Migration Intuit ID to Quicken ID or How To Create A New Quicken ID

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the Migration Intuit ID to Quicken ID and also to create a new Quicken ID.

Migration Intuit ID to Quicken ID: Overview

According to the previous observation it is seen that Quicken was a part of Intuit but now it has been separated. So, you can say that Quicken is no longer connected with Intuit. Moving further, let’s talk about what changes have made during past years.

Nowadays a new Quicken login has come into use where users can create their ID. But, earlier Intuit authentication login was used for Quicken login due to which many users faced issues during login. Well, you don’t have to worry more because there is no need to use your Intuit ID with Quicken anymore.

The best thing about Quicken ID is that it registers you to Quicken product and also gives them access to quicken.com, quicken data files, and all online services like downloading transactions, etc.

Steps to create Quicken ID:

  • At first, open Quicken Software. Next, in the prompt, you need to create a Quicken ID.
  • After creating a new Quicken account, you have to use your new Quicken ID and password in order to access the applications including Quicken for Mac, Quicken Mobile, Quicken for Windows and Quicken.com.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter your Intuit ID password for a data file, to verify your identity.
  • And, then you can enter your new vault password.

Note: This is the one time process, so you have to set this information only once. Just go through all the instructions carefully.

Intuit ID not available

In case you forgot or don’t have your Intuit ID and password then what you have to do is just delete your password vault. This will restrict others to access your ID and password in the future. And once your process of migration to Quicken ID is completed then you can again recreate the password vault in our file.

Unavailability of attachments and receipts in the mobile app after Migration Intuit ID to Quicken ID

If you have noticed, then you must be aware that your documents are saved before migration and also they remain in your Quicken data file after migration. So, what you have to do is just upload these documents to the Quicken cloud using the document upload tool. But, in case if your documents are not saved prior to migration then they will no longer be available.

What will happen to Intuit ID?

You will see that Intuit ID is not changed. And, after migration Intuit ID to Quicken ID, you don’t have to use the old Intuit credentials in it. Therefore, you have to use your new Quicken ID and password for any of the Quicken applications. It is seen that Intuit ID can still be used for Intuit products such as TurboTax or QuickBooks.

Change Quicken ID profile information

  • Just go through the following given instructions:
  • Firstly you need to visit myaccount.quicken.com.
  • Next sign in with your Quicken ID and password.
  • After that, a verification code will arrive. Simply you need to enter the code and tap submit.
  • Now, you’ll find the My Account window will appear on the screen. And, you can select any section which you want to update by clicking on the change button on the right side.
  • Finally, once the process gets completed, click on Save Changes.

More Information

However, the creation of a new Quicken ID will not affect your data on the Quicken file.

And, after creating a new Quicken ID, you’ll be given a new ID and password for every quicken application.


As we have discussed above migration from Intuit ID to Quicken ID will not affect your data if you have saved your documents prior to migration. What you need to do is just use a new Quicken login details for using any Quicken application. And after migration, you can use quicken normally just like previously you do for online transactions, finance management, and online banking services.

I hope the given information is helpful for you but still if you have any kind of queries related to Quicken support then feel free to contact us at our toll-free number +1-844-770-0699.

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