Best QuickBooks Online Apps That Boost Your Accounting

QuickBooks Online App store has more than 600 Apps, and all Apps have unique features. For better response, each App helps your small business clients extend the capability of QuickBooks to meet your specific needs. This is the new reason for the user to use QuickBooks Online.

With these Apps, you can manage sales and inventory, gain business insights track employee time, and much more. Here is the list of top QuickBooks Online app that saves your time.
Hence, these 10 newest Apps i.e; 600 Apps of QBO are given below you can check out them to the store.

List of Best QuickBooks Online Apps


Expense management has never been easier. There are days of saving old receipts, waiting to be processed by the accounting department until you have filed an expense claim and are waiting for it. With Expensify you simply take a photo of your receipt, upload it to the app, fill in some boxes, and then it can be approved with the click of a button.

Everyone’s saves time, expenses are settled and you don’t have to sift through the receipts at the end of every month and get nervous about completing all these claims at once on your cash flow. 


The method application is the CRM system for Quickbooks. By looking at your customer’s history, especially built with the platform, the method tells you much more than invoices in QuickBooks, such as when your customer will need something and what that item will be. It is also fully customizable, so you can drag and drop essential features to the system at any time.

This indicates that not only will the method help you grow it can also fit your business on every level. The way to save hours every week and never give up is definitely music in the ears of every small business owner.

LeaseMate App

The first app is LeaseMate App. This QuickBooks Online App helps to ensure lease accounting records. And these are accurate and adhere to the ASC 842 standard. LeaseMate Apps automatically calculate the lease account without any spreadsheet. It also saves your time which you waste in a manual process.

Key Features of LeaseMate:

  • Generates automatic lease Increments.
  • Keep track of tenants & their records.
  • Automatic Tax Calculation.
  • Manages lease for each tenant
  • Automatic periodic backup.N
  • In-depth ledger maintenance of the rental income.
  • It keeps your lease and reset records at your fingertips. Just by putting you in control of your finances and equipment.
  • LeaseMate helps you to pay less by sending you a periodic reminder when one or more of your leases are close to their end dates.
  • By upgrading your equipment or premise on-time, pay less.

Connect With QuickBooks:

QB users can easily work with LeaseMate. So, you need to just simply enter some basic lease financials. After that, let LeaseMate accurately reflect your new or existing lease in QuickBooks Online. The online App will create all of the required QuickBooks journal entries and expenses.
LeaseMate consolidates them too, meaning you can keep track of individual assets without polluting your upcoming expense reports with too much data.
It makes certain that your records are as accurate as possible by linking to your suppliers, tax codes, accounts, payment methods, etc.


Plan nameDetailsUsersPrice
FREE  Connect up to 2 QuickBooks Online companies.0FREE
Premium  Connect more companies0starting from $29 USD/month

Join App

Join app is also QuickBooks online app which is quick, zero-hassle software to consolidate financial and management reports. In the Join reports include standard financial reports like balance sheet along with cash flow reports and graphical management KPI reports. You can share these reports easily with colleagues and business partners and download them for viewing in Excel.

Key Features:

  • Click & Connect
  • Configurable reports
  • Shared Views
  • Amazon Infrastructure
  • Worldwide Integration
  • End to end security
  • This App helps users to run consolidated financial and management KPI reports using data from QuickBooks companies and other financial sources and includes an automatic currency conversion.
  • Multi-Currency: Save time with built-in currency conversion features of Join. For this, you can simply select the currency you wish to view the report in and conversion happens automatically.
  • Charts, excel and collaboration: You can view financial and management reports for configurable periods in easy-to-understand charts or by downloading to Excel. By sharing your reports with other users work with your colleagues and business partners.

How it works with QuickBooks:

Join App integrates with QuickBooks Online and other financial data sources to provide clear, consolidated reports.
You can connect QuickBooks with Join in simple two steps, and once a Join connects with QuickBooks then takes care of importing your financial data automatically. It import reports in few, and then you’re ready to run reports across multiple companies.

Join accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express card. It charged on month by month basis and at any time you cancel your subscription.


Join gives the 30-day free trial, no card required, and its plans start at $2/mo.

Plan nameDetailsUsersPrice
StarterJump straight in with our Starter package.


Financial data only for 2 companies.

SmallIf you’re looking to report across more than 1 company, our small business package is the one for you. You can have up to 5 companies.0£4.50
Mediumlarger businesses with up to 10 companies.0£8
Largecustomers with up to 20 companies, providing key performance, etc.0£15

Time zero App:

This is a GPS time tracking App and saves your time in generating your periodic payroll.

