How to Merge Customers in QuickBooks to Solve Integrate QB Payment Issue

Are you facing integrating problems with the QuickBooks payments account? Don’t worry, because here we have a solution to get rid of this issue, i.e merging of QuickBooks customer’s name. In this article, we will know, why the payment integration issue occurs, and how will it solve by merging QuickBooks customers’ names. For further QuickBooks payment service, you contact the experts through the toll-free number +1-844-405-0904.  

Let’s start with the reasons; 

Why QuickBooks Payment Integration Issue Occurs     

This issue can occur because of different reasons. Here is a list of common reasons for the payment integration issue, have a look;

  • If a customer name doesn’t flow to reports then there is a lot of possibilities to face the integration problem. 
  • Sometimes due to incorrect transactions, you may also face the same problem.
  • If in case, some of the older customers can’t process payments for them, but the new customers can process payments for them. Then it could be because of the damaged customer in the customer list. 

There is one and the only solution to get rid of this problem, and that is, to merge old customers into new customers. 

Now you may have the question on your mind that, Is there a way to merge customers in QuickBooks? Yes, there is a way to merge customers in QuickBooks. We will know the procedure. But before that, you must know, some of the important points regarding this issue.             

Steps to Take Before Merging Customer’s name in QuickBooks

Before taking any crucial step in finance you should ensure about the reason of the problem, and also need to take some baby steps to solve this issue like; 

  • Perform a data check for the company file to ensure that, there is no problem in the company file. 
  • Cross-check the duplicate names in the customer list. Don’t merge the duplicate vendors or customers in confusion. 
  • If you want to merge names then resort to the list, and run the rebuild data utility before merging.

The following points are not allowed during the merging process;

  • Merging two customer’s names at a time is not allowed.
  • You can’t merge a customer who has a job. (Remove job before merging any name) 
  • You are not allowed to undo a merge. (Only a certain of data transfers from one customer to another one. So it will be good to create a company file backup before merging list elements.)  

How to Merge QuickBooks Customer’s Name

Follow the procedure to merge QuickBooks customer’s name for the QuickBooks payment integration issue:

Step 1: Create a New Customer

First of all, here you need to create a new customer in QuickBooks which should be similar to the old one, and slightly different from the existing problematic customer. And don’t try to make a duplicate customer of an existing customer in QuickBooks. 

Here is the procedure that, how can you add a new customer in QuickBooks Enterprise:

  • Login to the QuickBooks Enterprise, and go for the ‘Sales’ tab.
  • Now choose the ‘Customers’ sub-tab for the ‘Add Customer Manually’ option.
  • Fill out the customer’s information, and click on the ‘Save’ option.  

Step 2: Confirm the Customer Appears

After creating a new customer, confirm the appears of the new customer. During the appears of the new customer you may need to create a recurring payment similar to the old customer problem.  

Step 3: Merge Customers

Now in the final step, you can merge the old customer into the new customer. This will also merge the previous history into the new customer. Follow the procedure to complete the merge process;

  • Choose the customer name, that you want to merge.
  • And right-click on it.
  • Now you can see an option of ‘Edit Customer’ just click on it. 
  • Rename the old customer name.
  • Click ‘Ok’.
  • A pop-up may appear, after clicking the ‘Ok’ option. Select the ‘Yes’ option to proceed with the merge process.  

You will get a message “This name is already being used. Would you like to merge them?” on your screen, after successfully merge. Click ‘Yes’. 

Message to confirm 'Merge Customer'
Message to confirm ‘Merge Customer’

And repeat the same procedure for all QuickBooks customers that are having the same payment integration issue. 

Note: Always remember not to merge the new customer into the old customer, otherwise the issue will reoccur.  

Final Thoughts

QuickBooks payment integration issue is not a huge problem, it can be solved by following the above procedure. We have tried our best to provide the right solution to get rid of this issue. And also hope that you find it helpful. Still, if you are seeking help then you can call through the toll-free number to connect with our certified QuickBooks experts for a satisfactory solution.    

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