How to Export your Reports to Excel from QuickBooks Online

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We don’t take much time, let’s start the discussion on How to Export your Reports to Microsoft Excel From QuickBooks Online. Intuit’s QuickBooks Online will offer you the facility of getting the flexibility to generate reports to get insights about your business. 

If you want to use your QuickBooks reports outside the QuickBooks, then it is the best suite to export your Reports to Microsoft Excel from QuickBooks Online. Another facility you have is to export all your QuickBooks Transaction Data. You will learn the basic information about it in this article. 

QuickBooks Transaction Data

It records the financing details of your QuickBooks Transactions including the status of sales transactions, open invoices, and paid invoices. If you want to get a brief knowledge about it. Then we split it into parts to provide a high understanding of the topic.

How to view Sales Transactions

Here, you will get easy steps to view your Sales Transactions easily. The sales page will offer you a great at-a-glance view of the status of the sales transactions, open and paid invoices. Within the sale Page, you can perform multiple operations such as view, create, and edit sales transactions. 

Note: If you want to access the Sales Page, Simply go to the left menu and then choose “Sales”. After that pick “All Sales”.

How to View Transaction and Invoice Status at Glimpse

Once you visited and open the Sales Page, you will see “Money Bar”, you can say a key part of the page. From a glance, you are able to see the status and amounts of your sales transactions. Also, you will get an immediate view of both open and recently paid invoices. This will only appear to you when you contain few unbilled items including estimates, time activities, charges, or other costs. 

Whenever you want you can see the details of each individual transaction in the list, it shows:

  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Sales receipts
  • Credit Memos
  • Delayed of various QuickBooks editions including QuickBooks Online Plus, QuickBooks Online Advanced, and QuickBooks Online Essentials.
  • Billable Time activities of multiple QuickBooks editions including QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks Online Advanced

The list helps you in viewing the status of the transaction easily. Also, you can see the particular transaction comes under Open, Closed, Paid, Partially, Paid, and Overdue. You have to visit the separate option to see the status of the transaction.

You get the option of list customization to easily view the information whenever you need it:

  • To see the items simply filter the list in which you are interested
  • To view the data, just change the columns whenever you need
  • Exports list to Microsoft Excel so that you can easily work the contained data in different ways.

You must remember that the default view of transaction is “365 days” it is common in all accounting years. You are not eligible to display the Invoices Page if the invoice is not created within 365 days.

How you can easily Manage Sales Transactions

After visiting the Sales Page, You can easily perform the following:

  • From the “New Transaction” Drop-down menu, you can easily start the creation of new invoices, payments, sales receipts, estimates, credit memos, delayed charges, and Billable time activity.
  • Take action on transactions. Let’s take an example: If you want to receive payments for an invoice might directly from the list, then you can easily do by choosing “Receive Payment” in the Action Column.
  • You can print transactions or packing slips either for invoices and sales receipts. Particular transactions or a group of transactions you specify. 
  • You can copy, delete, or void transactions
  • Facility to send transactions, while you are ready to send a single transaction, need to write down a customized message with it
  • Change the status of the estimate
  • Generate entries of additional customers including charges, time activities, and credits for all QuickBooks Online editions(QuickBooks Online Plus, Advanced, and Essentials).

Now we cleared the process and working of the Sales Page. Look at the steps that needs to be followed to complete the process of Export Reports to Excel from QuickBooks Online, listed below:

Steps to Export your Reports to Excel from QuickBooks Online 

You have to follow the simple steps to export reports to Excel from QBO, we are always advised to implement the steps in the given order for successful results.

  • First of all, choose “Reports”
  • Then start navigation, once you find the report you want to export, choose it
  • Choose the “Export” icon, you will see at the top of the report
  • Then pick “Export to Excel”
  • For saving the file, find a location where you can easily find the file anytime when it requires. You can either choose your “Downloads” folder or Desktop for saving that file.

Note: Saving files to the “Downloads” are the easiest way to find the file represents both date and time. Another alternative is to create a separate folder with the same name as the file name.

If you missed some data while opening the Report in Microsoft Excel it means your file is in a protected mode. If you want your complete data then ready to click the option “Enable Editing” it helps you in viewing the full report.

Final Note

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