Export and convert QuickBooks Online data to QuickBooks Desktop

Here we will discuss how to export and convert QuickBooks Online data to Desktop. Go with the following steps in order to set up Internet Explorer and ready your data to move from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop. This step assures you a hassle-free data export. In this article, we have listed the process in steps with real-time operational images for better understanding. Hope the article aid you to export and convert QuickBooks data to QuickBooks Desktop. Contact us for More Info. +1-844-405-0904

After exporting the data you will see things will seem different to QuickBooks Desktop, but you will understand easily. Now let’s proceed further and have a look at the steps on how to export and convert QuickBooks Online data to Desktop.

Steps to export and convert QuickBooks Online data to Desktop

Step 1: Set up security settings in Internet Explorer

First, you have to set the security settings of internet explorer so that you can perform the conversion steps very easily. To do this check out the below steps:

  • Go to your Internet Explorer icon and give a right-click on it and choose to Run as administrator.
  • Click on the Tools ⚙ symbol, and look for the Internet Options.
  • Now go to the Security, and click on Trusted Sites.
  • Click on Sites.
  • Add *.intuit.com and *.qbo.intuit.com in the Add this website to the zone field.
  • Here you need to make sure that Require server verification (https: ) for all the sites in this field must be unchecked.
  • Now quit this Trusted Sites window.
  • And, be sure to enable Protected Mode must be unchecked.
  • Click on Apply, and later click on Okay.
  • Now, do not close the Internet Explorer browser, leave as it is.

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Step 2: Now, set up the QuickBooks Desktop for the export

Go through the below steps to ready QuickBooks desktop to perform the export steps.

  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop icon and give a right-click on it and now on the given list with several options click on Run as administrator. If your QuickBooks Desktop is not already installed, then you can download QuickBooks Desktop for the trail to use for this process.
  • Now, click on the File and choose to Close the Company.
  • Here also, do not close your QuickBooks Desktop open until you have completed the rest of the steps.

Step 3: Prepare to export your QuickBooks Online data

Now, follow the steps to ready your QuickBooks Online data to export in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Open your QuickBooks Online and click on the Settings ⚙ and choose to Export Data.
  • Here you have to mention the reason, why you want to export your and click on Continue.
  • Now go to the Moving to QuickBooks Desktop segment, and click on Learn more.
Export QuickBooks Online data
Export QuickBooks Online data
  • Later, go to the Download company data section, and click on Learn more.
Export and convert QuickBooks Online data to QuickBooks Desktop 1
Moving QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on Get started.
  • Now, click on Install ActiveX Control and go with onscreen instructions to install ActiveX. When the installation completed, click on Continue.
  • Now, you have to choose the data which you need to export and later click on Continue.
  • Reverify the limitations and click on Continue.
  • Add all your contact information in the open window and later click on Continue.

When your data gets ready for the import, then you will receive an email. This may take a few minutes, but sometimes it might take up to 2 hours for the companies who have more transactions.

Step 4: Finish exporting your data

Begin from the QuickBooks Online. You will have to repeat many steps to go back to the export page.

  • Open QuickBooks Online, and click on the Settings ⚙ and go to the Export Data.
  • Now you need to repeat these steps 2 – 5 in the above discussed “Step 3: Prepare to export your QuickBooks Online data.”
  • Click on continue to download on the Exporting from QuickBooks Online page.

Now, it’s time to move to QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Make sure you are on the No Company Open screen in your QuickBooks Desktop. If in case you have an open company, then click on to the File and choose to Close the company.
  • Now, come back to your QuickBooks Online, and click on Download.
  • Go to the Save your company file window, and choose a location where you want to save the file. Choose any location rather than your Windows Desktop.
  • When your download completed, then click on Convert Now.
  • Now go to the Create a new QuickBooks file window, and give any name to your file and choose the location to save the file. Choose only a location on your local computer and not an additional or external drive or any network storage.
  • Click on Finished after the export is done.

Important: This might take some time to complete the whole process. If you feel like it got stuck or frozen, it does not mean the export has failed. Have patience here and wait for a few times and you will see the progress bar will start again.

If in case, your status bar does not appear to move

Then, you have to check the QuickBooks Desktop for an Application Certificate.

  • Go to your Windows Taskbar, and look for the QuickBooks desktop icon and open it. The Application Certificate will display on your screen.
  • On the Application Certificate window, click on Yes, prompt each time.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Click on Done in the confirmation window that follows.

Step 5: Verify your info exported correctly

After exporting to your company, use the Profit and Loss report to ensure the matching of your books. Do a run in QuickBooks Online and correlate it to the same report in QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: While comparing reports, it is good to run them on an Accrual basis to match.

If in case they do not match

Reports usually go mismatched due to export limitations and unsupported versions of Internet Explorer.

  • In QuickBooks Desktop, click on  File and choose to Close the company.
  • Now repeat the above-discussed Step 4:’’ Finish exporting your data” and again try to convert your file. Most of the time on second try converting can fix this problem.
  • When It completed, review the Profit and Loss reports again. If they yet do not match, then you need to contact our technical, furthermore, we will help you this. 

Step 6: Cancel QuickBooks Online (Optional)

If you feel like you do not need QuickBooks Online in the future, then you can cancel your QuickBooks Online Plan.

Hope, these steps will work for you and you will easily export and convert QuickBooks Online data to Desktop. But while performing the above steps if you need any technical help then feel free to contact us by dialing our toll-free+1-844-405-0904 and get instant help for your Queries and issue just on a phone call from our Intuit certified ProAdvisors.

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