Key Features

  • Employee time tracking and GPS geofencing using Smartphones or Non-Smartphones!
  • Reports are good that can be exported as both CSV and PDF files.
  • It works across all devices: Web, iOS and Android.
  • Save time and eliminate wasted hours spent calculating paper timesheets. The payroll made easy.
  • Remote employees will be happier, feel more valued, and are more productive
  • Creates closer communication between managers and employees
  • Supervisors easily to oversee employees and pull timesheets & reports
  • It improves employee accountability by GPS location and time tracking

Benefits in the following industry

Service industry:

  • Save time in generating payroll
  • Prevent “buddy punching” and time theft
  • Hold employees accountable
  • Eliminate paperwork and wasted time
  • Easily calculate hours & export timesheets every week
  • Remove human error for more accurate reporting

Business Industry:

Useful for business owners or managers

  • Spend less time on payroll
  • Prevent errors in bookkeeping
  • Accurate time tracking results in fewer costly lawsuits
  • Eliminate time theft—employees reported stealing roughly 4.5 hrs/week when a proper time tracking system was not in place

Also, use professional service employes

Works with QuickBooks:

You can review and update your time activities then easily export them to QuickBooks Online in 30 seconds with the click of a button. You can generate payroll easily by sync. Once Timeero sync with QBO it doesn’t take more time to generate periodic payroll.


Time zero offers a 14 day free trial period and no credit card required for the first 14 days.

Plan nameDetails



Monthly Plan


Access to all features

Annual Plan


Access to all features


Insurance App (Canada only)

This QuickBooks Online App helps to demystify insurance for start-ups and small businesses and provide commercial general liability insurance. Your commercial insurance, quick & easy by Insurance

Key Benefits:

  • Insurance does all the research, and recommend the optimal coverage, with easy options to upgrade if needed. Check all term related to insurance.
  • The online platform of Insurance lets you focus on your business during business hours. Easy to apply for Insurance anytime online by quickly going through our intuitive application online.
  • Maintain insurance with an easy way
  • Get insurance and save

Works with QuickBooks: Connect Zensurance with QuickBooks account, you can process your quote application quicker and get you the right insurance to protect your hard work.
Insurance is able to create curated insurance packages ideally suited for each industry with the help of data and analytics to identify the most common risks. With the help of Insurance small business owners do not face any problem.


Plan nameDetailsUsersPrice
Free QuoteWhen you purchase insurance then you pay, and no cost to you to get a quote.00

OIS Connect App:

OIS Connect is a mobile sales solution for wholesalers, manufacturers, and merchandisers. This App set up the communication between your field agents and the central office by simplifying sales, pre-sales, DSD and in-store calls.
This App helps to merchandisers to simplify the store set-up, sales team activity, store & product surveys, and real-time reporting. OIS connect eCommerce is a B2B/B2C eCommerce mobile & web solution.

Key Features:

  • Administer group prices, specials, and promotions
  • Scan products and create catalogs
  • Online and offline capabilities
  • Sales route planning
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth printers
  • GPS tracking

Benefits of OIS Connect:

  • Provide customers with printed invoices on the spot
  • Keep track of your sales reps on the field
  • Use catalogs to close more sales
  • Program sales routes throughout the week
  • Remove error-ridden manual data entry all-together

How it works with QuickBooks: Integrates the OIS Mobile Solution with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. You can integrate with QuickBooks and synchronize automatically the data for products (items), customers (stores), sales orders, invoices, and credits.
Without any problem, you can integrate OIS with QuickBooks. The OIS Connect App will help you eliminate your manual double data entry process by directly syncing the OIS Mobile data into QuickBooks.


Plan nameDetailsUsersPrice
BasicBuilt for Pre Sales1$35 per user/mo.
ProfessionalBuilt for Pre Sales and DSD1$50.00 per user/mo.
AdvancedBuilt for Pre Sales, DSD, and Merchandising 1$65 per user/mo.

Business Solution Center Digital Assistant App:

The Business Solution Center Digital Center provides everything from sales, marketing, insurance, cash flow, recruiting employees and more. And plus, your Digital Assistant can proactively identify key insights and offer timely information.

How to connect with QuickBooks: With the help of your profile and company profile the digital assistant personalize the experience and uses additional information to understand your business needs and answer your questions.
The digital assistant makes your business better, bigger, faster and stronger with tailored answers and insights on finance, HR, insurance, marketing and more.


Plan nameDetailsUsersPrice
FreeThis App is free.00

Verify ERP App:

This App is a completely automated solution for inventory and warehouse management.

Key Features:

  • Verify ERP provides quick results, typically within 3 to 5 seconds
  • It reduces unauthorized employment
  • This App protects employee privacy
  • The system eliminates SSN mismatch errors
  • Verify ERP improves the accuracy of wage and tax reporting
  • It provides the optional department of homeland security compliance and monitoring services.

Benefits of Verify ERP:

  • By using barcodes and scanners track all ingredients by batch and location.
  • FIFO, MRP and aggregating facilities available.
  • Reduce inventory count times by 90%.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Completely paperless inventory, end-to-end Traceability.
  • Easily track &Trace any batch of product in under 1 minute.
  • Fully compliant with international standards.
  • It eliminates all errors and re-keying of data surrounding traceability, reduces audit times by up to 90%.
  • I also have complete ERP capabilities for manufacturing, material planning, and allocation, job sequencing & scheduling and more.

