How to Process a Credit Card payment in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

WizXpert again comes to you to clear your issues based on how to process a credit card payment in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. Once you have linked your company file to the QuickBooks Payment account, you’ll be able to process a credit card payment in QB Desktop for Mac. The details to provide you with solutions are listed here in proper order. To get your query resolved on how to process a credit card payment in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac go through the page. For QuickBooks payment help, contact us on this number +1-844-405-0904.  

Before starting to process a Credit card payment you have to ensure that your account is linked with QuickBooks, if your account is not connected to QuickBooks yet then go through the steps to connect your Payments account to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. right now(it is mandatory). At the bottom of this article, we have discussed the steps you have taken if you are not linked with QuickBooks if you already follow the below details.


  • You are eligible to process the credit card payments in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. For refunds and returns simply go through the Merchant Service Center.
  • Automatic recurring charges are not available in it, you are required to memorize the transaction so the invoice is created automatically for each cycle, after that simply run the card manually.

Things to know before you process a payment

Here we have discussed what you should know before processing a credit card payment in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

1. Shipment within 24 hours

As according to the Visa and MasterCard association rules, don’t charge the cardholder whenever you shipped the goods or products.

2. Card-swiped transactions

For making the card-swiped transaction, you are required to swipe the credit card through a terminal or other device that is capable of reading the card’s magnetic stripe.

If you don’t swipe the card due to a damaged card magnetic stripe, simply imprint the card and complete a sales trip. This helps you to prove that the card is still present or working if a customer conflicts for a charge.

3. Key-entered transactions

Your Client is not required to have a card to authenticate the transaction in the Key entered transactions. This transaction can be easily done over the internet, by email, over smartphone applications, or by similar resources. To do this what you need are described below:

  • Customer’s name(full name)
  • Customer’s address
  • Card number
  • Expiration date of the card

Only you are responsible if any doubtful activity will happen to you, so check out your details properly. The merchant service will also verify and validate the customer address you entered with the credit card bank records.

Steps to Process a Credit Card Payment in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

To do this you have to go through the simple and easy steps listed down:

  • To begin, log in to your Company file that is connected to your Payment account
  • After that, visit the Customers and then choose Receive Payment to apply the payment to an invoice. If it is a sales receipt then you have to click on the Enter Sales Receipt
  • Now manually enter both customer and transaction information, then click on the Payment Method (Pmt. Method).
  • Click on the OK, Charge, or Save to process the transaction successfully.
  • Now you have to enter the credit card information in the window displayed to you, If you choose Visa, MC, AMEX, or Discover one of these. After that choose the process.

Tip: This is where you can do the Voice Authorization.

In both, situations either your transaction are successfully approved or declined you will receive a popup on your PC screen. It determines the status of your transaction.

How do I Connect My Payment Account in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

You will get an answer to this query, after you sign up for QuickBooks payments then you are required to connect your account to QuickBooks. After that, you will be able to email invoices to your customer so that they can easily do online transactions. Before starting the procedure to connect my Payments account to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, you must remember some key points that were helpful for you. These points are:

Points to Remember:

  • Gopayment transactions will be downloaded into QuickBooks Desktop for Mac only if gopayment processing will be part of the same QuickBooks account. In this concept, you must know how to download mobile payment transactions in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Some add-ons and services are not compatible for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac such as Billing Solutions, Terminal Download, Virtual Terminal Plus, Check Solutions for QuickBooks, and Recurring Charges 
  • You are unable to process a credit card return within QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. Although you are able to void a credit card transaction instantly after it’s been processed.

How to connect your Payments account in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac(Step by Step)

From here, you will learn a procedure to connect your payments account to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. Below we have discussed steps to help you to do it instantly. These steps are:

  • To begin, open your QB Company file that you would like to be connected
  • Now choose the QuickBooks menu and then click on the Preferences option
  • Pick the Merchant service and then pick Sign in
  • Now enter your merchant service login and then choose sign in again
  • Choose the Authorize option, then you will see  ✓ Merchant Service Enabled on your screen.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we emphasize how to process a credit card payment in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and how to connect your payment account in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. Hopefully, all your queries get resolved after referring to the article. There is very little chance of persisting query, but if the query remains then come to our Intuit Certified Proadvisors through the toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 and schedule your interactive session convenient for you.

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