QuickBooks Point of Sale Barcode Scanner: Benefits & Features

As you know about QuickBooks Accounting Software used for small and medium-sized businesses. Its upgraded version comes with so many advanced features. Here in this post, we are going to discuss one of these known features as QuickBooks Point of Sale Barcode scanner. It is the way to track inventory easily and quickly ring up sales. And also get your customers through the checkout line efficiently. For any suggestion or help contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor:+1-844-405-0904

You already know about Intuit. QuickBooks Point of Sale software made by Intuit under the quality example of QuickBooks. And also reduced the headache of managing the inventory aspect of the business without interfering much with the user. The timely and proper maintenance of inventory is one of the imperative tasks. See the advantage of this feature:

Barcode scanners are usually neglected while manufacturing POS systems – they generally save time and are cost-effective. They reduce the probability of human data entry errors and are amazingly befitted for use in the retail industry.

A barcode scanner that syncs with QB POS supports you streamline your overall processes. You can simply upload immense data loads when managing inventory or billing large orders – a barcode scanner quickly records all the information.

Types of QuickBooks Point of Sale Scanner Barcode

The barcode scanner for QuickBooks Point of Sale is available in two versions.

  • Wireless & Wired

No matter which version you are using, both models are committed to speeding up your business processes. Intuit only compatible with two different sizes of barcode labels. The small labels include 1.2″ x .85″ and come with 1500/roll. The large labels include 2.25″ x 1.25″ and come with 1135/roll.

Save Time and Money with QuickBooks Point of Sale Software

Point of Sale comprises several small functions which in whole saves a lot of money and time as well. All the tasks are completed electronically which results in reducing manual error.

One of the common aspects of Point Of Sale is inventory management. In which stock required quantity can be purchased. This software requires a couple of hardware of which one is a Bar-code scanner. This component comes in two types. 1st wired and 2nd wireless. But, Both the scanners inherently helps to speed up the process of stocking products in their place.

Features of QuickBooks Point of Sale Barcode Scanner:

  • Systematic scanning and automatic placement of the stock item ensures a minimal area for counting mistakes.
  • Cost and time spent on employees including their proper training and hours are reduced.
  • Reports generate along with stock details forwarded to concerned people are highly reliable. And also helps to make better decisions for business growth.

I hope now you know the benefits of QuickBooks point of sale barcode scanner. If you want more discussion on this topic, you can talk to QuickBooks ProAdvisor and discuss the topic in detail.

For any technical assistance regarding QuickBooks Point of Sale Barcode Scanner, you can contact our QuickBooks support number +1-844-405-0904 toll-free or contact QuickBooks Point Of Sale Support team.

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