How it works with QuickBooks:

The verify ERP system links all of your factory transactions directly into your QuickBooks accounts. These transactions are Inventory transactions, production transactions, quality management transactions, and traceability transactions.
To save time from duplicate data entry, your factory, and accounts department will be linked into one integrated system. QuickBooks and verify ERP integrated solution is a complete business management system that eliminates paperwork and reduces costs in your business while also ensuring you are compliant with quality and compliance standards. lastly, you can link directly with your QBO and QBD, for fully customizable to meet your business needs.


Plan nameDetailsUsersPrice
StarterInventory & Warehouse Management :- Complete Traceability :- ERP functionality :- Extensive Reporting & Analytics :- Sales & Purchasing Management :- Dispatch and Receiving Management :- Integration with QuickBooks :- Paperless Quality Management1$150/Month
ProfessionalEverything in beginner plan +:- Automated Planning and analytics:- Material Resource Planning:- Automatic Production & Job Sequencing Planning:- Material allocation and forecasting:- Automated Picking by batch & consignment1$300/Month
CustomProvide tailored solutions for our client’s own unique processes, Our technology platform is extremely extensive and configurable. 0Custom

RouteMizer App:

A RouteMizer is a QuickBooks online app that provides a comprehensive and easily implemented route optimization solution.

Key benefits:

  • Integrated with QuickBooks: You can sync your data seamlessly with QuickBooks, and bring in customers and orders to plan them on your route.
  • Minimize drive time: It reduces travel time by driving the most efficient route. Fewer miles, less time, more value.
  • Reduce fleet maintenance: It takes less time on the road is less wear and tear on vehicles. Vehicle operating costs are factored in for the most optimal route plan.
  • Burn less fuel: Routinize save time and money by burning less fuel
  • Easy to use: Route Mizer finds the best way to run your route. You make a plan for your roots. When RouteMizer reads your plan it can do everything.
  • Increase profits: It helps to decrease the labor and operating costs of your fleet and save time for other activities.

Works with QuickBooks: For optimization, you can easily import your orders (estimates and invoices) from QuickBooks into RouteMizer based on a preferred date range to create stops on your routes. RouteMizer App also allows you to reduce fuel costs while increasing driver productivity. It also helps to easy to implement, RouteMizer provides a way to optimize every route every day, driving increased profits and customer satisfaction.


Plan nameDetailsUsersPrice
Monthly Subscription$15 per route, per month1$15

SafetyNet App:

SafetyNet creates a secure, reliable backup for accountants, small businesses and bookkeepers by fetching all the data in your QuickBooks Online.

Key Benefits:

  • Data security: Never lose valuable financial data
  • Ease to handle your audit
  • It allows your users to deploy SafetyNet for unlimited numbers of companies tied to an individual QuickBooks account.
  • Protect against security threats with SafetyNet
  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly interface
  • Simple to use

How it works with QuickBooks: It records all your old backups data. Once they connect with QuickBooks Online, fetches all the data from QBO and create a backup of them. And you can then restore your QuickBooks Online company to look exactly as it did when the archives were created. You can keep as many archives as you like with the professional version of SafetyNet. It gives the easiest solution for your data, and you can feel safe with SafetyNet’s features.


Plan nameDetailsUsersPrice
Free trialUnlimited free backup00

ULTops App:

This is a QuickBooks Online App. It is the ULTimate Order Processing System. It is a cloud-based 2-in-1 online order plus inventory management software that simplifies and automates order and inventory management process for all manufacturers. ULTops also provides customer portal storefront access to place orders online. It helps to customize your product or service and settle for off the shelf inventory management solutions.

Key Benefits:
There are some following benefits in terms of management,

  • Order management
  • Multiuser functionality
  • Tiered customer management
  • Product catalog
  • Reporting
  • Shipping and fulfillment
  • Smart inventory management
  • Order entry
  • Recurring orders
  • Special order management

How it works with QuickBooks: In addition to these benefits, you can easily import or export data from ULTops to QuickBooks and vice versa. And also help to keep accounting records up to date in real-time. For establishing the connection between URLTops and QuickBooks, ULTops provides a feature from the admin page, it imports your data (Customers, Products, Vendors and Purchase Orders) and sync with ULTops database.
Any data changes or adds from ULTops will be saved to the QuickBooks database. you can sync the offline changes by selecting a “SYNC to QuickBooks”. And you can disconnect anytime QuickBooks connection at the URLTops admin page.


Plan nameDetailsUsersPrice
FREE25 Orders/mo0$0
Basic50 Orders/mo0$10
Power100 Orders/mo0$25
Plus200 Orders/mo0$50
Premium400 Orders/mo0$100


Therefore, these are the best Apps of QuickBooks Online App store, the user uses them to get a good result. However, with the help of Apps, you can track inventory easily, manage records, easy to create a backup for future use, manage order, ease to handle your audit, also save your time and many more. Last, we hope this article helpful for you if you want more information contact QuickBooks Support by dialing our toll-free number +1-844-541-8444.

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LeaseMate App
Time-Zero App
OIS Connect App:


QuickBooks Online App store has more than 600 Apps, and all Apps have unique features. With the help of these apps, you can easily manage sales and inventory, gain business insights track employee time and much more.

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