How do I set up vacation time in QuickBooks?

How do I set up vacation time in QuickBooks?

There is two type of method to set up vacation time in QuickBooks Desktop. First one is vacation pay and the second one is sick pay. Both can be used when paying employees.

There are some tasks that you need to complete before preparing a paycheck for sick or vacation time:

  • Setting up the payroll items.
  • Adding the vacation or sick information to the employee profile(only if you accrue time).
  • Set up the vacation or sick default(recommended if sick or vacation is the same for all new hires).
  • Add the item to a paycheck.
  • Get the accrued sick or vacation pay time to appear on the pay stubs. (Pay Stub & Voucher Printing option)

Point to remember

If you are using paid time off in place of sick pay or vacation pay, then you should use the vacation time. You can also rename this item of paid time off in your payroll list.

For further help and assistance: Dial QuickBooks Payroll Customer service number  +1-855-441-4417.

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