Account Type Works with QB21 Works with QB31
GoPayment only iOS v10.0 or higher android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher As the same as QB21.
QuickBooks Online w/ PTS GoPay app: iOS v10.0 or higher.GoPay app: 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. QuickBooks mobile app: v18.1.1 and higher.
To download transactions: Go to the Gear’ icon of QuickBooks Online. And import GoPayment.
QuickBooks mobile app (iOS) only allows the QB21, not to the QB31 
QuickBooks Desktop GoPay for iOS v10.0 or higher. GoPay for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. By using the Merchant service deposits, the transactions can be imported into QuickBooks Desktop. Allows access with QuickBooks Desktop 2018 R4 using the USB to micro-USB connection. As same as the QB21
QuickBooks Point of Sale GoPay app for iOS v10.0 or higher.GoPay app for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher.GoPayment transactions would import to QuickBooks Desktop POS via Mobile Sync for v18. QB21. The QB31 does not interface directly with the POS product.

The QB33, compatible with all functions of QB21, and QB31.

Note: In all online payment transactions, it is compulsory to have the GoPayment app. And always remember that QuickBooks Self-Employed is not compatible with any card reader. 

It’s all about the QuickBooks payment card reader. Hopefully, now you have an idea about the features and compatible version of the payment card reader. You can talk to our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor through the toll-free number +1-818-295-3510 to get more information regarding this topic.

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