QuickBooks Web Connector Files.

QuickBooks Web Connector Files.

QuickBooks Web Connector is an application that allows qbXML and qbposXML to pass between a Web-based application and QB financial software. Users can use this Web Connector (QBWC) with any QB desktop product supported by the QuickBooks SDK. Read here what are web connector files and how it works. Also, See how to set up QuickBooks Web Connector.

QuickBooks Web Connector(QWC) Files:

For generating a QuickBooks Web Connector file, First of all, establish a relationship between your application and a remote instance of QB. Detailed information of the file about your application, its requirements, as well as the access you need.

The minimum required properties are Description of App, Name of App, App Support URL, App URL, Field, Owner ID, User.

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How does QuickBooks Web Connector work?

For creating the QWC file, you have to set the corresponding properties and call the CreateQWCFile method. We give you some sample code to do this using sample values:

Qbwcserver qbwcserver1 = new Qbwcserver();

qbwcserver1.QWCFileInfo.AppDescription = “A short description for WCWebService.asmx”;

qbwcserver1.QWCFileInfo.AppName = “WCWebService1”;

qbwcserver1.QWCFileInfo.AppSupportURL = “http://developer.intuit.com”;

qbwcserver1.QWCFileInfo.AppURL = “http://localhost/WCWebService/WCWebService.asmx”;

qbwcserver1.QWCFileInfo.FileId = “{90A44FB5-33D9-4815-AC85-BC87A7E7D1EB}”;

qbwcserver1.QWCFileInfo.OwnerId = “{57F3B9B1-86F1-4fcc-B1EE-566DE1813D20}”;

qbwcserver1.QWCFileInfo.User = “qbtest1”;



After the file is generated, the user will get the file from your website and you will also assign a password for the user at that time. The user will get the password directly and it will be sent to your web application during the connection for verification purposes.

Once the file generated, add the QWC file to QuickBooks Web Connector. Select file > Add an application and navigate to the file.

QuickBooks Web Connector File

Application list of QWC shows the web service. Enter the password. Then, simply select the application via the check-box on the left side of the screen and click the ‘Update Selected’ to connect to the service.

Error Related to QuickBooks Web Connector

1:) There are two types of error relate to QWC. The first error is generated from your application and reported to it. These are reacted by the actions you take inside events.

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2;) The second error is a communication error. It generates because of miss communication between the Web Connector and QuickBooks itself.

Download the latest version of QuickBooks web connector or read more about it here:

Docs | QuickBooks Web Connector | Intuit Developer

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