Combine QuickBooks reports: How to integrate two or more data files?

Combine QuickBooks reports: How to integrate two or more data files?

Combine QuickBooks reports

Do you have any idea how to combine QuickBooks Reports?. Think, it’s interesting and helpful for combining reports.

Now we are describing here, This is the way to merge reports of multiple data files of the different company.

It is much reliable to combine reports from Multiple Companies features enables you to create reports for combining multiple balance sheets-all these process, you can transfer to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheets file.

Learn How to Customize QuickBooks Custom Reports?

Some basic parts for basic information about in reports in QuickBooks Desktop are:

An understanding between the two or more different account:

One of the major tasks of performing the combine reports is understandable. If you have sufficient knowledge about this or you can understand the different data then you can easily examine the required information for completing the task.

Arrange report for orientation:

After visualizing the information the next phase is organized the data as per need.

Modify reports:

If you want to make some changes in their information according to the requirement then it’s a necessary part.

Mark Comment:

For making your information effective and favorite then you can comment.

Organize and built regular reports:

One of the most important things is classified the data and must be scheduled.

For combining the reports must remember these points:

The report must be simple for reading and create a profile in the different company files as almost identical.

Reports must be combined if they have almost appropriate data in a similar manner as name, type and also same gradable level.( not require case sensitive)

One of the valuable points is accounts will not be merged if:
  • They have different property.
  • Differences in Alphabetic character.
  • Account numbers not match.
  • Suppose one user have the different report and the other have different data.
  • Reports show type wise. Within each, information must be selected in the order of what has been done in the first selected company file. If the account appended by the other in the sequence they are encounters.
  • If your choice is logging in to your files and wants to switch them to several users to accommodate the combination routine.
Some valuable features of Built-in Combined reports in QB Desktop Enterprise

As you know, if you have any built-in function in any field then you can perform the various complex task in an easy manner. Similarly, QuickBooks Enterprise also provides a Built-in feature for combining many company files.

  • Record standard.
  • The conclusion of Balance Sheet.
  • Margin and financial loss amount.
  • Profit and loss by category.
  • Comment on cash flow.
  • Try on balance.
For merging the reports:

First, in the QB Reports menu, click combine reports from multiple companies.

Select add files, pinpoint the other corporate investor.

In the select the reports for combining section, you can click the information for which you want to see merged data.

finish the form and to date range fields to set the data date view.

Selection procedure of the information depends upon the reports.

Click Combine reports in Excel.

Choice 1. if you want to use Third Party software then you can point out many programs that work with QuickBooks. In these, some provide the valuable information to make the additional data from multiple corporate data files.

Choice2. you can easily transfer the reports from each other by following some instructions and can combine using Microsoft Excel.

  • firstly, open your first data file.
  • Make the report
  • Export the data to excel and save.
  • Close first and open the next.
  • Same procedure follows as mentioned in step 3&4.
  • Open sheet and workbook both
  • Combine the reports into third worksheets.
  • Save.

If you don’t know how to combine QuickBooks reports then you can call us at our QuickBooksEnterprise Phone Number +1-855-441-4417.

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