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In the present scenario, no one really likes paying bills, so we have brought something very interesting process which is extremely fast and easy. You people must be so excited to know what it is, isn’t it? So, let’s break the suspense, it is “Paytrust”. Seems so interesting, isn’t it? Hold on this is not the end though, just go through the article to know about Paytrust in detail. Read the article to know all the details and get your query resolved. For More Info contact us toll-free:+1-844-405-0904

Yes, you heard it right, with Paytrust you can easily receive, review, organize, and pay all your bills online.

“Paytrust online bill pay, let’s start paying your bills with the top-rated service.”

Just imagine, you don’t need more checks to write. From now onwards you don’t need stamps to buy or bills to mail. Also, no more missed payments or late fees. Unless you can receive all of your bills online, you have not found a better way to pay your bills!

Paytrust features

With Paytrust, you can easily receive and review all your bills online. Talking about its security, each bill you designate will arrive securely online in your password-protected Bill Center. Actually, it delivers a compelling consumer experience that is truly better than your mailbox. Just go through these points:

  • It combines both electronic and paper bills, unlike a bill pay service so that you can literally receive 100% of your bills online today.
  • Helps to maintain complete control: You need to decide whom to pay, how much and when- as well as from which bank pay accounts. So, just choose to manually authorize each payment or set up automatic or recurring payment rules.
  • You can easily pay anyone:  Also helps to make fast and easy payments to someone who doesn’t normally send you a bill.
  • You can use any bank: With Paytrust, you can easily use any bank or brokerage account with check-writing privileges. It is easy to set up multiple payment accounts to pay different bills from different accounts.
  • Simply keeps track of your records: Well, every bill is stored securely online for a full year, and offline for up to 8 years. And then at the end of each year, you can purchase a CD-ROM with all your bill images from the past year. Also, you can easily export our information into Quicken, Microsoft Money or Excel.
  • Helps in avoid missing due dates and incurring late fees
  • Easily track the status of your finances
  • You can easily manage your small business’ finances: It simply offers a special Small Business Edition specially designed for the needs of Small Business owners.

Moving further, let’s discuss Paytrust login.

Paytrust Login at

Well, it basically offers the simplest way to pay and track your bills with the help of Paytrust Login.

So let’s discuss one of the most important Login processes of Paytrust Login.

Just by logging into Paytrust Login with the help of you can take a large number of advantages and benefits. Therefore, this will help you to enjoy the beautiful deals offered by the company. Also helps to save a lot of money over a period of time.

However, Paytrust Solutions offers the simplest way to pay and track your bills. So, in this way you can eliminate your paper bills, scanning, emailing and all that time investing process. Although, your bill payment is one click away and the amount will be directly deducted from your registered account.

Paytrust Login Process

Here, in order to pay your Bill you have to log in over the online portal of PayTrust and for that, you need to follow the simple steps given below.

  • At first log on to the PayTrust website which is or simply you can click on the link given below.
  • After that, you’ll be redirected on the home page of the official website of Paytrust which provide your User ID and tap on the button which says continue.
  • Next, you will be redirected over the next page, provide your unique password for Pay Trust User ID. After that tap on the button which says Login.

Thus in this way, you will be successfully logged in over the Pay Trust online.

Paytrust Alternatives/ Comparisons

 Paying Bills by handTraditional Web Bill PayPayTrust
Receives all your paper & electronic bills for you, whether you are home or away                        




            —       √
Simply scans your paper bills and  also converts them into electronic bills for you            —               —      √
Accept e-bills             √              √     √
Shows detailed bill so you know what you are paying             √             —        √
Set how to pay each bill             —                √        √
 Also set payment rules             —             —          √
Pay from multiple banks all in one place             —              —        √
Eliminates the need for checks, envelopes, and stamps              —              √        √
Reminds you if a bill has not arrived              —               —          √
Alerts you about bill arrival, bill becoming due and payment confirmation             —                √          √
The Single destination for receiving bills, whether you move or switch banks            —               —          √
You’ll find your money comes out of the account the day the bill is paid, not sent              √                 —          √
Late charges covered if the fault of service             —                    √          √
Monthly summary of bills due and paid            —                      √          √
All your bills saved & organized online           —                   —          √

PayTrust Review

However, it simply takes care of all your bills with its convenient online bill pay service. The best thing about this bill payment service is it eliminates paperwork just by receiving your mailed bills for you and then saving you clutter in your mailbox and on your countertop.

Also, this bill pay service receives your paper bills and uploads them to your account.

With Paytrust, you never have to worry about forgetting a bill or paying late fees. As it keeps track of your bills and archives them for up to eight years.

You get to know immediately when a bill arrives with its alerts, or when a bill is due when an expected bill didn’t come and more. It also helps to keep your credit record clean.

Also, it posts all of your bills in your online account. And companies with e-bill support send your bills electronically to Paytrust. After that it receives and scans your paper bills, then displays them online. In this way, you can easily view all your bill details as well as access our bank account without leaving the website.

Therefore, if you want then you can also print your bills and access your records for up to one year online. And, even archive your records offline for up to eight. 


We have provided all the essential information regarding PayTrust in the above article. The benefit of using Paytrust online bill pay is that it helps to save time, and gives you peace-of-mind just by simplifying the bill pay process. 

Paytrust simply enables you to authorize payments individually each and every month or set up recurring payments. It provides email and telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So, if you find the above article helpful then share it with your friends. And if you need any further assistance for any kind of queries then you can contact our Quicken support team. Or dial our toll-free number 8888839555.

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