QuickBooks Point of Sale Unexpected Errors Resolution

I think you will be one of the smartest businessmen if you are using QuickBooks. And most Important process in all of your Business courses is where you get paid for your goods delivered or service rendered. But what happens when you got QuickBooks Point of Sale Unexpected Errors or does not work. The first thing I suggest you don’t panic.

Why Error Arise in QuickBooks

The error may be caused by :

  • Your PC not meeting the minimum framework requirements
  • The point of Sale Database Manager that may not be running
  • Harmed or improperly introduced Microsoft.NET structure

Trouble Resolving unexpected errors when opening QuickBooks Point of Sale

You can solve it by the following ways

  • An unexpected error happened if it’s not too much trouble restart point of sale. a special case from HRESULT: 0x88980406
  • An unexpected error occurred. The error is: Value cannot be null.
  • Not able to open the program through the Point of Sale icon
  • Error: Exception has been tossed by the target of an invocation
  • Set up framework failed to initialize
  • Error 100 database server not found “08w01”
  • Error: 176120 invalid permit key status, key denied
  • Error: QBPOSShell has quit working

Make sure that QuickBooks Point of Sale is Updated

Visit the product updates page, ensure that Point of Sale is selected as your product, and follow the instructions to install the Manual update. You Might have to reboot afterward.

Dial QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number 1-855-441-4417 to get instant help from our expert.

Make sure that System is well configured

  • Please check the Minimum configurations required for your system to run the Program.
  • Check your Computer by-
  • Clicking Windows Logo
  • Right-click on Computer
  • Go to Properties
  • Get to Installed Memory (Random access Memory).

Open and execute the Microsoft Component Clean up Tool

This will take 15-20 minutes to complete and requires a reboot.

  • Shut all open programs.
  • Download the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool for Windows XP/Vista/7 and save it to your Desired location.
  • Double-click on file. on security prompt, click Yes.
  • Click Yes on next two screens. A couple of black screens will appear while the tool is running.
  • When it’s over, reboot when prompted.

Switch to a New Window User

  • Go to the Windows Start button, type User Accounts in search space, and then press Enter.
  • Go to the Manage user accounts and click it.
  • After that click Manage another account.
  • Click Create a new account and give it the name of Test.
  • Choose Administrator for user type.
  • Log off Windows, sign in as the user you just created and try to open Point of Sale again. If the issue persists, try toggling your UAC settings.

Restart QuickBooks Point of Sales Shell and Troubleshoot compatibility

  • Close Point of Sale and press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  • If necessary, click Start Task Manager.
  • Click the Processes tab and click the Image Name column title to sort it alphabetically.
  • Right-click QBPOSShell.exe and then click End Process.
  • Important: If you see more than one QBPOSShell, follow the steps below to troubleshoot compatibility with Windows.
  • Close Task Manager and open Point of Sale.

I hope you found this article useful. If you need further assistance regarding this, don’t hesitate to take help from our QuickBooks POS Support team. Dial 1-855-441-4417 to get in touch with our expert.

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