How To Use Quicken Bill Pay Account? Pay Online Or With Quicken

In this article learn to manage Quicken bill pay account? pay online with Quicken? so, here we are to provide you a guide in this article to make you able to use Quicken bill pay account. Quicken can record information regarding the budget of home spendings, rental property, business and bills & income, planning, investing. It can be used easily by anyone. Find out how to use Quicken Bill Pay account. For more info contact us toll-free: +1-844-405-0904

Quicken allows you to manage and track your budget. It keeps a record of every financial transaction you have made or have to make in the future. Quicken helps you to plan a budget, measure the progress in it, and also to track the investments you have made along with the prices and performance. Quicken software has an intuitive user interface and a strong database for transactions. Initially, it was part of Intuit. Here in this article, we are discussing how to use Quicken Bill Pay Account?

Pay bills using Quicken Bill Pay Account:

Quicken Bill Pay is the service to pay bills online. It can be used on various platforms. Different platforms carry different steps that are needed to be followed to pay bills. Given below are some platforms and their steps that are needed to be followed to pay and receive your bills:-

Quicken for Windows:

You have to go through the following steps to pay and receive your bills:

  • Open Quicken Software. Click on tool menu on the top. The tool menu has an option ‘Quicken Bill Pay’. Click on it and then choose ‘Pay bills in Quicken’.
  • Now you have to choose the person or company you want to pay.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay and the date on which you want the bill to be paid.
  • Click the Enter button. This will prepare the payment you want to send.
  • Now click on the Send/Update button. It will update your payment so that it can be processed further for the date you have requested.

Quicken for Mac:

First of all, you have to confirm that your account is complete in Quicken Bill Pay.

Instructions to confirm that your account is complete in Quicken Bill Pay:

  • Firstly, select the account to whom you want to pay your bills.
  • Now click on the Setting button at the bottom.
  • Click the Bill Pay tab:
    • If it shows Quicken Bill Pay, you can skip to ‘Paying Bills’.
    • If it shows Setup Quicken Bill Pay, then you have to first sign in to the ‘Quicken Bill Pay’.

Now you will have two options to pay your bills from mac. And these are:

  • Using Quicken Bill Pay to pay bills
  • Pay bills with Direct connect.

Use Quicken Bill Pay to pay bills:

  • You may have different accounts. Select the one you want to use to pay your bills.
  • On the bottom toolbar, click on the ‘+’ button to add a new transaction.
  • To open the transaction, click on Edit Details button.
  • A new tab called ‘Online Payment’ will appear at the top of the transaction.
  • Click on Online Payment tab and then click on the online payment checkbox at top left.
  • Now you have to enter the name of a payee you want to pay. In the drop-down menu click on Add New Online Payee. This will add the name of the payee in the list of a payee.
  • Give all the information regarding the transaction and also account number (if needed). Click Done when finished.
  • Now select the date at which you want to pay the bill.
  • Once you are finished with this, click on Pay Now button so that transaction can be created.
  • The transaction will be marked as open envelope icon in the register. It means your transaction is ready to be sent.
  • To send the payment to the bank, click on Update Account button. Once the payment is sent, the icon displays a closed envelope.
  • When the amount is paid, the closed envelope icon becomes blue.

How To Add Your Pay List?

A payee in the Quicken Bill pay means any company, service, or individual you’ll be paying through the service. Pay can be a utility, a bank, or your mortgage loan, or it could be your landlord. For example, When setting up payees, you will give fundamental data about the individual or the business you’ll be paying, such as installment address and account number. Quicken saves this data in your payee list so you can make installments to that payee again, later on, so you just need to enter this data once.

Following these steps:

  • Click on Tool in the main menu and select online payee list.
  • Click on new.
  • Enter your name of new payee.
  • Enter the address of new payee.
  • Put your account number for the payee.
  • Enter the phone number for the payee.
  • Click OK.

The site will add your new payee to your payee list so you can easily send payment to them electronically in the future.

Pay bills with Direct Connect:

First of all, check whether or not your bank charges fees to use Bill Pay with Quicken.

The steps to Pay Bills with Direct Connect are exactly the same as the steps while using Quicken Bill Pay. The only difference lies between the pre-process of paying bills. Before paying bills you have to confirm that the connection type is ‘Direct Connect’.

Follow the given below instructions to check and change the connection type:

  • Select the account you wish to use to pay your bills.
  • Click on a Setting button at the bottom.
  • Check the connection type:
    • If it shows Direct Connect then you can skip it and directly access the Activate Bill Pay option.
    • If it shows Quicken Connect then you have to change it to Direct Connect.

How to use our website to pay your bills:

  1. Visit our site Quicken Bill Pay. Enter Quicken Bill Pay login credentials.
  2. Click on Make a Payment to Payee. Choose the person or company to whom you want to pay your bills. If the number of Payees is more than 50, then you have to choose the payees.
  3. After your selection, click on Schedule Payment(s) at the bottom.
  4. Enter the amount and date for paying Bill.
  5. Click on Make Payments button.

I hope this will help you to understand the process of using Quicken Bill Pay Account. If you want further discussion on this topic or need Quicken support then call us at our toll-free number 888 883-9555.

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