Excel Vs Google Sheets: Which Is Better

MS Excel and Google Sheets both are spreadsheet programs, by which we can keep a record of calculation correction, and can analyze the data and documentation. But the thing is, which one is better, MS Excel or Google Sheets. Let’s make a comparison of Excel Vs Google Sheets to know, the better option as per the need. In this article, we will know the difference between Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. In the meanwhile, you can drop a call to this toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 for further assistance.

What is Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program developed and managed by Microsoft. It is a very helpful and powerful program for data analysis and documentation. Excel contains a number of columns and rows, where each intersection of a column and a row is known as a ‘Cell’. Excel is also known as MS Excel. In MS Excel, many features are included like running calculations, making lists, and charts, categorizing data, tracking financial data, and much more. This is the best option for you if you require big calculations.

Number of Rows and Columns in MS Excel:

In Microsoft Excel, there are 10,48,576 rows and 16,384 columns.

What is Google Sheets

Google Sheet is a spreadsheet program developed and managed by Google. In Google Sheets, the user can create, update and modify spreadsheets and share the data online. You can use it in the form of web applications, desktop applications, or mobile applications. You can easily upload spreadsheets from your computers or mobile devices. This is the best option for individuals or small businessmen.

Number of Rows and Columns in Google Sheets:

In Google Sheets, there are 40,000 rows and 18278 columns.

Features of MS Excel and Google Sheets

Find the differences in the features of MS Excel and Google Sheets;

Features Given in MS Excel

Below are the features of Microsoft Excel.

  1. Home: It includes formatting options, font size, font styles, formatting styles, background color, font color, alignment, insertion and deletion of cells, and editing options.
  1. Insert: It includes charts and sparklines, inserting images and figures, table format and style, adding graphs, equations, and symbols, header and footer option.
  1. Page Layout: In page layout, the themes, page setup, and orientation options are available.
  1. Formulas: In this option, you can add formulas to your table and get solutions faster.
  1. Data: In the Data option, you can add external data. Also, the filtering options and data tools are available in this option.
  1. Review: In this category, the spelling check is available and a reader can add comments in this part.
  1. View: In this section, you can change the display view of your spreadsheet. Also, the zoom in and out options and pane arrangement are available here.

Features Available in Google Sheets

There are some features of google sheets that are given below.

  1. Compatibility: It is compatible with a group of formats, including HTML, Apache OpenOffice, Excel (XLS), PDF, Text, and comma-separated values (CSV).
  1. Editing and Formatting Spreadsheet: Google Sheets includes the functions for data entry, data summary, text translation, data import, data validation, and data protection. It allows you to filter data by conditions like alphabetical or numerical order, custom conditions, and heatmaps.
  1. Offline Editing: In Google Sheets, you can edit offline in the spreadsheet, and changes will update once an internet connection is restored.
  1. Collaboration: If other collaborators make comments or changes to the shared spreadsheet, you will receive a mail about this. You can also view your version history.
  1. Machine Learning-Based Features: In Google Sheets, you can use machine learning to make charts, create pivot tables and answer questions about the data.
  1. Data Visualization: The Google Sheets allows users to generate spreadsheet data for graphs, charts, and other types of diagrams and embed them on websites.
  1. Security: In Google Sheets, you can manage permissions for downloading, copying, editing, or printing for specific collaborators through the individual.
  1. Google Product Integration: You can integrate Google Sheets with other Google services, like Finance, Drawing, Form, and Translate. Also, it is compatible with Microsoft files.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Excel and Google sheets

Every program has both sides of advantages and disadvantages. You can get the pros, and cons detail of the two programs below;

Pros & Cons Of Microsoft Excel

Check, all of the advantages, and disadvantages of Microsoft Excel;


  • Clear Visibility of Information: You can easily analyze the data when it is saved in the form of a table. Now, you can simply read and understand the information of a spreadsheet.
  • Easily Recover Data: If you write the information on a piece of paper, then recover it much difficult, But, if this is on excel spreadsheets, you can easily find and recover data is easy.
  • Easily Store Data: Microsoft Excel is generally used to save or analyze unlimited data. You can easily filter the information in Excel.
  • Mathematical Formulas: In Microsoft Excel, you can use formulas for calculations and it also takes less time.
  • Security: It is password secured on a laptop or computer and if you forgot your password, you can easily recover it.
  • Easily Analyze Large Data: You can easily analyze large data by using powerful filtering, sorting, and search tools. And can keep the bookeeping tips, or data easily with the Excel.


  • Not Easy to Share: In Microsoft Excel, it is not easy to share files. You have to install extra software on your computer to share files.
  • Customizable Graphs: It includes a group of graph capabilities like the customization of the standard formats, the combination of different data sets, and different types of graphs that are meaningless. It is a big disadvantage of MS Excel.
  • No Forms: The maximum user has not much knowledge of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). So,  they can’t incorporate functional forms into their spreadsheets.

Pros & Cons Of Google Sheets

See, what are the advantages, and disadvantages of using Google Sheets;


  • Google Sheets is free of cost.
  • If you are working with a team on the same project, then you can use Google sheets to add data at the same time with Real-Time collaboration.
  • It is very simple, so individuals and beginners can work easily in Google sheets.
  • Everything is saved automatically.


  • If you are using big-sized data, then it will work slower.
  • It hasn’t a wide range of data visualization options.
  • In terms of complex accounting, its formulas are not good enough.
  • It saves the documents on the cloud. So if in case your business email is hacked, then your data can be leaked. 

Plans and Pricing

Both programs have their own pricing methods, according to the plan label. So read the following to know about the pricing, and plan of MS Excel, and Google Sheets.

Plans and Pricing in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft has different types of plans for different uses. And all pricing varies with its plans. Read the following to know about its plan.

  • Office 365 Personal: $6.99/month or $69.99/year
  • Office 365 Home: $9.99/month or $99.99/year
  • Office 365 Business: $8.25/user/month
  • Office 365 Business Premium: $12.50/user/month
  • Office 365 Business Essentials: $5/month

Google Sheets Plans and Pricing

Google Sheets is totally free of cost. The user doesn’t have to pay anything. This is available as a service of google through Gmail ID.

DifferencesMicrosoft ExcelGoogle Sheets
DevelopedDeveloped by Microsoft Corporation and launched as a pack of MS Office.Developed by Google LLC and launched as a pack of G Suite.
PriceMinimum $5/month (Office 365 Business Essentials)Free of cost (individual), $5 for business use
Launching Year19872006
LanguageAvailable in 91 languagesAvailable in 83 languages
UsabilityOffline modeOnline & Offline Mode
Features and FunctionsMore than 400 functions and it uses the processing power of your system.A limited number of functions, and it uses the Internet connection and the Google server.
Chatting FacilityNot availableAvailable in the slide bar
CollaborationNeed to sync with the OneDrive to share files with anyoneCan easily share files with anyone
Save FileNeed to save file manuallyThe file will automatically save in your Google Drive
FormulasAlmost all formulas are available. Have some extra formulas.

Here, we have looked at the features, advantages, and disadvantages, plans, and pricing of the excel and Google sheets to see which one is better. Both of them are alike in terms of calculations and formulas. At last, we can conclude that Google Sheets is good for small business owners, while Microsoft Excel is best for calculating large numbers.

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