Enhanced sales order fulfillment in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

Enhanced sales order fulfillment in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Enhanced Order Fulfillment is the most important and powerful feature. Enhanced Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet can now be used with scanners, android applications and even manually.

Generating a Pick List:

The QuickBooks 2018 Enhanced Order Fulfillment feature is based on sales orders. If you aren’t using sales orders, this won’t be useful to you. I like sales orders in QuickBooks, they are a key component to many important workflows.

We’ll start with a sales order:

  • There are two new columns for the sales order, picked status and picked quantity. The column to pick is still shown in the template but it is disabled with this feature.
  • The information in this worksheet can be a bit confusing. There are several concepts to keep in mind here, and they overlap:
    • A sales order will have three “stages”: creation, picking, pack & ship.
    • Sales orders have a status value, and the new system adds several values here.
    • We now have a separate pick list transaction, as far as I can tell.
    • Pick lists to have their own status value, independent of the sales order.
  • You can open the sales order window by clicking on the sales order number in the first column.
  • To pick an order you can only select one order at a time for processing. Select one that has a Fulfillable status of Yes or Partial, then click the Next button to view the details of the order.
  • The detail lines are listed here in alphabetical order, not in the sequence in which they are shown in the original sales order.
  • The next step is to select the items for the pick list. You can remove items from the list by unchecking the box on the left, you can filter out some items using the Status and Fulfillable drop boxes at the top, and you can change the value in the To Fulfill Qty column if you don’t want to ship all of the available items.
  • Click Next to send the pick list to the scanner.
  • You have options for Create & Send, which will send the pick list to the scanning device, or Create & Print if you are not using a scanning device.

If you aren’t using a mobile device for picking, you can print the pick list. And If you’re using a registered mobile device you don’t need to print this picklist, the information will be sent to the mobile device directly.

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