QuickBooks Desktop Transitions To Subscription Model with 2023 Update

QuickBooks is going to make a big change to its QuickBooks Desktop product lineup, by transitioning the one-time purchase licenses of Desktop plans to the subscription model. Let’s know, what changes we will get to see in the upcoming version of 2023 and its expected release date.

What is the Expected Product Release Date of QuickBooks 2023

All QuickBooks ProAdvisors can access the latest version of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus, Desktop Mac Plus subscriptions, and Desktop Enterprise Accountant on the date of September 6, 2022. The subscription is now available on the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Membership portal. Login to the portal on the release date, and get your subscription.     

The new QuickBooks Desktop Plus and Enterprise subscriptions will be released on the date of 20 Sep which is a general release date. 

What’s New in QuickBooks 2023

Mainly QuickBooks is making the given changes for 2023 products, and they are:

  1. QuickBooks is introducing the QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus subscription plan newly for the 2023 version.
  2. Moving to a subscription model for the Desktop lineup with the 2023 release. It means, now QuickBooks Desktop plans will available on a subscription basis.
  3. Advanced and Improved support will be available for ProAdvisors.

In the year 2023, you will get some new features in QuickBooks that help you to benefit your business that is given below:

Intercompany transaction

If you have different but affiliated companies that do business with one another, this is helpful which allows you to intercompany transactions. It helps to build relationships between your two companies or your parent company. Between your many corporate files, you can send a bill or check. You need to accept or reject the company request that is generated by one of your companies.

Inventory Categories

To keep your inventory organized, group things into categories. It will help you to organize your data or stock according to the same category at the same place so that you can easily run reports. You can also use categories to gain insightful information about inventory stock.

Inventory expiration date

In the updated version, you can choose to include the required expiration dates in your serial or lot numbers for your inventory. Expiration dates help in the decision-making with sales like discounting or offerings on the things that will expire soon to clear the sales and lessen the danger of selling expired goods.

Track vehicle mileage

You may track the miles you travel for work using the QuickBooks mobile app, then import and approve them in QuickBooks Desktop. To have your mileage deductions ready for tax season, keep track of your travels and car information throughout the year.

Cash flow hub

Cash Flow Hub can also assist in the success of your company and it is very beneficial to manage your business easily. You may learn more about your company’s current cash situation using this one-stop shop. It’s simple to maintain and enhance your cash flow because you can easily observe the money entering and leaving your company.

Payment links

Send a payment link to quickly collect money for purchases that don’t require an invoice. You can send a link to the customers that can be used by the customer to pay your balance amount if any. You don’t need to go to the customers and collect the due balance just generate a payment link through QuickBooks and send it.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Subscription:

QuickBooks is introducing the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Plus Subscription for the first time. From now, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Plus subscription plan will be replaced on the one-time purchase licenses. It will be the part of ProAdvisor Software Bundle and will be available for accounting professionals. 

Additional Benefits Available on the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

  • Can access the subscription plan to the latest version, with the security patches feature, and support for 3rd party operating system changes.
  • The facility of unlimited customer support, and data recovery at no additional cost. 
  • Premium features will be available on the plan like automatically creating and categorizing receipt expense transactions.    

Pro Plus, Premier Plus Subscription: 

Now the QuickBooks Pro and Premier products will be available as QuickBooks Pro Plus, Premier Plus subscriptions instead of one-time purchase licenses.    

The purpose of making the transition to the subscription model is only to deliver advanced-level features with greater value to the clients. So that they can take the advantage of most recent version for easier collaboration at a regular intervals of time.  

Additional facilities available on the QuickBooks Pro Plus, and QuickBooks Premier Plus

  • Now users can work 38% faster than the earlier version with more reliable QuickBooks computing power (64-bit).
  • Providing the facility of unlimited customer service, and data recovery at no additional cost. 
  • Can save more time, and can manage more money.
  • You can run the latest version, with the security patches, and up-to-date features. 

Note: QuickBooks 2023 is only available for 64-bit with Windows Operating System. 

The earlier existing license and support will remain unchanged until May 2024 (2022 version). And the upgrade versions can be purchased, when they will available.

Distribution, Extend facility for QuickBooks Desktop:

All QuickBooks Desktop versions (Desktop Pro, Premier, and Mac version) one-time purchase licenses will be extended for some limited time to avoid disruption to you and your clients. It will also be available in the QuickBooks Solutions ProAdvisors (QSPs).   

QuickBooks also extend the availability of QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Edition one-time purchase license for the accountants, to ensure the uninterrupted QuickBooks support of their clients.

For now, there is no plan to introduce the 2023 Accountant edition, maybe it will available next year. 

Pricing for QuickBooks Desktop in ProAdvisor Bundle & Accountant Edition   

ProAdvisor Software Bundle PricingProAdvisor Premier Bundle$799 per year
 ProAdvisor Enterprise Bundle$1299 per year
Accountant Edition 2023 pricing One-Time Purchase$999

Advanced Support for ProAdvisors

In 2023, QuickBooks trying to improve the QuickBooks ProAdvisor supports to take proper care of their clients. 

  • The improving caller, & Routing technology: QuickBooks improves its caller recognition, routing technology, and speed to connect with customers or the experienced agent without having any problems.  
  • Increasing agents’ expertise: QuickBooks trained its team to improve their knowledge and expertise. From now, QuickBooks will focus on payroll and payments.  

Common Expected Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2023: 

Here are some of the commonly expected features of the upcoming versions. Have a look;  

  • Can make quicker accounting tasks up to 38% faster, with a more reliable power of 64-bit.
  • The QuickBooks automatic bill entries through the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile app or an email address will save a lot of time. 
  • Now documents can be attached for a faster transaction by directly uploading them to the mobile app.
  • Easily customize the bill payment stubs to the vendors by email communication. 
  • Now can send receipts through email from a list of customer or vendor contacts.
  • QuickBooks is allowing you to manage online sales, and inventory in one place by integrating it with e-commerce.  

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