Merge QuickBooks Customer: Fix Integration issue with QuickBooks Payments 

To merge QuickBooks customer to resolve Integration problems with a QuickBooks payment account.

Merge QuickBooks customers to resolve issues integrating with a QuickBooks payments account.

Ensure you have no issues with the company file, if necessary, perform a data check within QuickBooks.

  • you agree with company file. if you are performing a data check with Quickbooks.
  • You may need to merge name in your customer list if:
  • Customer will not agree with merge the correctly with ReBill or into sync manager.
  • check the duplicate names are not there.
  • according to the customer name report and transaction are not follow.
  • reduce the number of names on your customer list and customer whom you no longer use.
  • In your QuickBooks have same older customers have not payment processed for them, but new customers have payment processed for them.

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you can not:-

  • when we merge the customer one to another so that time we save or create the backup in company data file before  the customer integrate one to another
  • Integrate names that are the job.  First, remove the job from the customer.
  • Integrate the customer that has jobs.
  • Integrate more than one customer name at the same time.
  • reset your list and run the new upload the data utility before integrated the name.

Remember: Always when you merge old name into a new name, i.e., change the name of the old customer to match the name of the new customer.

  1. Create a new customer in Quickbooks that little bit different to another by name or address and date of breath shut
  2. down the QuickBooks and run Mgr Sync Now.
  3.   check in QuickBooks the new Customer appears in ReBill and how to customer problem mentioned above.
  4. when in QuickBooks new old customer and new are merged into the New customer take to the old customer’s history in the NEW customer. The old customer and new customer name will not be matched if the name is same then QuickBooks shows one message this name already being used.would you like to merge them? below option is yes or no
  5. Again run the Sync Manager to complete the process and close the QuickBooks.The problem that was previously associated with the OLD customer will no longer exist.
  6.  Report this that in QuickBooks Customer have the issue regarding with ReBill.

How to resolve Square and QuickBooks Integration Error messages

If you are having issues integrating your account to QuickBooks online, following these steps.

Possible Square integration error messages

  • Log out QuickBooks then log in back.
  • Try reconnecting your Square account to QuickBooks Onlne.

Your session has been inactive too long and has timed out for your security.

Please reload the page.

  • Close the QuickBooks application.
  • Import your transactions again.

Oops! Something went wrong. Please log out and log in to QuickBooks and try again.

  • Log out of QuickBooks.
  • Clear your internet cache(not your cookies).

There was a problem connecting to your square account. Please try again later.

  • Close your QuickBooks Online application.
  • Try integrating your Square account again.

For any further information or you QuickBooks is not working, you can contact our QuickBooks support helpline at toll-free number +1-855-441-4417.

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