Qbwin.Log: Lvl_ERROR Error: Verify Online Account Information or Invalid Customer ID Number

Qbwin.Log: Lvl_ERROR: Invalid customer ID error occurs when official services detect an invalid customer’s ID with online banking. This type of error is found in the log files of QuickBooks which is Qbwin.log. Read the full article to understand the error and deal with these errors in easy steps. Go through the article and you will find several solutions to this issue, try them to troubleshoot the error. Still, having a problem then contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor toll-free: +1-855-525-4247

Qbwin.Log: Lvl_error Error

It is recommended to get this issue settled by an official confirmed specialized help however we are referencing some fundamental investigating steps that would work. Logfile issue is the major issue where you would require the assistance of official services and there are some additional charges to getting help from the QuickBooks data service team.

Qbwin.Log: Lvl_error appears with different messages:

  • log: Orphan payee found in Online cache
  • log: Verify Target: Invalid Open Balance
  • LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify item history Target quantity on order mismatch error
  • LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Online Account Information: Invalid Customer ID number&> Record = XXX.
  • log: Verify list. Duplicate name encountered
  • LVL_SEVERE_ERROR-GetDecryptedCreditCardNumber Failed: The decryption has failed. CHECKPOINT: Failed to decrypt customer credit card number. Customer ID: nnnn.
  • log: LVL_ERROR-error: Verify Account List Item: View out of sequence
  • log: LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Online Account Information: Invalid Customer ID number
  • LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Item History: Build txn target bad pending state. Item = nnnnn
  • LVL_ERROR-Unable to decrypt social security number/social insurance number
  • log: LVL_ERROR-error: Verify Payroll Item: Invalid tax authority
  • log: LVL_Error-Error: Verify Item: Invalid tax agency

Solution To Fix Qbwin.Log: Lvl_ERROR Error

Solution 1: Fix the Customer IDs on accounts set up for online services in the Chart of Accounts (for the US only)

  • First, go to the Company, and click on the Chart of Accounts.
  • Next, go to the affected online-enabled bank account and give right-click on it, and click on Edit Account.
    Note: You can easily identify the online-enabled accounts, in your charts of accounts these accounts are highlighted with the lightning bolt.
  • Click on the Bank Feed Settings tab.
  • Next, correct your Customer ID and click on the Save & Close.
  • You need to run the same data utility to ensure the changes to the customer IDs and allow the process to complete.

Solution 2: Verify your online bank information in QuickBooks and then connect to your financial institution again

  • Go to the Lists menu, and then click on the Chart of Accounts.
  • Next, right-click the account on which you are facing the error and then click on Edit Account.
  • Now, click on the Bank Feed Settings and review the information in the Customer ID field that meets the customer ID that is given in the online account access documentation you got in your financial institution. if needed then edit the number and click on Save & Close. Please keep these points in your mind:
    • If you are using any extra or misplaced dash, period, or any other character in the customer ID field may cause the error.
    • It is feasible that the ID that you are using is accurate, but the PIN you are inserting is incorrect or may be in the wrong format.
    • According to the financial institution norms, your customer ID and PIN fields must have alphabetic and numerical characters. Your ID is case-sensitive, so you have to make variations of the same customer ID and PIN using upper and lowercase letters.
    • When you attempt an unsuccessful login and reach your maximum limits in a specific period of time, then might be your account locked by financial. If this happens, you may face the error OL-334 while login into your Bank Feeds. Then in that case you have to call your financial institution to reset your PIN.
  • Next, go to your Bank Feeds Centre again and choose to Send Items to re-try the connection.

We are assuming that you will get a positive result by following the processes. Now will be able to remove the Qbwin.Log: Lvl_ERROR error. In case, if you still have encountered this error, or your QuickBooks is not working, then you need to immediately contact a Certified QuickBooks Technical expert in order to figure out the exact reason and troubleshoot the issue. You can contact our toll-free number to get instant QuickBooks support.

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