How to Create or Re-create the qbregistration.dat file

Are you ready to learn the complete process to Create or Re-create the qbregistration.dat file? Qbregistration.dat is known as the QuickBooks Desktop Installation file contains all your License Information retrieved and validated every time when QuickBooks Desktop is activated. If due to some reasons the file goes damaged, you are unable to open the QuickBooks Desktop successfully then you need to recreate the qbregistration.dat as part of troubleshooting. 

Here you will know all the essential details in a proper format so that you can easily implement it on your system in order to fix the issue effectively and efficiently. To get advanced help for the same issue, you can contact our experts from any location.

Points to Remember:

  • Implementation of the steps will not affect your company file
  • You typically require your product and license numbers at the time of creating the qbregistration.dat file

How to Locate your Product and License Numbers

For locating the Product and License Numbers, First of all, you must be logged in to “My Account” to see the License Numbers of all your QuickBooks Products or you can follow the procedure listed below:

  • “For a downloaded product purchased online or from a sales agent”, Check out your Product confirmation email which you received from Intuit’s QuickBooks 
  • “If you bought QuickBooks on a CD”, seek for brightly coloured stickers on the original CD Envelope.
  • Proadvisors
    For locating to your installation codes simply visit the Proadvisor Software & License page(login is mandatory)
  • Check your fulfillment email which you receive with the license and product numbers for the latest release introduced by Intuit’s QuickBooks

Tip: If you have not registered your product, contact us and get support and assistance from our experts 

If you already registered for QuickBooks software, then you either use License and Key code Lookup tool for getting help in the context of finding license number and key code. 

If the message doesn’t appear on your screen and you are unable to see it, you still require to email the form.

Note: If your licenses are included in your Proadvisor software package, at that point “License and Key code Lookup tool” will not work. It only works for copies of QuickBooks Separately ordered by you.

Ensure that you are having required or valid proof of purchase

  • If you have made your purchase QuickBooks or Point of sale directly from Intuit official site, simply give the Order ID from your Intuit Packing Slip whenever you call Intuit Customer Service representative or Intuit experts. To get the Intuit order ID you have to visit the order status page. 
  • If you have made your purchase of QuickBooks or Point of sale from the local retailers then, Before calling the Intuit Customer Service representative you are required to send the Purchase Information Proof to

You have to fill some common and basic details including company name, contact information, and the other necessary information:

  • Sales receipt and invoice received from store
  • Box Bottom where UPC bar code clearly visible
  • CD Holder where license number should be appear
  • The front of the actual program CD

Steps to Create or Re-create the qbregistration.dat file

Here, you will know the steps helpful for you in creating the qbregistration.dat file. These are:

  • Firstly, you have to navigate to the QuickBooks folder where qbregistration.dat file is located
  1. Path: C:\ProgramData\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
  2. Quick tip: Display all your hidden files and folders if you are unable to view the listed folders
  • If qbregistration.dat already exists on your system, rename it to qbregistration.old.
  • Now simply open a Notepad
  1. Press and Hold “Window+R” key simultaneously from your keyboard to open the Run Command
  2. In the Open field, just enter “Notepad” and then hit “Ok”
  • Copy the text into the Notepad written below:

Note: The bold red text will be seen as regular text in Notepad.

<?xml version=”1.0″?>


<VERSION number=“xx.x”>

<FLAVOR name=“version”>









  • Once the text has been pasted to the Notepad, replace the “bold red” items accordingly.

What you have to put in place of “xx.x”

  1. If you are using QuickBooks Desktop 2020, you have to replace it with 20.0
  2. If you are using QuickBooks Desktop 2019, you have to replace it with 29.0
  3. If you are using QuickBooks Desktop 2018, you have to replace it with 28.0

What you have to put in place of “version”

  1. You have to Replace it with a pro if you have QuickBooks Pro.
  2. You have to Replace it with superpro if you have QuickBooks Premier (But not Accountant Edition).
  3. You have to Replace it with an accountant if you have QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition.
  4. You have to Replace it with bel if you have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (But not Accountant Edition).
  5. You have to Replace it with belacct if you have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Accountant Edition.

What you have to put in place of “000-000”

  1. Simply replace it with your QuickBooks Installation Product Number

What you have to put in place of “0000-0000-0000-000”

  1. Simply replace it with your QuickBooks License Number

For installing multiple versions of QuickBooks in one Computer

If you are interested to do so, here you know how you can do it manually, just read the procedure with full concentration. It includes an additional copy of italicized text in qbregistration.dat file. You are required to paste the copy after </version>. You must need to replace the boldface items in the new section with the relevant values corresponding to each specific version or edition of QuickBooks.

  • Now you have to save the file with the name qbregistration.dat
  1. Go to the “File” menu and then hit “save”
  2. After that, inside the “save as type” list , simply choose “All Files”
  3. Pick the same directory which we mentioned above in Step 1. You can either check out in step or we again write down here.

Path: C:\ProgramData\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks

Final Note

We hope this article is very thoughtful for you to develop a thorough understanding of Create or Re-create the qbregistration.dat file. If the steps listed above are unable to settle down the issue to Create or Re-create the qbregistration.dat file, you can freely contact our Intuit Certified Proadvisors through our 24/7 technical support toll-free number +1-855-441-4417 for getting immediately support and instant replies related to the issue. 

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