Preparing Your 1099 Forms with QuickBooks

Preparing Your 1099 Forms with QuickBooks

Now you can prepare for the file 1099 from QuickBooks online not only for accounting details but also you’ve paid, when, and how much – already entered, QuickBooks guides you through the process from a single page.

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Get started on the QuickBooks 1099-MISC page

When someone does work for you as an independent contractor. You’ll need to send those 1099 at the end of the year so they can report their income to the I.R.S. as a general guideline. If the contractor does the work of an employee but they aren’t an employee or a corporation. Then you need to create 1099 for them at the end of the year. If you have questions about whether you need to send 1099 this guide can help as always your accountant is your best resource when you’re in doubt.

You can set up 1099 tracking the first time you pay your contractor as you add the contractor as a vendor check track payments for 1099 and enter their tax ID for most independent contractors. This is probably their Social Security number. If you don’t do this at first you can always go back and do it later when you enter a check. Be sure to select an expense account that makes sense to you to help you track the contractor expense. Be sure to make a note of which expense account you use because you’ll need to know this later books track this check and add it to the contractors 1099 when you create the form one thing to remember the expense may include payments to the contractor that should not appear on 1099, for example, you could pay a vendor for work. She did and equipment you rented from her the payments for work should go on to 1099 but the equipment rental should not to keep things separate use a separate line for each expense and assign different accounts to each another thing to remember if you pay the vendor with a credit or debit card. You don’t need to send them a1099 QuickBooks tracks credit cards automatically. So there’s nothing you need to do but if you pay a vendor with a debit card be sure to enter debit as the reference number so QuickBooks knows not to track this payment for 1099 at the end of the year. It’s time to prepare ten one hundred. Signs for your contractors be sure all the vendors who should receive 1099.

Prepare 1099 –MISF form for vendor

First, review your company details and make any changes. Now you need to assign the expense account you used to pay the contractor to an appropriate I.R.S. defined box most likely you use the non-employee compensation box select the account you used when you paid your contractor to remember when we told you to make a note of the account you used when creating the expense for this vendor. This is the same account you’re assigning to an I.R.S. box here.

  • Select any accounts you used when creating expenses for vendors you’re creating 1099 for being sure you don’t include any asset accounts such as inventory. If you have any questions about assigning these accounts to check with your accountant look over your list of vendors and make any changes you need to if you don’t see vendors listed you should get 1099.
  • Click select 1099 vendors and add them next review the information that will go on 1099. You can change the filter to a different year and other settings if you need to after you’ve made any corrections on the preview choose how you want to file 1099 with the I.R.S.
  • You can use into its evil option or print the 1099 information on a preprinted form and mail it. Now you’re ready to set up a contractor for 1099 tracking.

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