How To Find QuickBooks License Number or Validation Code in Registry

When you buy a new QuickBooks Desktop product, you get a license key or verification code to verify your product. When you purchase the installation disc for QuickBooks software, you can find the license information on the packaging sticker. On the other hand, if you make this purchase online, the license key will be sent to you via email provided in the CAMPS (Customer Account Management Portal). All such information to find the QuickBooks License number or validation code in the registry is explained in the article, read the complete article for a complete guide. For More Info. contact us on : +1-844-405-0904

Every time, you try to install or update the software, you just need to provide the license information essentially. However, if lost or forgotten, you can find the QuickBooks validation code in the registry by reading this post to the end.

Activation code performs a crucial role in QuickBooks services and users in terms of the authenticity of the nature of the product. QuickBooks is very safe and secure to use with a unique activation code as it is accounting software.

Benefits and Characteristics of the Quickbooks Activation Code:

  • There is a code lookup for QuickBooks where you can get all the information about QuickBooks activation and installation.
  • There is an option to get a supporter connected to you by phone or email and they will help with activation.
  • The activation code is generated with all-new QuickBooks software to keep QuickBooks unique.
  • When reinstalling it will automatically take the activation code of the products if you are reinstalling QuickBooks on the same computer.
  • It is a code for the activation of all services and applications that are provided by QuickBooks.

Activating QuickBooks is very important and, for the system in which QuickBooks is installed, registration of QuickBooks is mandatory. Once the QuickBooks software is successfully installed, you should register it on priority. QuickBooks software can be registered and validated such as online registration using a product code, registering QuickBooks through a valid code, etc. 

Steps to Find QuickBooks Validation Code in Registry

Here we will discuss the detailed steps to find the QuickBooks validation code in the registry.

 Find QuickBooks Validation Code in Registry
  • Start the QuickBooks application and hold and press the F2 key on your keyboard to open the Product Information window
  • After opening the Product Registration window, press F3 to open the Tech Help window beside.
  • You need to click the QBRegistration.dat file from the list on the Open File tab.
  • If your file does not open automatically then choose Notepad from the menu of programs on your Windows and then click on OK.
  • Now, you will be able to locate the validation code.

With the steps described above, you can find the QuickBooks verification code in the registry. However, you may receive an error message when you provide a verification code/license number during the installation of QuickBooks software:

  • If it shows your validation code is incorrect. Then check your license number and enter it again.
  • This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later
  • You have entered incorrect license/product numbers. Please check the numbers carefully.

Steps to Find License Number in Registry

Follow the procedure given below to find the license number in the registry.

  • Open QuickBooks software and press the F2 button from your keyboard.
  • The product Registration window opens up. Now click on the F3 key to open the Tech Help window on your screen
  • Open QBRegistration.dat file from the list shown.
  • If the file is not opening, right-click on it, and then go to open with.
  • Select the Notepad option and click on OK.
  • Press Ctrl+F from the keyboard and type License Number in the search bar.
  • Type the name as License Number and press Enter to search for it in the opened folder.
  • In the results section check for the License number in front of the highlighted text.
  • Write it down or copy and paste into the notepad file, for the registration process in QuickBooks Desktop.

Steps for QuickBooks Registration

Now look at the step-by-step procedure of QuickBooks Registration

  • Go to the Help option at the top of the navigation bar and after look for the Register QuickBooks option.
  • Now, choose Begin Registration.
  • If you already have an account number, enter the same account number in the input box and if you do not have an account, the signup link is on the right side of the input box.
  • Once signed up you can easily log in to your account.
  • You can easily edit any data information in your account and once you are done with it and are satisfied with the changes, click on the register button
  • Once registered, use QuickBooks Pro with a registered copy

How can I Find the QuickBooks Registration File?

All the information related to QuickBook’s purchase and registration information is saved in the QBRegistration.dat file. There are several ways to find this file on your system:

  • Follow this path, C:\ Program Data\ Common Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks folder
  • Look for the “QBRegistration” from your Windows File Explorer and try to open the file straight from QuickBooks.

The steps described above can help you find the QuickBooks validation code in the registry. However, if you experience some technical difficulty while performing the above steps, contact the experts without wasting any more time. Dial [quickbooks] and get in touch with our Intuit-certified ProAdvisor.


Why is QuickBooks software needed and is it mandatory?

Yes, QUickBooks software activation is mandatory. You can use the QuickBooks software only after the activation is complete so you should have the activation keys which are a unique code to be asked at the time of activation.

What is the process of Quickbooks Registration?

You should follow the steps given below for QuickBooks registration.
1. Go to the Help menu and search for the Register QuickBooks option.
2. After that choose Start Registration.
3. Now you have to add an account number, in case you have already an account then add the same account number, If don’t have an account number then a signup link is available there.
4. After completing the process of Sign up you can log in to your particular account.
5. Now you can make changes to data information in your account. After that, click on the register button to complete the registration process.

Where to find Quickbooks Registration File?

You’ll get the QB registration file QBRegistration.dat in the C:\Program Data\Common Files\Intuit\Quickbooks Folder. In case, you are not able to find the registration file then you can use Windows File Explorer’s search box and search QBRegistration file. QuickBooks registration file holds all the details that need to register a Quickbooks.

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